28th November – 9th December 2019

Preview: Wednesday 27th October 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93 – 95 Sclater Street, E1 6HR










Becca Barron – Becca is an English artist from the North West, currently in her final year at Leeds Arts University, studying for a degree in Fine Art. Becca is inspired by her red Cockapoo called Bella, nature and the wildlife she is surrounded by at home in Preston, Lancashire. Becca’s house overlooks fields often full of cows during the summer months, with the occasional deer emerging from nearby woodland. For many years, She has worked on pet portraiture on a commission basis and has recently started to draw wildlife. Becca is a huge animal lover and enjoys capturing the characters of her clients’ pets in each drawing.


“My practice is focused around animals and household pets. I specifically emphasise the facial characteristics, so the viewer has a sense of the animal’s personality, especially with dogs/cats, whilst acquiring a sense of the animal’s gaze. I predominantly use coloured pencils on paper, keeping the backgrounds plain, in order for the viewer to see the individual subject, for the beautiful creature it is, without any other visual distractions. The process can be long, as I take time building up layers to achieve a high level of intricacy in every fine detail of the portrait, from capturing the reflection of light in the eyes, to the last wispy hair of the fur. Essentially, I love to see the animal come to life on my page. The relationship between owner and pet is something truly special. Connection between man and animals within art carries hundreds of years of interesting history. My work is contemporary, holding onto an element of realism, whilst contributing to the ever-growing popularity of animal portraiture in our current conceptual driven, abstract, fine art world.”




Elisabeth Hölz – Born in the south of Germany at the Lake of Constance, Elisabeth, since childhood, has always enjoyed finding things and keeping them as treasures. Now living in an old barn in an area, called ‘Allgäu’ Elisabeth spends her time taking daily walks with her dogs along the river in which she always ends up finding old interesting objects along her way which she uses to make collages, art boxes and objects. This is how she finds her inspiration.


Elisabeth paints with acrylic paint and at the center of her depiction is man, often connected with all kinds of animals. “They both are a big part of my life and in my work, because I’m always thinking about how human beings are treating animals.

I’ve attended many different art workshops in my time including portraits, still life and anatomic drawings hosted by a Russian artist from St. Petersburg.”


Elisabeth has been involved in numerous exhibitions since 2005 in the south and north of Germany.


Hannah Miller – Hannah was trained in Art and Design at Colchester Institute. Over time she has become increasingly interested in how used materials can be recycled as part of the process of creating a piece of art. Pallets in particular can provide a mellow, seasoned ‘canvas’. Looking for a medium to express her work, Hannah found that pyrography, the age-old technique of burning images onto wood, complements the timber well and is also perhaps unexpectedly expressive.

Her pieces display a sparsity of line, coupled with subtle shading, through which she brings real life and soul to facial expression. She has raised pyrography to a new level through her fresh approach to portraiture. Her style is contemporary and urban and her latest works feature iconic figures of the music and film industries. Hannah also accepts commissions on a variety of themes, subject to discussion.



Jason Bryant – In a Re-imagined modern city scape, the beautiful stylized grace of old Hollywood glamour comes back to life on the walls of buildings, bridges and as a journey with 4 Days with Greta is experienced.


“For the past year I’ve been working on a new body of work for a very exciting exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery in London. The series I’m exhibiting is titled “ 4 Days with Greta” and it is branching off from my Merging icons series. I’m still incorporating old Hollywood glamour, but infusing it with modern cityscapes, imagining what a mural would look like if I designed it; A photo realistic painting of an idealized mural.”






Marja-Ritta Vuorela – Marja-Ritta is a Finnish artist and studied Philosophy at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. She works as a Journalist.

Her most recent exhibition was held at the ‘Ars Nova Botnica’ in the summer of 2019.

Marja’s art works are pastel and charcoal on paper. Her portraits are based on photos and each one of them has its own individual personality, which is why she chose the titles.




  1. Gutierrez Armas –



Clement Nwafor – Clement is an award winning Nigerian Artist who has exhibited both locally and internationally (Like Mind Shows – Nigeria, Art for Peace – Turkish Embassy Abuja, Tambo Studio/gallery exhibition Montana USA and Solo exhibitions Africana, Ankara & Beauty and Anya)

Clement uses a mix of local fabric and oil on canvas to create powerful pieces of art and uses his style of painting to show the world the beauty of Africa.


“Self-identification is a very important thing in the world, we all need to see the beauty and strength of Africa, fusing local fabrics to my painting have helped me to achieve that.”






Silviu Bitculescu – Silviu is a Romanian artist who studied Design and Architecture in his hometown of Craiova. He is a self-taught digital artist and started exhibiting in Craiova at the age of 12.


The title of the exhibition is Nostalgia. It is inspired by the following quote from the television series Mad Men:

“Nostalgia –it’s delicate but potent. It is a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone. It takes us to a place where we ache to go again.”

-Don Draper