Contemporary Painting & Art in Mind | 24th May – 4th June


Contemporary Painting & Art in Mind

24th May – 4th June


Preview Night: 24th May, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday



Pari Aazami

Each piece begins with a photograph of a tree trunk. The image is then cropped to show only a small section of the bark, thus removing learnt points of visual reference, hoping to make the observer wonder, look deeper and find inspiration. A layer of metal leaf is then applied. The gilding mimics what is already on the bark. Either part of the structure or the lichen is covered, or a mirror image of it is positioned alongside. This positioning is not predetermined. The pattern evolves as the flow of the gilding progresses, almost as if it is the bark directing the pattern and determining what it wants to reveal, thus bringing attention to the secondary life, structure and landscape that exists on the bark which may not at first be apparent.

Though not visible, small sections of the metal leaf are left unvarnished so they can continue to oxidise and change colour This process take place very slowly and may even not be significant enough to be noticed, but the fact that there exists the possibility of ongoing change makes the work organic. Thus the piece is now no longer just a photograph but a visual representation of our multilayered world, where there is “more than the eye can see” .

Born in Iran, I left as a child during the 1978 Iranian Revolution to come to the UK. After a career in dentistry in Kent, I recently retired to pursue my lifelong passions of photography and painting. The former I inherited from my father whose ancient leather-cased Rollup Automatic camera remains one of my most treasured memories of both him and my childhood. I continue to often use it today and always sign my artwork with my maiden name as a tribute to him.

My inspiration almost always comes from nature, to which I am drawn by its varying colour combinations, forms and movements. I enjoy both landscape and macro photography, experimenting with various methods to make my images more abstract, aiming to capture an impression of the scene rather than an exact image.  This series has allowed me to engage in both disciplines and I hope that as the observer engages with the artwork they too experience an awakening of their senses so that their heart is lifted in the same way as mine has been during its creation. Perhaps now for them too, a previously everyday walk down the road can sometimes become a treasure hunt where they seek to find beauty and light such that their spirits are awakened.”

Marco Lombardo

A word from the artist:

“Immersing myself in the rich tapestry of ancient narratives and the masterful works of the past, I have embarked on a captivating exploration of Greek mythology. Within these realms, gods and heroes intertwine with mortals, weaving intricate tales of love, betrayal, and epic quests. Each brushstroke in my paintings reflects my deep appreciation for the classics, paying homage to the timeless stories and characters that have resonated throughout history. Exclusively employing oil as my medium, I embrace a classic method that harks back to the techniques of the great masters. With an unyielding commitment to detail, every composition reveals a meticulous eye, where each element is thoughtfully considered and executed with skillful precision. This dedication to the craft enables a harmonious fusion of technical proficiency and imaginative storytelling. In my artistic journey, I strive to transport viewers to a realm where the past merges with the present, where ancient tales are revived through vivid imagery. Through my work, I aim to ignite a sense of wonder and fascination, inviting audiences to experience the enduring power of mythology and the beauty of classical art.”

April Lavin

A word from the artist:

 I am an artist, who uses illustration, design and painting to express my ideas, feelings and experiences about mental illness. The name of my business is “BUNCH OF ISSUES” and this is the basis of my artistic work around various types of mental ill health.

Accompanying my paintings and other art work. I have attached leaflets giving information about each type of mental illness and information on where and how to get support and advice. My work will include pieces/paintings about bipolar, stress, schizophrenia and other types of mental illness and disorders.

Teresa Bracamonte

 A word from the artist: 

I was a fashion model from the age of 18 to 26, and notions such as the body, beauty, stereotypes and identity question me.The woman as an object of desire is a subject that interests me particularly, to the point of having been the central topic of my master’s thesis.

I use explicit nudity, sensuality and eroticism, not only for personal taste, but also because they are subjects that encompass the problematic of women’s representation modeled by the male gaze.

At first, I painted portraits of other women, but then I got into self-portrait. I think that the image itself and my work gain much more strength when I put myself on stage, using my own body and transfiguring myself in the painting.

I seek to question the female identity as a social construction sculpted by patriarchy and to highlight the objectification, sexualization and hyper-sexualization of women.

For me, the self-portrait is a weapon of empowerment that allows me to affirm myself, but also to question and highlight universal but at the same time intimate themes.

Women, accustomed to being constantly observed, even when they are naked, do they continue to wear an invisible disguise assigned by society?

Mike Hirsch

A word from the artist: 

I was Born in South Africa, I have a Batchelor of Science Degree from University of Witwatersrand. I came to live in London in 1986. My artistic inspiration comes from the vivid colors and bright sunlight from my 30 years of life under the African Sun.

My work is broken down in to 3 distinct elements starting with my sculptures, followed by my oil painting and then moving and developing more abstractly in to my digital images that I have produced and printed with the ChromaLuxe process. All my work is intentionally abstract in nature either in form which is evident most intensely in the bronze and resin sculptures or a combination of realistic form but with abstract coloration or in the case of the 2 of the landscapes purely by the formation of abstract colour`.

Brigitta Kontra

Hungarian contemporary, abstract artist living in the UK. Creating artwork throughout my live however first time showcasing them with The Brick Lane Gallery. Enjoy experimenting with different techniques and mediums while using bright and striking colors.

A word from the artist:

I often create artwork by improvising based on just an initial idea or impulse. Love the freedom of improvisation, the open mindset and random color selection which enables me to create different style and artwork every time without specific idea or expectation on what story my painting is trying to tell to the viewer.


A word from the artist:

I would describe my art as Afropean and neo-traditional. I am inspired by ethnic style, mainly from traditional African artwork and symbolism (Adinkra symbols, Congolese mask etc), giving my work a personal and philosophical meaning. I was born and live in a multicultural society, and the influences of my surroundings can be seen in my art. I find myself walking around the East End of London noticing abandoned objects, in front of homes, in skips and bins. Abandoned objects such as old broken rocking horses, a lamp, a chair, a piece of wood can all be trash, and are seen as such.

However, objects that tell stories can always be reused and reborn into a utilitarian object, and renamed into a beautiful work of art.


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