Portrait Art | 1st – 12th March



Portrait Art

1st – 12th March 2023

Preview Night: 1st March, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Roger Liley



Roger Liley is an English artist born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1951. He studied at Leek School of Art and Stoke-on-Trent School of Art gaining 1st-class honours. He attended Chelsea Collage of Art Open Studio, and more recently The Heatherley School of Fine Art, London. After a successful career in design, Roger is now working as a full-time artist.

Roger captures the positive inner spirit of his subjects, who include celebrities, politicians, family and friends. His interest in contemporary portraits began in the 1970s inspired by the work of David Hockney, first seen at the Walker Art Gallery, in Liverpool. Two recent works have been acquired by Soho House, Shoreditch in addition to several private commissions.


Anna Hopfensberger


Anna Hopfensberger, originally from Munich, Germany, is a contemporary artist whose work is extremely multifaceted, where segment lines are blended and innovative. Her narrative is fluent, critical, thought-provoking and provocative, a tribute to various political and social aspects. Hopfensberger’s pieces present themselves as free and stripped-down work, where she presents her characters with projection and life in the movement of the brushes. The artist, has her own language, even if the characters are inanimate, the painting reveals itself as alive with human nature revealed in the harmony of the expressions, colours and firm traits.

Hopfensberger established her trademark in a personalized way revealing beauty by breaking the paradigms of fine art and extolling the beauty. A combination of figurative, cartoon and pop art with memories of Fauvism.


Natalie Chapman


I am a Welsh artist based in Ceredigion. I have had solo shows in MOMA Wales and had my work brought by the National Library of Wales as part of their collection. I was listed for the Ruth Borchard self-portrait award and shortlisted for BBC1 Intimate portraits. I paint portraits that engage with identity and social documentary—dealing with issues around women’s rights and dysfunctional relationships.  I want my work to feel edgy and to seduce the viewer into contemplating ambiguous tension, a sense of emptiness, boredom, and anxiety. These works are on large canvases to create presence and intensify personal stories using gritty expressions and garish colours. I want to create images of human relationships that are both dysfunctional and tender.


Abigail Chua


Photography in the now captures moments that have passed before it is seen by someone many miles away by someone we don’t know; instances lost. Photography in the now speak instantly to the world a reminiscence through transitions of time and place. Photography in the now draws the image one creates distant yet intimate.  The audience grasps a colour, a sight that sparks the other senses which illicit a memory before it disappears. Whether it is an electric image captured during a rainstorm reminiscent of a fizzy pop drink or a homage to a famous artist Jean-Michel Basquiat captured through a fleeting silhouette of a boy running to school by the power lines and the gritty graffitied streets of New York City or the aftermath of city life coming out of a pandemic “Photography in the now” remembers what future might be… a storytelling of memories.


Piedad Manchón


“My artwork flows between portrait and landscape, but I feel more identified with portrait. Even when I am painting landscapes, I feel them as I am creating a portrait of the environment. I am interested in capturing everything around me; expressions and feelings that I translate into my paintings. My work is an emotional language, that comes from the inside to the outside of my mind and heart. I like to investigate different techniques and processes, but sometimes I like to go back to basics with charcoal and oil painting.”


Joe Barrow


Joe Barrow is an emerging figurative artist based in North London whose work explores communication and the limits of language. Within his paintings, figures seem unable to speak and must rely on emotions to express their feelings. Joe’s pictures are created using a form of automatic painting, they start with random gestural marks which are sketched onto the canvas, and through a process of addition and removal, form into familiar shapes and feelings. Stories and characters develop in an organic dreamlike manner shaping into the final painting. Joe is a graduate of the Art Academy London (Contemporary Portraiture) and he regularly exhibits and sells his work in the capital.


Christian Allison


Art is inspirational and sensational. It is my own way of saying things beyond what words can express. My style of art; Hyper realism aims at depicting strong human emotions, life experiences and tales centred primarily on African culture.


Lee-Anne Brady


Lee-Anne Brady combines her love of digital media and traditional painting techniques in her portrait paintings. Her artwork is hand-crafted with the use of a professional Wacom tablet and pen. The challenge of working with human faces in meticulous detail is what inspires and motivates the artist. Lee-Anne aims to depict realism in her portraits while still creating a sense of texture and movement through her brushwork.

Lee-Anne Brady is an artist from Cavan, Ireland. She received her BA in Visual Communication in 2012 and PME in Art and Design Education in 2014. Lee-Anne has exhibited in Dublin and her hometown Cavan.


Nikki Gerak


I was born and raised in Hungary where I studied Fine art and Ceramic design at the School of Art, Nyiregyhaza. In 2021 I graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London in Design. My artistic process is organic and intuitive, I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and mediums. In addition to my artwork, I love incorporating rubber stamping and short phrases into my work. I find that adding these elements to my paintings gives them an extra layer of meaning and helps to define the subjects I am painting. My style is quirky and fun and I love using vivid, bold colours to capture the essence of my subjects. Currently, I am living in London.



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