Landscape | 16th – 27th February


16th – 27th February

Private view: 16th February, 6:00 – 8:30pm

Welcome to our first Landscape exhibition of 2022! Our focus is to give emerging artists a platform to share their work with our viewers in person as well as online. This exhibition will host artists from the UK and abroad. Our Landscape exhibitions are an opportunity for us to visit new places, real and imagined. From traditional styles to contemporary explorations, there are no limitations when it comes to landscape art at the Brick Lane Gallery. Visit the gallery and our website to see how our artists have interpreted this classic theme.


10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday





Alex was born in Africa and a love of wild, open spaces has influenced her work and choice of land and seascape subjects She painted these scenes of Jordan and Morocco after trekking there for a Charity.  Whenever possible she paints in the wonderful French countryside.


SIMON PINK @simonpinkartist

Simon’s imagination and attention to detail are captured in his beautiful paintings, gaining him a reputation for producing highly collectable artwork. He paints directly onto canvas creating ideas from his thoughts and emotional response to nature. The results are a series of energising images portraying the splendour of the natural world, uniquely combining form and texture with excitement and calm.


LUCY MERRIMAN @lucymerrimanart

Lucy is a British artist and designer living and working in East London.  Her formal training includes a BA in Textile Design, establishing her first print studio in Shoreditch 1992, using traditional screen-printing methods combined with hand painting.  She later embraced digital processes which launched her into the world of design and printed apparel.  In 2020, Lucy enrolled in an experimental printmaking course reigniting her passion for painting and printmaking and has shifted focus from design to her artistic practice.  Lucy is an associate member of East London Printmakers and has exhibited in several group shows with The Holy Art Gallery, London and Festival of Print 2021.  She is exhibiting at The Other Art Fair London in March 2022.

“The basis of my work is rooted in response to our natural environments through emotive colour and expressive brushstrokes, focusing on printmaking processes and painting.  I am fascinated by the use of colour and how it can influence feeling and change perception, prompting interactions that feel rather than see.  Recurring themes of opposites using a blend of analogue & digital processes explore the natural & hyperreal, blurring the lines of what is real and imaginary.  Preliminary studies in the form of sketches, photography and collage are developed in the studio. Mono printed layers of spontaneous mark-making and brushstrokes are hand printed.  Layers of acrylic paint are energetically applied and wiped back, the movement of paint and the unexpected imperfections of printmaking give expressive depth.  Digital experimentation creates unexpected colour that distorts reality prompting a new response.  These studies then inform painting and traditional printmaking, and the cycle continues.  This series of limited-edition prints were inspired by lockdown walks with my father across the heathland and woodlands of Sutton Park – a much needed connection to nature.”


JAN REGNART @janregnart

“I was born in Lancashire but now live in the South by the New Forest. I have had a love of art since I was very young.

My paintings are inspired by the North West shoreline and by the beauty of the natural world that I see on my daily walks and represent the feelings of peace, timelessness and wonderment I experience each time.”


JUDITH KERRIE MCCALL@judithmccallart

Judith is an artist living and working in Northern Ireland. Since graduating from the University of Ulster with a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art she has continued to work free-lance, exhibiting her work in local galleries and art fairs around the country.

Living in the countryside of Northern Ireland I have found inspiration within the natural beauty of my local surroundings. In my recent oil paintings, I have been experimenting with bold colours to emphasis the effects of light within these landscapes.



Christiana is a Washington D.C. based artist. She works with many mediums such as acrylic, oil, watercolour, sculpture, embroidery, and audio-visual. She learned many techniques while in college at St. Mary’s College of Maryland studying fine art; however much of her experience has developed by experimenting with a variety of mediums and styles. Christiana finds experimentation gives her a deeper love for creativity, rather than sticking to only one singular type of art form. Inspiration comes in waves, there is a cycle of ebb and flow of life experiences that influences the choices she makes for her art creation. Overall making art in any form gives her a break from everyday stress and creates a meditative space of peace.

“When I can make art that is when I find I am really the happiest. Working with my hands and my mind to think of new ways to create and make something out of nothing is one of the best feelings.” This collection of work is a series of landscape watercolours on the east coast of the U.S. that depict my connection with specific spaces. These paintings are not fully realistic representations of the portrayed location, but rather a representation of a feeling within that space. I work with abstracted shape, colour, and form to create a scene that has realistic traits but brings out some beauty that is not necessarily in the natural world. I try to not take the process of artmaking too seriously and rather find a flow state in which I can focus entirely on the memory of the impression that place left. The aim of this series is to bring about a perspective on the landscape that is joyful, colourful, and free flowing.”


OLGA CALADO @olgacaladoart

The “Dunes in Motion” triptych refers to the interpretation through art of “invisible” natural processes, such as the movement of sand dunes. The paintings have a great informative force since the informative pathway is more sensory and experimental than intellectual. The four small paintings show the landscape “framed” by urban views to make it more “accessible” to the urban eye.

“I want to convey a conscious sensitivity towards nature. I not only want to produce a descriptive style of nature, but also a way to contribute to our ecological awareness. In the urban context, this idea can be challenging and, as a contemporary artist, I would like to feel specialized in the environment. Art has the ability to recreate living processes that produce sensations, which can renew or change our vision of the landscape. It is an Eco-cultural practice. The landscape I create is a product of Western culture. The most valuable thing about this art is to show it and, in turn, to be the idea of nature that the viewer would like to escape to.”


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