Abstract Art | 29th March – 9th April

Abstract Art


29th March – 9th April 2023

Preview Night: 29th March, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Katarzyna Stefania Józefowicz


Katarzyna Stefania Józefowicz is a graduate of the Graphics Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She defended her diploma with honours in the studio of prof. Piotr Smolnicki, an annexe from a drawing with dr. hab. Rafał Kochański. She was the rector’s scholarship holder for the best students of the Academy of Fine Arts. She is also a graduate of the Art High School in Gdynia-Orłowo. Her works are shown at exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She belongs to the graphic section of the Warsaw branch of ZPAP. She is also associated with the Halo Kultura Association in Gdynia, where she has her studio and conducts graphic arts workshops. In May 2021, she was a resident of the International Workshop at Kunstlerzeche Unser Fritz 2/3 in Herne, Germany.

The field of creativity of Katarzyna Stefania Józefowicz is artistic graphics. Exploring the physical nature of nature and man as part of the Universe, she seeks answers to questions about the meaning and nature of existence. The artist has created her own, recognizable visual language, which makes her artistic statements captivating with the sensitivity and delicacy of the built structures. Avoiding strong contrasts, she creates works full of subtle emotions with an extraordinary tonal range and high artistic value. She uses her own, experimental ways of expression, combining them with traditional graphic techniques such as carborundum, etching, and dry point. An important part of her work is drawing, which she uses as a research tool to discover and study what is visible and what is imperceptible.

Her works have been exhibited, among others, in: 

DAP ZPAP OW Gallery, Grafiteka 2022 (Warsaw)

Art Incubator Goyki3, Gimme Shelter 2022 (Sopot)

Unser Fritz 2/3 Structures, 2021 (Herne, Germany)

Site Specific Exhibition, Railway Station, G8 Phantom 2020 (Gdynia)

Manhattan Graphics Center: 4thNY IMPE (New York, USA)

Inbe Art Space Gallery: AIMPE 2019 (Yoshinogawa, Japan)

Elektrownia Powiśle: KISSPRINT 2019 (Warsaw)

DAP ZPAP OW Gallery, Grafiteka 2019 (Warsaw)

Halo Kultura, G8 2019 (Gdynia)

Misericordia Archives: Contemporary Venice Art Show 2018 (Venice, Italy)

Kunstlerforum: Genius Loci 2018 (Bonn, Germany)

Academy of Fine Arts, Studio 7: IMPRINT 2017 (Warsaw)

Debut Gallery, Tours 2017 (Gdynia)

A.D.A. KISSPRINT 2016 (Warsaw)



Piotr Marszalek


“I’m a Polish-born artist, living, and creating in the UK. I’m a self-thought minimalist, I like to use raw textiles for my paintings to add more character to them, experimenting with geometric shapes, lines, and colours. My medium of choice is acrylic and after every painting, I feel like there is more to explore and create.”



Ingrid Jinca


“Born and raised in a small town in Romania. More than 13 years ago, after completing my studies in Bucharest, in a non-art-related field, I moved to London in search of new inspiration and opportunities. Despite never receiving any formal art training, I spent countless hours experimenting with different mediums and techniques, gradually developing my skills and my unique style.

As an abstract artist, I strive to create a visual language that communicates beyond the boundaries of language and culture. My art reflects my innermost thoughts and emotions, expressed through form, colour and texture.

My artistic process involves a deep sense of intuition and spontaneity, allowing the creative flow to guide me as I work. I embrace imperfection and chance, letting the material and tools I use to leave their own mark on the canvas. My paintings are often layers and complex, with hidden depths and surprises that reveal themselves upon closer inspection.”

Her works have been exhibited at:

 Parallax Art Show (4 editions)

New Artist Fair, Spitalfields Art Show (3 editions)

The Holy Art Gall



Sabine Kay


Born in Hamburg, Germany. I am living in Luxembourg for about 20 years. I am a mostly self-thought artist who has always loved paintings as well as painting. For me, abstract painting means that my inspiration is translated to the canvas to create a story that communicates without talking. Her/his imagination makes the landscapes reflect my love for colour and nature, which is where I find my inspiration. While painting I am building the oil colours in several layers with a colour palette ranging from soft and serene to vibrant and invigorating. Since colours can express the full range of human experiences, they are quite important to me. And by experimenting, my artworks become extraordinary.

