14th – 25th November

Preview: Wednesday 13th October 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA




Taneal Barber – Barber uses a variety of techniques and mediums, including acrylic and impasto to capture the different textures and depths of the scenery in which she lives

“My series ‘Australiana’ comprises of three pieces that I believe are the foundation of my home Australia, with an abstract twist.

As a nursing student I use painting as a creative outlet from daily stressors and a way to express part of myself in a way that words cannot. The earth and its surroundings, or my moods and current predicaments inspire most of my work.

Inspiration for this series is all in the name, ‘Tanami’ one of Australia’s greatest deserts known for its rocky terrain and gold mines, ‘Gondwana’ a world heritage listed subtropical rainforest and home to many endangered species, and ‘Coolangatta’ a small coastal town with stunning ocean views.”



Chan Oi Ying – Oi Ying is inspired and attracted by the simplicity, subtlety, and the abstract marks of traditional Chinese Calligraphy and ink paintings. The concept of Chinese art and abstract expressionism is similar. Oi Ying aims to project her spirit and personality with the use of expressive marks and tone. She believes as long as her pieces reflect her own uniqueness she imagines the inner message will become clear as if the viewer and artist are connected through the work.

Oi Ying creates her pieces at her dining table in Hong Kong, she wants her works to emphasise the versatility of how an artist can work and what a high end piece of art can be.




Doris Minter – Light is the centre-piece of this body of work entitled “On Reflection”.

Doris is a German national who has enjoyed living in the UK for over 27 years. Her works give rise to interesting effects, glowing and coming “alive” as light bounces off the reflective media. By moving around the work, the viewer can experience different effects, the media sometimes giving the illusion of being three-dimensional. Her work is varied, but always beautiful and sparkly. All paintings are for sale and commissions are welcome.



Cathy G – Cathy paints to capture nature, her love of the process and medium is highlighted with her skilled approach. She loves to paint tormented landscapes, spectacular clouds for their diversity and strength, the uncontrollable nature that constantly changes, electrifies and soothes her at the same time.

Abstract art gives her the freedom to translate her own feelings.

This encounter with the surrounding elements is what she likes to paint most.

“I dedicate my paintings to my father, who gave me the rigor and patience to achieve something beautiful.”

Cathy defines herself more as an art craftswoman rather than a classic painter. Cathy is French and has spent most of her life living abroad. This sparked her curiosity in the Arts and new cultures; encouraging her to keep an open mind with every new experience encountered.

Through her travels, Cathy discovered in her a true passion for the art of “creation”; starting with drawing, interior designing, furniture restoration, to eventually discover and find great pleasure in oil painting. In the beginning, Cathy focused on a more representational approach to her paintings but gradually found herself drifting away from the concrete and towards the abstract; something which allowed her creativity to truly flourish into what you will see in this collection.



Chahat GuptaBorn 1994 in India, Chahat is a Mixed Media Artist. Chahat’s artworks are a fusion of gestural and geometrical abstraction solely based on intuitions. Her paintings are process oriented where various tools such as spatulas, rollers, rulers, foam, needles and fingers apply various layers of paint and textures. The layers of paint are repeated significantly and left raw in some areas to create a heavily concrete surface and interesting spaces in the work. Gestures are repeated to create colour illusions to communicate a sense of harmony, contrast and movement in the painting. Chahat’s works are inspired from her experiences, observations of day-to-day life, travel, fashion, nature and adhere to the essential elements of art such as form, line, colour, composition, movement, etc. Often these stimulations are fabricated together in the form of colour and abstraction. Her works are unplanned and allow the paintings to take their own course. It is an exact uncertainty, an unsolvable mystery becoming a record of the moments; navigating and defining an intermediate space between the outer and the inner. The mystic depth in Chahat’s paintings is to engage the viewers to have a critical dialogue about their perception of her art and to create inquisitiveness as to what is the foreground and the background.



Gorka Arraras Iraola – After a demanding career and suffering the loss of his father Gorka has felt an innate need to express herself through art. His use of bright colour emphasises the fluidity of the bold brush strokes. Gorka aims to reflect the battle to create and maintain beauty whilst also addressing the fundamental message within his work. Gorka’s paintings are in response to the final years before his father passed away; the vibrant and illusive swirls suggesting an untamed journey, beautiful yet uncontrollable.



Charlie Smith –Charlie’s works are significantly inspired by the styles and movements of the 20th Century. From modern British, Constructivism and the Vorticists movements, the flow of images and angles from the Machine Age to the Russian Supremacists. Charlie’s pictures carry compositions that work on the balance of form and shape, with their association alongside colour, tone and grey scale.

Born in Suffolk in 1969, Charlie has absorbed art from an early age and is a self-taught artist.





Qvist Art – Maria Qvist is a self-taught abstract artist based in Sweden.

These paintings are inspired by the stillness Maria finds in nature’s raw form. Her use of earthy tones and vast expanses of shape emphasises her desire to reflect nature’s organic structure. The simplistic approach to colour allows the expressive marks to become an element of intrigue and importance to the piece’s depiction.




Sophia Hyun – Sophia is an abstract artist whose faith ignites her work. As a Korean American raised in South America her art has been influenced by the many cultures she has explored. She has a deep fascination with the multifaceted nature of the human spiritual experience and this expression transfer to her art.

“My paintings are inspired by music, nature, travel, and meditation. In my years of experience as a designer, I developed an affinity for color, texture, and composition. My technique involves a harmonious blending of forms and layers with in-the-moment intuitive expression and the integration of a variety of materials. My intention is to create a beautiful experience for my viewers. Each painting represents an exploration of the contents of my heart and soul. I hope that each viewer will discover his or her own personal interpretation of my art.”




Aisha Hussein ShariffeAisha’s abstract pieces evoke tranquility yet their dark tones and illusive marks add an element of intrigue. With a similar colour palette to that of Chagall there is a feeling of other worldliness despite the pieces being void of distinctive shapes. With colour combinations such as blood red and electric blue your eye is encouraged to dance upon the surface and scan the work to discover each and every mark.

Aisha is a Sudanese Artist whom studied Interior Design and works with both paint and textiles.



Kym Tabulo In this selection of works, Kym combines her fascination with abstract art and vibrant comics to generate energetic graphic artworks. This technique begins with her drawings and paintings, which are digitally manipulated and finished. The subject matter of each one is a blend of two original art works; hence the title of the series is Dynamic Duo. Also when you look into the images you can see the Chinese symbol for double happiness and the French curve shapes, which are used to represent love and harmony. The overall theme of the series is dynamism, to reference the era of comics that includes the adventures of the dynamic duo – Batman and Robin. Kym creates these bespoke hypnotic designs as a way to entice others to look into the work, and to see if they can discover something more about themselves in words or feelings. Even if the words are – Holy Happiness Batman!

Dr Kym Tabulo is an abstract art scholar, practitioner and teacher from Australia. Her abstract comics works and essays can be found in international publications.