8th – 19th August 2019

Preview: Wednesday 7th August 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, The Annexe | 93-95 Sclater Street | London | E1 6HR





Christo Anto Francis– Christo’s graphic works are simplified depictions capturing individuals in a spontaneous moment. Capturing a still moment laced with the complexity of the individuals story. His works boast beauty, elegance, simplicity and fun with his illustrative style. Christo’s choice of subject is based on his intuition, deciding if individuals have a complex narrative to display through their own persona. Through having this connection with each sitter the works project a myriad of emotion from both the artist and sitter. The portraits are playful but upon closer inspection ensure an abundance of narrative.




 Jouko Hackzell – a Finnish painter b.1980 Jouko’s works combine a historic and traditional style of painting with a modern outlook. His heavy use of symbolism ensures his works promote intrigue and mystery through ghost-like depictions. Jouko is a trained artist of immense talent who not only master’s his subject but also his process and medium; working the paint onto the canvas with rich colours and considered marks.




 Lily ArnoldLily is a young artist from Germany, her works boast ethereal and mystical qualities with her use of elfish subjects prompting the question of reality. The mysterious story of each character or woman is left looming and unanswered with near to no clues on who, what or where they are.

The simplicity of the portraits is soon engulfed by the mystery and enjoyment of placing who these women are and how the artist came to depict them.



 Lola UniverseLola’s illustrations are hand-drawn collages. Her works are full of femininity and power. The portrayed women hold confronting gazes whist adorned in large jewels and bold headdresses. Lola’s works are a direct response to the modern-day woman, no longer do women have to acquire masculine traits in order to be seen as powerful or strong. Women of 2019 can embrace their innate femininity.

“I wanted to show strong female figures, all different but all full of confidence and self-love. Creating these images is my way of questioning female beauty standards, and an encouragement to celebrate all shapes, colours and forms”



Monica Jimeno Arte – Monica’s portraits combine street-style with her own concise message. The pieces are vibrant, bold and full of energy, outlining the journey of each character depicted. Her pop culture references resonate with her innate ability to capture the essence of someone, the deviancies and the subtle angelic looks. It is important to Monica to immerse herself in the story of the person she is painting to ensure she captures their soul in the still image. Each portrait emits a unique tone and energy. Spontaneous flicks of bright paint around the canvas intensify the energy of each piece.



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