Art in Mind | 3rd – 14th August



Art in Mind
3rd – 14th August

Opening Night: 3rd August, 6:00 – 8:30pm




Lauren Jobe @paintingsbylauren2021

Originating from Cornwall in the UK my work is primarily focused on animals and the emotions they can stir in each individual. I am entirely self-taught which in my opinion has allowed me to be more expressive and less constrained to specific techniques. I love to use colour which you will find prevails in my work. A splash of neon here and there on a black or white background, or a vibrancy of colour enveloping the entire piece of art; colour is my thing. I wish to invite my audience to ponder over my works and ask themselves questions about what they see in front of them. I have such immense passion for art and how it speaks to people and hence my ethos is this: – let your imagination be stirred, bring your emotions to the forefront and dare to question the art before you. It gives me such pleasure and joy to create art that I now ask you to seek within it what serves you well.


PJ Riley @pjrileyart 

I’m a trained industrial designer and a totally untrained fine artist with a big imagination. Im hard to categorise…Ive previously designed a plastic spoon for Haagen Dazs and a glass house in Portobello…. I started in painting in 2019 and my first exhibition was Art Innsbruck in 2021 and The Gallery of Caribbean art in Barbados 2022 . Today is my first London Show. Artist Statement “Im Painting the power… “ the paintings may look very different but they are essentially the same thing ; a painting of power. The painting “Birth of an Idea” represents the limitless, though we know now that every idea burns down carbon and cuts down trees , so it carries with it an inherent responsibility to make your idea count. The painting “Mother Nature 1.0/1.1” ( him/her/they ) shows that nature will always respond in ways we cannot predict, as we sit in our loft apartments planning the next start up . I’m sitting here on a rock looking at an age old ficus tree whilst watching a giant mass of sargassum stranding in the bay trying to offset the Nitrogen run off. Its not all bad news of course I’ve tried to illustrate the hope as my mother nature has an Olive Oatman tattoo ( one of the most poignant images of the old west ; Olive was first taken prisoner and then adopted by the Mohave ) a symbol of the possibilities when two ethos collide and survive.


Dirty Kirti @dirtykirti

Art has always been something I was interested in, mainly the Cubism era and Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings. Originally, as a hobby, I would explore drawing the anatomy with fashion, using fabric, paints and various other mediums. Whilst I enjoyed the creativity, I wasn’t ready to pursue art full-time.

In 2018 whilst on a much needed holiday in Vietnam, I realised I wanted a better work/life balance to allow me to pursue my dream of being an artist. I left my job and worked as a freelancer which allowed me to manage my own schedule and find more time to draw and paint. I have since explored various media as well as screen printing, illustrating by hand and digitally, covering everything from geometric life drawings to abstract painting. A couple of years ago on a trip to Hawaii as I sat on a beach watching the sea, the whales and a large turtle. I suddenly found myself seeing the scene made up of a series of geometric shapes and lines which I began to sketch. This style is prominent in most of my work today.

Many of my pieces are of still life captures, parts of my own life experiences, and of those close to me, those whose stories and life have inspired me. I have come across many women in my life who are strong and confident who not only feel empowered themselves but enable and inspire others to feel the same. “


M.A Creative Arts @m.a_creativearts

I’ve spent the last two years turning my pain into a positive. Wanting to help show others there’s a way to rise again through the dark times to reach the positive true self. All my life I’ve struggled to show emotion and have a voice so, as I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t help others. Now I’ve found my voice through art I want to help others and use what I paint as a tool. These things I use in my everyday life to quieten the negative thoughts in my own head so, hopefully you can take something away from them and help on your own journey. It starts with you, don’t think you are not having a positive effect on the world because you are. Your special and loved. Be positive and spread it to others. The way we help our world get better, more positive, is to help ourselves. Clear the weeds from the garden and water it with positivity and love. It starts within.

My paintings tend to be realistic with what I call full flow. For me the full flow part represents the negative erratic emotion/thoughts where the realistic neat part represents the positive calm thoughts. Either way I see, it’s positive, as we learn from the negative thoughts/emotion and grow from them. I tend to use acrylic, oil, fine line pens and now and then epoxy resin.


Miriam Heilgendorff @neuhoferheide

Born and raised in the French sector of Berlin, caught between the wall and transit requirements on the one hand, and the complete political freedom on the other, Miriam Heilgendorff has been painting and sketching as long as she can remember. Feeling confined in the anonymity of a big city, she later moved to the countryside in the Taunus, where she has worked with many different styles of painting.

