Art in Mind | 3rd – 13th March

Art in Mind
3rd – 13th March

Opening Night: 2nd March, 6:00 – 8:30pm



JAMES TAPPENDEN @jtappenden71

I like to think of my art as a loose translation of my thoughts and feelings at the time of painting . The movement, fluidity, and colours used are all influenced by my mood at the time.I’ve recently started painting abstract landscapes which is very different to my normal style. I feel its good to challenge yourself every so often.


MARMOL ACCESORIOS @marmol.estudio

Mármol Estudio is a unique brand located in Santiago, Chile. Created by Coti Yáñez and Diego Riquelme, Mármol Estudio started in 2019 creating beautiful handmade jewelry. Today, the brand has become a creative space that develops an exquisite collection of unique handmade ceramic pieces, using vibrant colors and fanciful motifs.

Artist Coti Yáñez comments: “I have always been attracted to ceramics and being able to make beautiful objects, for this exhibition my vision was to create whimsical characters that belong to a wonderful imaginary world of my childhood at home.”


MATTEW SOWTER @matneysshed

My sculptures are inspired by my love of nature and found or salvaged items. I use reclaimed wood and other materials in my local area as much as possible. The rusty metal is mostly from a local beach, the crumbling cliffs were once a Victorian landfill site, each high tide reveals another delivery of interesting rusty treasure.


ANNE LEE @annedesignworks_

Refraction is a generative art installation focused on exploring the collaborative process between the computer and the human. It relies on both counterparts to play to their own strengths – where the human sets the parameters for the computer to generate the artwork and the computer randomises the output, which in turn sometimes gives inspiration back to the human. It questions the traditional creative approach of having an idea in mind and expressing it, but rather shifting the role of the artist to a curator that selects the best outcome from hundreds of instantly generated options, based on their own artistic values.



Artistic Autistic Mind (Pete) is a British Vietnamese from London with moderate drawing abilities but with an unique flair for storytelling. Art is not always about aesthetics, it’s about who they once were, what happened to them and how their lives are affected. It’s the art of storytelling.

The work aims is to help promote Autism awareness by showcasing a visual interpretation of the world from an artistically autistic mind. Art is where the conscious and unconscious mind meet.


MARGOT EARDLEY @margoteardley

Margot is a fine art printmaker, working from her studio at home in Southampton. She works on a Hawthorn press which gives her facility to work on a variety of printmaking techniques, both intaglio and relief.

Margot graduated with a foundation and diploma in fashion & design, this was built upon for thirty years in visual merchandising. Margot has recently made a career change and launched herself into print. Accompanied by a foundation and diploma in fine art printmaking. She has exhibited in UK and USA

Her inspiration comes from the colour and pattern she finds in the natural world. Images for her prints come from her garden, walks with her dog or snorkelling in the ocean. Margot finds printmaking a wonderfully exciting process, as it only reveals itself when the print is complete. This is great for focusing the mind. Each print is handmade from the plate production to the application of ink for the press.


TRISTAN HIBBERD @tristanhibberd_design

Having grown up surrounded by the art world and studying my degree in furniture design, I seek to combine these two divergent disciplines and blur the lines between function and sculpture. I have found that material experimentation is essential and natural forms as well as biomimicry regularly inform my aesthetic decisions.

My newest artistic direction features the fold series. Over recent years I have searched for various coping strategies to combat my anxiety. I found that origami occupies the mind and I would regularly take paper with me to stressful situations. This began the series which developed into a collection of semi dimensional painted works.


JAN REGNART @janregnart

I was born in Lancashire but now live in the South by the New Forest. I have had a love of art since I was very young.

My paintings are inspired by the North West shoreline and by the beauty of the natural world that I see on my daily walks and represent the feelings of peace, timelessness and wonderment I experience each time.


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