Art in Mind | 24th May – 4th June

Art in Mind

24th May – 4th June

Preview Night: 24th May, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday



Kiera Flynn

Kiera Flynn is a Newcastle-based photographer who specializes in cyanotypes; a Victorian process that was originally used for blueprints. She graduated Sunderland University in 2020 and it is there that she discovered the process, spending the three years developing her skills in the dark-room.

A word from the artist:

The prints have an almost living quality to them when finished; they respond to overly bright light changing colour and returning to normal when given time to recover.  It is this quality that drew me to the process and the reason why I love using flowers as my subject. This process translates delicate details in petals in a way that almost makes it seem that you could feel them should you touch the print. It is also so entrenched in the natural world from exposure to processing that it seems only fitting that the subject reflected should be just as much a part of nature

Vanna Tursini 

I’m Vanna Tursini, mixed media artist from Caracas – Venezuela, with group & solo shows in Caracas, New York, Miami, FloreNce and Madrid, where I’m living the last seven years; the pieces exhibiting today, part of my works, are the result of a process of small and intimates parts that are added in my workshop and my worktable : images, papers, fabrics, drawings, together with natural and found objects, constantly dialogue with each other to tell my story.

Vijay Panchal

Watford based multidisciplinary neurodiverse artist, Vijay Panchal Fine Artist, specialises in character design, visualising dreams, and emotions. In 2010, Vijay attained his BA (Hons) in 2D Digital Animation focusing on communicating emotions through anthropomorphic characters. Vijay’s work has continued to organically grow, he has combined figurative and abstract art with collage to create surreal and symbolic series of compositions. His struggles with expression have inspired him in his goal to help others express themselves.

Due to battles with chronic ailments, Vijay is currently working on voluntary and charitable commissions and workshops. From 2021 he has exhibited locally in Hertfordshire, was a Finalist on the 7th Abstract 2022 International Juried Art Competition and Longlisted for the Visual Artists Open 2022. Vijay has recently completed the Hatch New Founders Launchpad 2023 to develop facilitating his art wellbeing workshops.

A word from the artist:

“Unknowingly growing up neurodiverse was challenging. I struggled with expression, felt outcast, introverted into my imagination, and dreamt. After play, art became my language and therapy, it built confidence and freed me. Struggles of expression in society inspire me to help others.

‘Years in the Making’ recycles ideas conceived during my internship at the Brick Lane Gallery. It took years of sitting with my pain to actualise final compositions and transform them into art. The themes are emotions, self-realisation, spirituality, and trauma processing. My darkest reflections developed these figurative concepts. The subject matter are distorted characters that symbolise psychological states responding to traumas. I am making the intangible tangible, visualising dreams, and other dimensions.

My style amalgamates expressionism, abstraction, fluorescence, figurative art, symbolism, and surrealism. I spontaneously applied mixed media including acrylics, posca pens, toy filling, PVA, brown paper and string to create upcycled collages. Play processes feelings of cultural restriction.”

Bec Hopkins

A word from the artist: 

“I am a British artist living and working on the south coast of England in West Sussex. I studied art foundation in Brighton, followed by a gap year before university which turned into a gap decade before having children. I travelled the world and worked in the charity sector. After having my first child I picked up my paint brushes again. A friend bought my first painting while it was still drying. I continued to experiment with mixed media and discovered my love of abstract, colour and gold leaf. I have exhibited my work across West Sussex and Hampshire including the Ox Contemporary and Pallant House Gallery in Chichester My work is playful and experimental. I am not afraid of colour and texture and I instinctively understand composition, line, colour, texture and form. My painting process is intuitive, I spontaneously explore mark making and use gold leaf in a subtle enough way to lift the composition. My work constantly changes; it’s an ongoing exploration of joy, fearlessness and fun. I immerse myself in the process and there’s a piece of me in every painting.”

Sarah Brooks

“I’m an English painter living on the south coast. I studied art foundation at Portsmouth Polytechnic and specialised in portraiture and architectural sketching. For many years I  focused on illustrative work and I spent my time with my family , working on house renovation projects and interior design.  But after a life changing event eight years ago I had an epiphany when I purchased the largest canvas I could get in my van, bought a stock of new oils and acrylics and painted my first abstract piece. It was the most cathartic and expressive, creative adventure , was hooked straight away and haven’t looked back since. I have exhibited both locally in Chichester and Emsworth and in The Room Contemporary in Venice and published in the Capsules Curatorial.


Magdalena Holler aka Maho is a trained church painter and master gilder. She is known of her vibrant colourful acrylic and mixed media paintings, which she creates in her custom studio in the heart of her home. Her Style is colourful, abstract, electrifying art – expressive force and unbridled energy.

Shaun Daniel Wane

When I was an Industrial Painter, I could never put myself into my painting, and everything had to be completed to a decorative finish. Being an artist, on the other hand, my painting has all of me in it. My artwork isn’t about passing on a message to the viewer; it is about my relationship with paint from when I first picked up my paintbrush. My paintings are abstract figurative, with attention to realism secondary to the colours and shapes of the finished piece.

Alison Hightower Suttle

The collection of paintings presented at Brick Lane Gallery represent two of Alison’s favourite subjects: trees and fish. Each painting begins with a charcoal sketch and watercolour underpainting. The substrate is mounted pastel paper which is then painted with many thin layers of colour, moving from dark to light, using soft pastel sticks. The oldest of art mediums, the pastel pigments are the most permanent form of art available surpassing oil and watercolours.



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