19th – 30th September 2019

Preview: Wednesday 18th September 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA 







Chiara Tunesi Chiara’s cinematic sceneries transport us from the mundane and into seas of turquoise and glistening sunlight. The young Italian artist enables us an escape with her vast depictions of dreamlike locations, highlighting detail and accentuating rich colours.

“Photography for me is a great means of expression, a unique medium of its kind with which it is my duty, as artist, to help, raise awareness and love in those who looks at my art work. Thus allowing the observer to be able to develop his own sensitivity in his own way.
This is the purpose of my photography: helping, loving and making people understand the beauty of everything that surrounds us.”


Inger B Skorstad – Inger, a Norwegian artist, paints subtle yet rich works; she has a great ability to depict boundless landscapes that induce an overwhelming sense of calm. The soft and creamy shapes are detailed with delicate marks and generous shadows and highlights encapsulating the individual beauty of each location.

“The fascinating thing about working in watercolour is the element of unpredictability in the chemistry going on when colours meet water and paper. In that way, each new painting feels a bit like a new experiment. I work with a variety of motives, but I suppose the impact of living in rural countryside in coastal Norway is evident in most of my paintings.”


Joe ArmstrongJoe’s works depict recognisable Cornish landscapes, his use of thick paint and vivid colours helps to evoke the artist’s visceral connection to the location. The works feel full of movement, as if the viewer can feel the breeze against their skin and the sound of the crashing waves in the distant ocean.

‘I get so exited most days when confronted with a blank Canvas on my easel, I love colour, I look at a tree with the sun shining on it and see burgundy, orange, turquoise, green and yellow. I love the texture of the oil paint on canvas, so I use a palette knife and my fingers to create it, this gives my work a more abstract or less precise finish. I love that my paintings have a vibrant and spontaneous look and feel.’

Joe enjoyed painting outside in those early years and could be found all around Cornwall during the Spring and Summer months, sometimes deep in wooded valleys surrounded by bluebells, or just sitting quietly painting on a hillside overlooking the sea. These days he will visit the wonderful locations he paints, to take photographs as his reference, he then paints in the peace and quiet of his studio at home.

‘Painting is my passion, I’m on a mission to develop my style, to keep my work looking fresh and contemporary and I’m loving the journey”.


Laura Jordan – Laura is an acclaimed British illustrator. Her ability to put pen to paper and map out complex, yet aesthetically pleasing and stimulating cityscapes, is pure creative genius.

Laura’s fascination with society, in particular the issue of class in poorer urban living environments is the stimulus of her creativity that subsequently has led to the depiction of the world’s major cities.

Nestled into the narrative of each piece Laura’s work features thought provoking social commentary in the stories; usually of events and policies within the city she is depicting.

Laura studied Graphic Design and Editorial Illustration at the London collage of Communication. She graduated in 2007. She was born in 1984 and grew up in Haslemere, Surrey. 


Lydia GatzowLydia Gatzow is an American painter born and raised on Lake Michigan in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. She graduated from Pratt Institute of Art & Design, Brooklyn, NYC in 2015 with a BFA in painting., where she also worked with the non profit organization, The Center for the Holographic Arts. For the last several years Lydia has been an artist member owner and curator for The Front Gallery in Montpelier, Vermont, a collective artist’s run gallery showcasing contemporary fine art.

Currently Lydia is traveling North America in her 1982 VW bus and is producing a series of en plein air oil paintings that capture wild and vast landscapes in the Northern and Western regions of the USA and Canada. She attempts to capture the fleeting light, elemental activity, and mood of the scene that she paints directly on location.



Murray Stewart Murray’s practice is highly detailed and skilled, his meticulous attention to detail ensures his works could be mistaken for photographs. His abundant use of enhanced colours transports you to this enchanting landscape. The beauty of his works allows the ambiguity of the location to be forgotten; each sunset is unique and yet universally connectable.

Murray is a British painter working in his studio just outside of London in Kent. 


Winston ClarkeWinston’s emotive works capture the essence of the beautiful landscapes in which he resides. His use of thick paint and natural tones is somewhat reminiscent of Van Gogh’s works. The rich and earthy reds juxtaposed by the bright blue skies and green foliage engages the viewers whilst the tender accuracy of the scenes implies Winston’s visceral connection.

Clarke is a Jamaican fine artist who has been painting for over thirty years; he lives in Greater Portmore St. Catherine. Winston hails from the parish of St. Mary where he got his training at the Islington High School.

“I love painting landscapes and seascapes most of all my greatest delight is for people to take pleasure in my work”.


Christine Stoner  Christine’s delicate ink drawings are the pictorial version of a diary entry. These fine line drawings of people and the human form are depicted upon pieces of old paper or what appear to be architectural plans. This ‘found object’ component to Christine’s work adds an element of mystery and intrigue.

“My work is usually about the human condition and mostly figurative.  I aim to explore the connection between people, to reveal ourselves to others as humans who live, love, laugh, breathe and cry. My intention to show sometimes-painful things in a beautiful way is a distillation of my own life experiences.  I see these experiences as a tapestry of physical and emotional fragments, which translate well into the aesthetic sensibility I enjoy.   Exploring the materiality of found papers and experimenting with different mediums has resulted in avenues of the unexpected.  New and unexplored territories appear as they do for each of us in our world of flux and rapid change.”


Cindy Kopenhafer – Cindy’s depictions of sunflowers are both delicate and expressive; the wild and tangled petals become even more expressive and beautiful when the flower begins to wither. Unlike Van Gogh’s bright and sturdy looking portrayals, these depictions are ethereal, changeable, emotive and lead to direct comparisons between nature and our own desire and femininity.

“I work in several mediums and recently started working with a new product from Nitram Charcoal – Liquid charcoal. Fall is my favorite time of year and I find at the end of the growing season there is an abundance of aging beauty, fading colors and gracefulness of line in nature. The liquid charcoal seemed to work well to capture this.”

Cindy was born and raised in Montana and both her mother and grandmother were artists.


Kristin Holm Dybvig – Kristin’s pastel paintings are cheerful, positive and full of vitality and energetic colours, she makes the colours dance and weep, they are ‘soul-scapes’ speaking the universal and non-verbal language of colour. The creative process, which is intuitive and often meditative gives the body of work a unifying and recognisable style.

Soft pastels open up to a more intuitive method and by using my hands as tools it facilitates a direct and immediate approach that suits me well. I build the colours layer by layer and mix them on the paper, soft pastels open for both opacity and transparency witch I love.

Art has always been a part of my life and it’s in the language of colours I feel most at home. My artworks are vibrant impressionistic abstracts. The colours give me a way to communicate and understand my self, other people, nature and art. I express my sensuality through my work and the impressionistic content makes it personal, it’s sensual colour-work, with an ethereal quality. I create from my memories using my experiences, my emotions and my life, it’s about creating sensual surfaces, exploring the energy of the colours and the dynamics of the dialogues.

Pastels give a fluidity to my work that’s hard to come by in other mediums and make soft and velvety

surfaces which are valuable to me in my exploration of my sensuality, creating delicate dialogues between the colours and smooth nuances. The last two years I have been working full time with my art, I am excited that I have gotten this opportunity, after a life of working in different artistic paths. This is my time, I am devoted to exploring my art and in using my full potential. To be able to fill my days creating artworks inspires me more than I would have thought possible.”