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MA. @artsofma

Ma. Katherine Sartorio Bautista also known as Ma. (1985, Baguio City, Philippines) depicts scenery that on the whole is breathtaking but upon close inspection, reveals details of the welcoming yet unforgiving terrain the artist had to conquer to behold such vistas. Such is Ma.’s approach to her craft – curious but unafraid. Through the years, she cultivated her mastery of media from photography to point drawing to oil to watercolor. Inspired by sights from her travels, her work expanded from singular portraits to vast landscapes.

My work featuring the landscapes of Patagonia is both a literal and artistic journey. On one hand, each piece depicts highlights of a challenging, yet life-changing 4-day trek through the various terrains of Torres del Paine National Park. On the other, the series is an exploration of my artistic expression beyond photography. Each stroke in transforming my photos into paintings is a recollection of the majestic and awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains. Through these works, I aspire to share the unique sense of happiness, healing, and humility that can only be experienced by bearing witness to such great monuments of nature.

Since the acquisition of her first oil painting by Goshen Art Gallery in 2015, Ma. has taken on a number of commissioned works and is a brand ambassador for Pentel. Ma. works and is currently based in Singapore.


Christopher Byrne is an Award Winning Scottish Contemporary Artist.

Byrne’s work focuses on the Post-Industrial Landscape of Scotland and the themes of liminality and the Aesthetics of Decay. He States, “Our built environment is in a constant state of change. From creation to destruction, architecture holds the memory of a society’s constant interaction with its surroundings, standing as monuments for social, economic and political aspects of the community to which it belongs. My practice focuses on the value of the ruin and the landscape it finds itself in; the ideals it promotes, the aesthetics of decay and the reclamation of space by both culture and nature. The interrogation of the past evolves into the recognition of a previous society, and the pseudo-monuments they leave behind, immediately promoting the idea that these contemporary follies exist in a metaphysical plane”.​

The series of work on display at The Brick Lane Gallery details found post-industrial sites around Glasgow, Scotland. Nitric acid was used to burn into small, steel plates before they were exposed to the Scottish elements, causing the steel to rust and erode. This process was repeated over months to capture the effect on display. The work should be viewed as archive pieces, closer to objects on display in a museum than a painting in a gallery.


I am self-taught artist originally from Czech Republic, now living in Cheshire, England.

I was influenced from early age by the well-known Czech artists Josef Psurny and Jan Hladky who were born in the same rural area of Czech. This is where my love for paintings and particularly landscape paintings came from.

Having studied Freelance Photography in London, I’ve now combined the photography and painting together, working from photographs as a starting point for my works, enhancing with my own interpretation. I am using my own photographs for references and also collaborate with British prominent photographers for example David Driver, Christian Jaemes, Kerr Macgowen and more.

I am practicing art for the last 30 years, creating artwork driven by passion & beauty, working in many mediums from Alkyd Oils, Soft Pastel, Oil, Graphite and Acrylics.

ALISON STIRLING @stirling.alison

I am an Artist living in London. My work investigates the how nature and the built up environment can co-exist; where urbanity encroaches on nature or more recently, in this series, vice versa.

Into the Woods is a series of paintings developed through direct observations, photographs and memories of the natural world. During the pandemic, I stayed at my home near an ordinarily busy arterial Road in East London. As the hum of the traffic dissipated I began to notice subtle changes in the environment, foliage appearing among concrete, bird song, urban spaces blanketed with wild flowers. Restricted from leaving the city to pursue my passion of travel, I took daily walks, which increasingly drew me in to patches of rewilding nature on tow paths, marshes and industrial edgelands. The paintings evoke an almost dreamlike quality of both trepidation and equanimity. On the threshold of the city, traces of urbanity are temporarily painted out.”

J.K. HEBENTON @jk_hebenton

J.K is a contemporary British artist who works exclusively in oils. J.K. seeks to create works that convey the disparate and contrasting emotions that result from our encounters with weather and landscape.