Her works have been exhibited at:

Since Nov 2019: ArtPlu Gallery, Shanghai, China

Feb/ Mar 2020: Gstaad, Switzerland, curated by Artsfemin

July 2020: Art Fusion, Shanghai, ArtPlu Gallery

August 2020: Art 3f Monaco, Van Gogh Art Gallery

September 2020: Art 3f Luxembourg

November 2020: Kunstaustellung Basel, Novum Investments

March & June 2021: Online-exhibition with Novum Investments

October 2021: Hybrid Exhibition Moon Art Fair Hamburg

December 2021: Kunstausstellung Basel Novum Investments

March 2022: Online-exhibition Novum

March/April 2022: Brick Lane Gallery, London

October 2022: Online-exhibition Novum

November 2022: Online-exhibition Gallery One 962

December 2022: Kunstausstellung Basel

Jan/Feb 2023: Gruppenausstellung “Glück”, Homburg, Deutschlang, Galerie MBeck



Yoel Ramis


Yoel is a contemporary artist interestingly absorbed in the creation of paintings that record time and ground, the flux between the object and the medium, abstraction and figuration.

Yoel’s most recent works are responses to the sense of mind wandering, an emotional and psychological connection with a place that is revealed through layers, scraping, and washing, where new traces of gestural marks evolve into an unusual affiliation between the structure and the sublime.

His new work is entitled: CF, Oils on canvas, which is 1.27 x 1.16 cm. This unique piece consists of 6 small, stretched canvases of 16 x 20 cm each joined together as window partitions or perhaps monitors the channelling of a visual language of incessant ways that give a sense of urgency, showing an endless physical and emotional process, feelings that are not resolved and signs that do not mean, brings a sense of resonance to the upheaval of the coexistence.

His works have been exhibited at:

Cookhouse Gallery, 28 Jan 2020 – 31 Jan 2020, United Kingdom

LONDON GRADS NOW.21, 4 Nov 2021 – 16 Jan 2022



Hélène Battaini


Hélène Battaini studied Italian art and literature at the University of Venice, Italy. At 23 years old she went to live in the middle east. After falling in love with Lebanon as a child, she travelled in Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Sinaï and Egypt. She had two daughters and then, back in France, she created her own studio gallery. She is an autodidact, a free spirit, and a feminist. Mostly inspired by spirituality and her own thoughts and feelings about the world and people.



Maia D’Costa-Kalsi


The power of colour and pattern is the main inspiration and passion behind Maia’s artwork. London-based, Maia has been obsessed with the art world and its diverse pathways from the youngest of age. After graduating at Central Saint Martins in Textiles, her chosen pathway of Print Design shaped her main form of practice. Maia’s work always intends to evoke emotion and invigorate different feelings through the influence of colour and mark-making which is partly the main reason she fell in love with abstract art. She explores this through her own emotions and uses colour as a tool to lift people emotionally, as she believes colour can impact our well-being.

Her practice is also heavily focused on sustainability and incorporating it in all her projects and her artwork. She feels it’s incredibly important for artists especially, to inspire their audience to care more about and question their ways of living to help tackle climate change, where an industry such as art and design can already have disastrous impacts.



Samuel Deacon


Samuel Deacon is a British abstract artist who uses layers of texture and acrylic paints to create vivid paintings and clay sculptures. His paintings are displayed in restaurants and showrooms across London and are enjoyed by collectors worldwide. Samuel’s artwork is inherently ambiguous, allowing the viewer to find their own interpretation and meaning in the detail.





Born and raised in London, Arthur has spent more than 20 years as a prominent figure in the city’s underground graffiti scene. Now exhibiting his unique eye-catching originals in galleries across the UK. This year, Arthur is unquestionably one to watch.



Ally Muir


“I am a Scottish landscape and abstract Artist with over 20 years of experience creating art in 6 different countries for people all around the world. Although I have always had a natural artistic gift, I have sought artistic instruction and training through several artists such as Mosaic Artist, Mitch Brookman—who commissioned names such as Barack Obama and Johnny Depp—and award-winning local Artist, Nicole Porter, who has exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and studied fine art in Aberdeen, Paris and New York.

The inspiration for my work can be found in many places. Through the majestic and tempestuous scenes of J.M.W Turner, from the serene sunsets and sunrises of 19th-century naturalist painter Jules Breton to my simplistic love of vibrant sunsets in the beautiful, tranquil pastoral surroundings of my early childhood. Having a disability (chronic fatigue syndrome) for most of my life—with the limitation and isolation this has brought—has been incredibly challenging.

Life for me has never been easy, with multiple chronic health issues and losing best friends and parents suddenly at various quite early ages. I feel that the resulting emotional fragility from these life-changing experiences has brought strength, sensitivity, and compassion for life which I can feel when I’m painting. Painting abstracts and landscapes— and doing portraits and designs—has been very cathartic for me; my passion and love for the beauty of nature are demonstrated through the energy, movement, intense colours, and striking contrasts in my artwork. Through creating art, I have found a new hope, and the dream of a better future.”




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