Works on Paper | 29th March – 9th April


Works on Paper

29th March – 9th April


Private view: 29th March, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Gemma Bakewell


Self-taught pencil artist, specialising in creating detailed, unique images that are colourful and vibrant. The landscape-inspired images I’ve been working on recently are a blend of abstract and realism.



Yana Popova


Yana Popova is a Bulgarian London-based illustrator and children’s book artist whose series of personal artworks, titled “Animals,” showcases her captivating style. Her work is a mix of bold colours and fine pencil lines, with a touch of gold, which creates a subtle but powerful contrast that draws the viewer in. Through her art, Yana explores the beauty and complexity of the animal kingdom, conveying both their gentleness and aggression. Her pieces inspire us to reflect on the delicate balance between humans and nature.



Morten Saether


“Every act of Creation is first of all an act of Destruction”. Self-taught artistic practice. Have had expos in France (Collioure), Spain (Barcelona), Germany (Berlin) and Norway (Oslo, Horten and Fredrikstad). Morten resides in Oslo, Norway. These 4 Artworks are from the same series. They are a mix of several images + cut-outs from my photos (A kind of Digital Collage).



Anya Wang


“I’m Anya Wang, an artist from China currently based in London. I’ve been studying art for over 10 years using a variety of mediums and have recently graduated from a UAL textile course.

With the influence of Asian culture, a Buddhism family background and Western traditional drawing practices, I’m focusing on finding an art language to present my culture and its atmosphere in a more diverse, less west-gazing way. The drawings of four Buddha statues are practices showing a different side of Buddha. Compared to the well-known kind and peaceful statues, they tend to hold you with their intensity and a touch of calmness, leading you into a temporary sacred space.”



Neven Nenova


“The main object in the FLOCK series of expressive drawings is the bird as a symbol of freedom. This is the concept I seek interpretation for. The expressiveness of using the watercolour technique and ink helps me to achieve specific stylistics in my drawings. Birds are explored as personal characters and personages – very recognizable and spiritual. Personalities of life are represented by a whole flock of birds. Many visitors will recognize someone, and perhaps even themselves. All the works together form one FLOCK, a collection of different ideas, creativity, and experiences. Every little bird has its place in the flock…”


Bachelor’s degree: Design for Children Environment; National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

Master’s degree: Illustration; National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria



Ben Cowan

@ artthatmakesyouthink

“I was away for a long time, working as a disaster relief specialist in war-torn countries. When I returned, I found it hard to process what stood for ‘normal life’. Without a threat to your existence, normal life is an existential threat. My response has been to create art that makes people think but also laugh. My ideas are often created digitally and then rendered as hand-finished canvasses, giclee prints, or forming 3D sculptures.”

Ben is an independent artist based in Leamington Spa. He does have paint-splattered worktops with jam jars full of oily brushes, as well as computer screens, but he says that his medium is irony. By which he explains, “I subvert iconic images and phrases with which you might be familiar, so that they take on a different, perhaps darker meaning, but all through a comic lens. I believe an artist’s role is to provoke interest and encourage people to think sideways.” Ben’s creations include satirical works on Warhol’s soup cans, BREWDOG’s ‘toxic working culture’ and Penguin classic book covers; in which he explores the impacts of capitalism, the dark arts of marketing and how the world has changed since ‘the classic texts’ were written.



Angus Vine


Angus Vine is a contemporary British Artist working in London. His unique collage approach combines 20th Century ephemera with modern imagery in a seamless style to create surreal, arresting compositions with strong narratives. The artist looks to clash visual worlds to spark the imagination. From the mundane to the magical, Angus plays with contrasting themes, looking for visual wit to transport the viewer into surreal, arresting scenes that provoke and challenge how we see the world around us. A single image often triggers the creative process, sparking the imagination by exploring how the visual can be transformed to change its meaning. Angus incorporates a mixed media approach to his larger work, including everything from handmade Nepalese Lokta papers to silicone and coloured resins. “My technique is a process of development using not just one medium but incorporates papers, paints, inks and beeswax. These build the painting. Each of the layers is fragile and allows me to play with colour, translucency and light.”

Recent/Upcoming Exhibitions:

Roy’s Art Fair – The Bargehouse – 2023

Brick Lane Gallery – On Paper Exhibition – 2023

FStone Art – Spring Exhibition – 2023

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition – 2022

Royal Academy of Arts – Summer Exhibition – 2022

Roy’s Art Fair – Truman Brewery – April 2022

Roy’s Art Fair – The Bargehouse – November 2021

The Artist Lounge – In the wild – Group Exhibition – 2021

Beulah Road Studios – Group Exhibition – 2020



Alistair Cartland Glover


I work with charcoal, pastels, and acrylic paint to create lively textured images with roughly sketched/flowing lines, blocks and swipes of colour to represent my reactions to the people and places I have observed, either working in situ or from photographs I have taken on visits. Sometimes the work can be formal with black outlines to strengthen the shapes and forms of my paintings and drawings. I use pastels & acrylics to create instinctive lively textured flowing lines, blocks & swipes of colour in response to people and places.



Ellen Cline


“I am from the United States. I have an associate degree in art from Cuyahoga Community College and attended Cooper School of Art, Cleveland.

I’m a mixed-media artist who loves creating with all types of material. I start by adding layers of acrylics and paper to create depth and texture. I also use inks, pencils, charcoal, or pastels for detail. I enjoy mixing abstract with traditional realism.”




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