8th – 19th August 2019

Preview: Wednesday 7th August 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA





Brigitte Ali Brigitte, an artist of French/Italian heritage, moved to London in the 1980s where her interest in art remained an on-going passion. For this exhibition Brigitte is displaying two collages that are in direct response to pieces of music. She has combined her love for art and music by creating watercolour and mixed media pieces en plein air. She explores the themes and duality of nature and music with images of climate change that she believes need to be seen and recorded.



Kelvin Jenkins – Over many years Kelvin developed a distinctive visual language that incorporates many disparate ideas within one picture. The subject matter might be autobiographical, political or a stream of consciousness. Given his design background, there is a strong graphic element to the work and, more recently, his exposure to children’s art has added an interesting new direction.


“My current preference is of large, highly detailed drawings, using combinations of pictograms. Text and colour have also started to appear, and among other things, my work has been informed by: found objects, semiotics, paleolithic rock art, children’s art and broken patterns. Hopefully a sense of humour is also evident. Each picture will usually have some elements that carry over to the next piece of work, as if the individual pieces are part of a continuum. The ability to sustain a ‘rhythm’ to the work over many months is vital. Improvised music might be an interesting comparison, where there is an overarching schema within which there is substantial room for spontaneity. The physical act of drawing is important – making a unique self-contained work might, to some extent, be a reaction to my digital work. The two criteria I have for a successful picture are: Is it interesting?; and Can I own it? With each work my aim is to surprise myself.”



Melissa FolletMelissa’s passion for art comes from an innate desire to connect with people, she wants her works to form an immediate intimacy for the viewer. By depicting the nude body she hopes to capture an unfiltered reaction; her works confront the viewer with their raw honesty and yet subtle tenderness.

“Everyone has sex at some point, it is human nature, why hide it? Some will find this series “Corps sages” (or «wise bodies») too bold, too indecent and they will be surprised, maybe embarrassed. Others will shudder and have sexual, even fleshly, thoughts or they will reminisce the feeling of pleasure.”



Russ SnedkerAn intense passion for art and photography has fused Russ’s talents into creating surrealist imagery of his chosen subjects. He likes to mix figurative realism and intense graphite detail in his latest pieces.


Russ is a European artist born and educated in Dorset. He has exhibited in Dubai and the UK over the last few years with many personal and corporate commissions. He lived in Dubai for 11years working as a photographer and artist before coming back to the UK in 2015. He works from his studio in Bridport, West Dorset.



Nanou Jacobs – Nanou’s drawings are inspired by nature and landscapes. Her work is all about exploring, observing and recording what is in front of her. She prefers life drawing and en plein air as methods for her practice but it is the dynamics and skill of drawing that interest her most. The movement , sound, feeling and the process of making rather than the outcome. Her work has an element of spontaneity that starts with experimental, accidental or blind drawings.


Nanou b.1965 lives and works in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

She studied arts at the Academy of Fine Arts , Department Drawing in Arendonk ( Belgium).



Gemma NorrisGemma’s works are a celebration of the female form and how it is depicted through art and fashion. Her works are both accurate and stylized ensuring we see the depicted women through the gaze of the artist.

Gemma studied Fine Art at Falmouth University.


“ I am a feminist artist that captures the female form through fashion drawing or draw from life. I use a lot of ink and charcoal. The viewer feels a felt emotion from the figure I portray.

I work small and detailed and enjoy the types of women I create in this Modernity Era of Post-Feminism.”