“I paint the British landscape and weather in all its glory – mainly the North of England, and Yorkshire in particular. Whether it be stormy seas or rolling hills, I see my role as trying to capture the dynamism and raw emotion of our landscape through use of oil paint and my palette knife.

I feel my artistic inspiration and excitement comes directly from the encounters with the landscape and the ever-changing weather; this emotional charge I then bring back to the studio, where I begin to build up layers of texture with the oils. I seek to transform my personal experience of the landscape onto the canvas, with a hope that the final version of the work may allow others to relate to the emotions inherent in the painting.”


Self-taught, British seascape artist from the Isle of Wight, using both canvas and driftwood to create unique coastal paintings.

“Having grown up on the beautiful and ever-changing coastlines of the Isle of Wight, it was only natural that these surroundings would become the inspiration for my artwork. I have a real love for surfing and the ocean, and my latest collection ‘Deep blue’ depicts surfers braving the large winter swells along both the Isle of Wight and Cornish coastlines. The aerial perspective allows for a unique view that enhances the scale of the ocean and it’s ‘deep blue’ layers. I’ve enjoyed playing with texture to create the frothy waves and capturing the constant movement of the sea.

Driftwood – the canvas that I never thought to use before… I was inspired to paint on driftwood when I spotted large amounts of it washing up on my local beach. I really wanted to try and repurpose it and experimented using acrylics to create seascapes.

I forage for driftwood mostly during the Autumn/Winter seasons when the island gets hit by stormy seas. These conditions bring the weathered canvas onto the shore – each piece different and with it’s own story to tell.”

ROBERT LICA ARTIST @robertlicaartist

I grew up in a town surrounded by mountains in Romania. That is where my love of painting landscapes comes from. I now live in London with my Family. My passion is painting Landscapes taking inspiration from my hometown.  All my Oil paintings are original one-off pieces.

CHRISTOPHER SPARROW @chrissparrowart

“My work started as a way for me to look back on happy memories, and quickly became something that I relied upon, as it allows me to escape somewhere else. As an aspiring architect, urban landscapes really inspire me, and I find myself really focusing on the built environment when I am out. A friend once told me to “look up” at the tops of buildings, and the world will appear a different place. As humans we tend not to take the world in as we experience it, and we just keep looking ahead to the next thing, often missing out on what currently surrounds us. But in simply just looking up, I have seen the world in a different light and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I aim to capture the whole picture in my drawings, as a way of ensuring I myself, and everyone else, see the world for what it really is.”

SUSAN LYNDA TAYLOR @susanlyndataylorart

British born – self taught Artist – exhibited in The Gallery in Holt Norfolk – Cambridge and Art Fair East in Norwich. Recently completed a commission on a large painting. – Accepted by the Institute of East Anglian Artist this year to Exhibit. Involved in Open Studios.

“I love every aspect of art in its’ many forms. I love nature and believe in eating and living as organically as possible. We need to take care of our planet and each other. I hate plastic. I love colour and texture. I love the beauty of nature and believe colours affect our feelings and mood and has the ability to lift us. When I paint I want to create beauty. I want to look at something and not just glance but to be able to go back and look again and again and see new things and beauty that I had not noticed before. As human beings we can never ever hope to compete with our Creator but we can look for inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us and lose ourselves in it’s inspiration for a little while. Never be too busy to appreciate the dew on the grass.”


Coralie Huon is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and muralist. Her work is inspired by natural landscapes, highlighting the beauty of the outdoor world and the interaction of people with these places. Her artworks are an exploration of the connection to nature and of the connection to ourselves. By using elements of nature as a metaphor, in particular the symbol of the mountains, she explores the themes of interconnectedness and our relationship to the earth, to our inner beings and to others.
Her creations are an invitation to how we relate to the powerful forces of nature and renew our deep connection with the natural world to find deeper meaning and well being.


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