Portraits | 3rd – 14th August 2022






3rd  – 14th August


The Brick Lane Gallery, The Annexe– Portraits – 2nd – 15th August 1, 2022

PV: 3rd August 6pm- 8.30pm


Dale Webster @dales_portraits

I recently returned from twelve years living and working in Kenya where I was able to paint portraits of some of the wonderful people I met there. In these paintings I have revisited some of those portraits with a view to amplifying the subjects but on a smaller scale. We are of course huge in relation to ourselves but tiny in relation to the world, hence these small pictures of very large subjects.

Experience presents us with the astonishing brute fact of being alive, the world. Images can show it, and portraits can show it’s receipt, consciousness, what we are.. This is what I try to paint.

And if possible, could you please send me any publicity you may have for the show so that I can help with raising awareness.


Monika Wyrwicka @mw.painting

Monika Wyrwicka was born in 1985 in Więcbork (Poland). She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, in the field of plastic arts at the Faculty of Artistic Education. Monika is a painter, graphic designer and all-round artist. She paints in oil technique, using additional graphic elements – a combination that allows you to present a woman in new, abstract forms. It is a fusion of love for the traditional art of painting with functional graphic design, which the artist deals with on a daily basis. Such an unusual composition emphasises both feminine beauty and sensitivity and women’s strength and prowess. Traditional painting combined with graphic design is the artist’s way of showing the abundant palette of a woman – not only the one in the painting, but also the concept of a woman as is perceived in a broader cultural context.


Nicole Chang @nicole_artwork27

I am an academically trained artist and I hold a BFA from York University. I want to explore women’s struggle, love, and desire, rather than just paint them. The “Armour Prepre” series is trying to depict women’s lust, insecurity and self-identity.


Mauro Parodi @mauroparodicaricaturas

Mauro Parodi, Argentine visual artist, based in Spain, is a visual arts teacher with more than 20 years of experience, having exhibited and been awarded in America and Europe, as a painter, sculptor, portraitist, cartoonist and graphic humorist.

On this occasion he presents a collection of caricatures of classic rock musicians.

“I believe that the caricature brings us closer to art in a fun, dynamic way with infinite possibilities of perception, at the same time it can be committed and deep”

We can see caricatures in cave paintings, in ancient Egypt, in the Renaissance, in the Belle Epoque, in all the history of art up to the present day.

“I propose the exaggeration of people, animals or objects, as a way of remember and remind myself every day, that life is a game, and laughter is the result of play”.


Antony Sandell @tonysandell_digitalart

“I love all characters, whether they be people or animals, and try to depict them in my artwork.”


Patrice Rose @erosestudio

Patrice Rose is a British Contemporary Visual Artist currently based in London. She was born in England to Caribbean parents and spent her early years in Los Angeles, California before migrating back to the UK for the rest of her formal education.

She studied a Degree in Tailoring at London College of Fashion graduating in 2015 and later went on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design at Kingston University, graduating in 2022. Patrice Rose uses imagery to explore narratives about identity, belonging, femininity and cultural norms.

Her practise includes delicate charcoal hand drawings, working with natural materials, ink and print. Her pieces have an illustrative quality influenced by the artist’s background in Tailoring that has further informed her work by focusing on the face and the body form. The use of the colour black while using natural materials has a strong presence in her work.

Patrice Rose describes herself as an ‘Afro-Visual Artist’, embracing African and Caribbean figures to translate her concepts. Her artwork is expressed in various different visual languages, most notably through portraiture.


Marina Nijdeken @marina_nijdeken_painter

 The Netherlands, AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts

I have a wild touch, lively and colorful. My style is expressed in that I only set up parts quite realistically. Over time I notice that the wild artist in me wants to get out and the work automatically becomes more playful and rough



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