Miriam prefers to work with acrylic, painting with lively colours and letting primary coats shimmer through, in order to energise or calm the viewer. In her abstract mixed media work, she starts with a structure before intuitively following a particular idea or emotion. Her work attempts to catch moments of inspiration and dynamic.

This collection shows emotions and feelings born from our current times. Firstly, the strong impact of the arts on her life, where she poured the vitality and vigour experienced into the portrayals of both a famous comedian and musician. Then, the confinement through Covid, the eruption of war in the Ukraine, and lastly the current heatwave that’s racing around the globe.


John Gannon @amaranthart1

John is originally from Belfast but has lived in London for many years. He studied art as part of his degree but then went on to work in theatre and teaching. He has returned to full time painting and works from his garden shed, (he made into a studio), at his home in East London. Much of his inspiration is taken from his walks in his local Lloyd Park and bicycle rides through Walthamstow Wetlands and Marshes.

My work is inspired by the natural world and I believe in observation to create structure and composition. I work mostly with oil or acrylics to produce my own unique palette. For me colour and emotion are intrinsically linked as they reflect our mood and feelings. I am passionate about using colours that help to tell a story or set a scene which provides a ‘dreamlike’ quality to my art. For example, I am drawn to working with ‘pathways’ as they tell a story of choice. My love of poetry provides inspiration when it resonates with my imagery.


Vanessa Bentick @vanessa_bentick

Vanessa is a full-time professional artist based in London. Her painting is rooted in traditional representation, whilst also experimenting with the possibilities of paint and the tools she uses. In her practice she depicts a range of subjects but is particularly drawn to creating landscapes of places which are meaningful to her. In her childhood she lived in the Lake District. Those early experiences of walking in the fells left a long-lasting impression on her. Whether applying layers of thick oil paint or broad brush strokes, she strives to represent the feeling of the landscape in her work. Vanessa has trained at London Fine Art Studios, Leith School of Art, and at The Institute of Education, UCL where she gained her PGCE to become a Teacher of Art. Over the years her students have inspired her to challenge herself and to experiment and explore within her practice, which she will always keep at the core of her work.


Steff Jaegemann abstractart_sj

Steff is a British contemporary artist who works with acrylics to create large and textured paintings. Her work has most recently been shown in exhibitions and galleries in Surrey. There are usually several layers to each painting, which are built up to create depth in her work. Notably Steff always includes metallics in each piece to reflect the light and bring her paintings to life.

Steff will be exhibiting a larger collection at the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair in September


Amy Marie Gladding @my_faraway

Amy Marie Gladding, BA Hons Fine art (combined media) born in Suffolk England has exhibited her work locally, nationally and internationally.

Her unique brand of dreamy landscape scenes have been celebrated and shared worldwide by numerous photography magazine, platforms and websites.

Amy works with analogue photography processes merged with art and printmaking methods. Her experimental practice explores the natural world with a focus on landscape. Her images are often made of many layers and get reworked and transformed from their original state.


Bella Sherwani-Keeling @bella_sherwani_keeling

British MA: Contemporary photography and philosophies at Central Saint Martins My practice challenges how I can depict experiences and emotions through play. My Inner child versus reality of life today is expressed through experimentation with visual imagery in and out of the canvas.


Alegria Blue

Born in 1993 in Belgium, Alegria blue has been drawing since she was ten years old. Writing, drawing and the history of art have been part of his main interests from an early age. In fact, it will be art if not nothing! She will develop different means of expression by obtaining a degree in computer graphics, but painting and drawing will remain her primary mediums. Her love for the history of art constantly pushes her to dive into artists’ books. Thus, Van Gogh, Hopper but also Hockney will particularly influence his art. Her diploma in hand, she will reconcile her time between her life as a young mother and painting. Her feminine/vegetal portraits evolve over time towards more realism but always in this incessant search for light, reflection and the beauty of color. Illustration and digital painting will also be part of the techniques that she likes and which push her towards other subjects of reflection. She will exhibit in Brussels, then at the Carrousel du Louvre and is currently advertised in various exhibition venues. Today, Alegria blue favors pictorial work centered on ordinary human heroism. Having grown up with a Congolese community, this proximity still influences his art. In the stillness of the moment and in the hubbub of everyday life, he has such heroic lives that only ask to be told and the first narrator is a face, a look… the reflection of a life.

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