Works On Paper | 16th – 27th February


Works On Paper
16th – 27th February

Private view: 16th February, 6:00 – 8:30pm

Welcome to our first Works On Paper exhibition of 2022! Our focus is to give emerging artists a platform to share their work with our viewers in person as well as online. This exhibition will host artists from the UK and abroad. Our Works On Paper exhibitions is exacly what it says it is – we showecase artwork made with or on paper. This can include painting, drawing and even scultpture. Visit the gallery and our website to see the inventive ways our artists work in with this seemingly simple medium.


10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday




PHILLIP REFORD @redford.phil5

Philip studied at Brighton from 1960-66 (post grad Printmaking 1965-66). He retired full time lecturing Leeds  Metropolitan University 1997 after 30 years. He was an exhibition organiser at Leicester Society of Artists from 2012- 15 and a part time tutor for York Foundation 1977-2002. Although a Printmaking tutor painting has always been his central  practice which has formed and re-formed through time from non-figurative  imagery to figurative imagery. His interest in classical music and opera have resulted in artists books of which Redford has so far produced ten. His series of five hand printed ‘Wagner’ books are in the British Library collection.


“I am a young Frenchwoman and have always loved art since I could hold a pencil in my hand and draw. I did 3 years in a Parisian art school. This is my very first exhibition and I am honored to do it in London.”

EMILIA ROSKOSZ @roskosz.arts

Emilia is a self-taught Polish artist, currently residing in the UK. She works mostly with dry media such as graphite pencils and charcoal with a penchant for darker surrealism and body horror.  In her home country, she displayed works in various small exhibitions from a young age. Upon her move to England to get her bachelors diploma in interior design, small exhibitions such as these have been put on hold. The last couple of years proved that university, work and life abroad is balanced enough so that she can reconnect with her hobbies and start stepping onto the new, wider, exciting British art scene.

“I don’t try to change the world, I just jab the problem with my pencil.
To stay positive in life I need a way to express my more pessimistic feelings in a productive way. I take inspiration from legends and mythology to comment on contemporary topics that feel important to me. My works are the result of the righteous anger of youth and the influence of folklore from the areas I call home- my native Poland and my new home, Cornwall. I mix Slavic mythology with Celtic traditions to create an emotional commentary on the environmental crisis, mental health, social inequality, and dystopian future of my generation. I reduce the colour palette of my works to the barest minimum so the light and shadow can point towards the symbols and tropes I evoke in my drawings in hopes someone can see what I saw when I created them.”


DOM BUNBURY @dbunburyart

British born London artist Dom Bunbury, 31, presents 13 eclectic pieces in his series “figures and sensuality” ranging from pencil, to pen and ink and even mixed media. Working with a strong interest in the female form he aims to create pieces that attract and excite the mind, done with varying techniques of style often reflective of his mood at the time of creation.


KATA VÉGH @kata.vegh

Kata Végh is a Hungarian graphic artist. She lives in Budapest. She likes mixing profane and sacred themes and uses a very ironic and humorous tone. Her characters are disconcertingly grotesque women and men, who openly undertake their fallibility and weaknesses. She likes illustrating literary works such as the Old Testament, the Revelation to John, mythological stories, as well as contemporary poems. Since 2012 she took part in several solo and group exhibitions in Hungary. In the last years, she writes prose too.


ANDREA MIRANDA @dandyandy_7

Andrea Isabel Miranda, who also goes by Andy, is an American artist with a Mexican heritage that found her artistic inspiration during her undergraduate illustration studies in England. It was during her time in Falmouth University where she began to feel a clear sense of spiritual creativity and liberty and is planning on continuing her artistic vision at Leeds Art University the Fall of 2022. Andy’s current artworks embody a saturated world of bold designs, striking interweaving patterns, and an all-around message of infinite love.  Her ongoing theme of self- love is vividly painted throughout all her pieces, primarily in her ongoing ‘Heart Series’ artworks. Andy is currently venturing into the theme of the ‘inner-child’ complex in her ‘Fruity Series’ pieces.


KELLY MCCALLUM @kelly_mccallum

Kelly McCallum earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2001. One year later, she added a Bachelor of Science from the University of Massachusetts, graduating Cum Laude in Animal Science/Pre-Veterinarian studies. In 2003, she returned to RISD to focus on metalsmithing for a year. A move to London in 2004 saw her begin a Master of Arts at the Royal College of Art, which she concluded in 2006. Since finishing her education, McCallum’s works have been exhibited and are held in several private collections worldwide, including Canada, the United States, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Korea, and the United Kingdom.

In the UK she has shown pieces at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Goldsmiths’ Hall, Sotheby’s, Selfridges, and Liberty of London. Kelly McCallum’s series “Weird Plants and Seed Pods” continues and extends her practice of drawing inspiration from the natural world. Working in mixed media, including watercolours and inks, she expresses a multitude of natural phenomena: the bizarre shapes of imagined fungi, the microcosm of a world invisible to the human eye, the striking patterns of algae growth. Her use of colour echoes the threats of carnivorous and toxic plants, yet also reflects the beauty which they possess; a reminder that the aesthetics of death are as complex in nature as they are in our own psyche. And it is this psyche which McCallum seeks to explore, creating a garden of the unconscious in which our repressed, primitive, and instinctual thoughts are allowed to germinate, grow and bloom before our eyes.

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