Abstract Art | 2nd – 13th February

Abstract Art

2nd – 13th February

Private view: 2nd February, 6:00 – 8:30pm

Welcome to our Abstract Art exhibition! Our focus is to give emerging artists a platform to share their work with our viewers in person as well as online. This exhibition will host artists from the UK and abroad. Our Abstract Art exhibitions are especially exciting – we showcase works that are vivid in colour, form and imagination. Visit the gallery and our website to see just how striking these works really are.


10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



RUTH DAVIS @r.davisart

A self-taught English artist, born in Somerset who currently lives in Hertfordshire. Ruth is an accomplished abstract floral artist. She began her art career after her Grandparents, Carmen and James passed away. Painting started as a therapeutic act and progressed into a way of honouring them with her artwork. Her style is not a traditional approach to painting flowers. She incorporates abstract compositions and uses a very colourful palete. Ruth’s artwork has not only been sold to collectors worldwide but has been displayed in numerous galleries and magazines.

My art is how I show the beauty, unexpected madness and the healing of the nature that surrounds us everyday. I work primarily with acrylic paint creating modern abstract pieces. I like too add fine details to change the perspective of ‘traditional abstract art.’ My process includes lots of layers, shapes and textures. I build them up allowing the paintings to grow just as flowers do.


CRISTINA CICCONE @cristinajciccone

Cristina Ciccone is a northern artist currently living and working in South London. She studied an MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design and a PGCE in Art and Design Education at Goldsmiths College, London. She currently works in art education alongside her practise.

Her current work considers the transformative effects of recent lockdowns and our reconnection with the concept of ‘Home’ in both its tangible and emotional states, through use of wallpaper print taken directly from the home environment, alongside layered, shifting organic forms.


HAYLEY WHALEN @hw.abstract

The main purpose of my Art is to portray my emotions and ideas in relation to places I’ve been and experiences I have had. In this way it is a powerful form of self expression for me. This series “Beauty’s Detour” is inspired by Joshua Tree, California, and the Joshua Tree itself, which symbolises the strength and beauty that can arise from struggle. This idea is explored in my paintings – Beauty can come out of unlikely spaces, situations and experiences.


GISELLE LUDWIG @giselle_ludwig_art

Giselle Ludwig is an international abstract artist of German and Salvadoran origin, born in Canada and living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Her mostly large acrylic paintings are created in a spontaneous and unintentional process. She therefore uses different mixed media techniques and tools. With various layers, structures and forms she stimulates the viewers imagination and always tries to create a positive association and atmosphere. Besides her large abstracts she also creates smaller geometrical paintings like the new sun series. The works are distinguished by powerfulness brilliant colours and the minimalistic shape of a circle, which symbolizes the energy of the sun and life. Her new mirror series interacts with the viewer and lets him or her become part of the painting. She here focuses on the topic self reflection and the question of what is real.


DENISE GALE @denisegalepainter

I am an exuberant painter. My work is so much about movement, rhythm and color. Spatial juxtaposition and contrasting color are the ways in which I respond to the immediate world.

My love of paint and painting is the thrust of who I am as an artist. Painting is a very physical experience for me and I think the visceral quality of my painting demonstrates that. A painter, I once knew said that an artist should take himself out of the finished product. As if it had landed on earth by rocket ship. For me, I want to put more of myself in the painting. Paint strokes, handprints and footprints. These are my signature moves.



I am an abstract artist working mainly in cellular art.

I started working on small pieces as most people do, as it’s very difficult to keep all the details on the Canvas with larger works. I made it my mission to get around this problem. After many tries I came up with my own recipe, which is proven to be quite successful. Although not as much detail, there is enough to make it interesting to the viewer. I’ve work my way up in size and work mostly 100 x 150 cm I really enjoy the challenge. I’ve had my first solo show pre covid and sold every single piece. And since then 2 major celebrities have pieces of my work.


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