Art in Mind | 15th – 26th March

Art in Mind

Art in Mind | 15th – 26th March 2023

Preview Night: 15th March, 6:00 – 8:30pm


10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday

12 – 6pm Sunday



Anthony Mundy


Mundy’s solvent prints are a translation of the art of ascension and reincarnation of self, producing romantic and interpersonal ways of seeing sense during turbulent times. Other subjects of hedonistic behaviour and his battle with “emotional incapacity” are also seen through a collation of self-shot photography, drawings, and diagrams, while also using select cuttings of found footage of the everyday.

Mundy studied MA Information Experience Design at the RCA.


Anya Pesce


Anya Pesce is represented by .M Contemporary Gallery in Sydney, Australia and FHE Galleries, New Zealand, although she has exhibited internationally.

Anya Pesce is an Australian born, Sydney based artist. Her practice explores concepts of contemporary painting, with a focus on surface as the external skin that embodies the themes explored in her work. These themes include material, embodiment, and excess.


Jo Gough


Whether it’s abstract, figurative, floral and everything in between Jo wants to provoke an emotion with her art to take the viewer to another place.

A UK based artist; Jo primarily works with acrylic paint applied to canvas. Her use of colour layering, and texture creates a sense of unique depth and her sunny disposition is reflected in her artwork resulting in a joyful body of work.

After 30 years working in Local Government, Jo started painting professionally in 2017 when she realised, she could earn a living doing what she loved. Her work has travelled as far as Australia, Canada, and America. She is represented by several galleries in Cornwall, The Art Group, Portfolio cards and has a unique animal range sold at Chester Zoo.

“I am excited to showcase my works in the gallery and develop my branding and business portfolio over 2023”.


Jacob Monk


Collision:The Collision collection investigates how colours interact with each other. Hand-dyed threads are individually manipulated when being wound onto the loom to create an exaggerated gradient and clash between colours. This gives a sense of spontaneous movement in contrast to the ordered block structure.


Snow W.


Siberian born diverse digital and traditional artist. My name is Snow.

“They call me a Dark Sorceress… well, I suppose it’s true. I’m a creative and passionate artist with 5+ years of freelance experience who has been loving to draw and create since childhood. I have worked with influential bloggers, writers, and musicians all over the world, and exhibited work in Tokyo, New York, and Russian cities.

In my works, I usually express my own life experience like emotions, memories, or lessons I go through in a metaphorical and imaginary, sometimes spiritual way, so every piece of art has a personal story behind it, whether it’s a digital or traditional artwork.


Mara Thelling


Mara Thelling was born in Leipzig, Germany, and grew up in an artistic environment. She studied Culture Management at the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, as well as Pop Music in Musical Education with a focus on pop singing at the Federal Academy for Musical Youth Education in Trossingen, a program led in cooperation with the Popakademie Mannheim (University of Popular Music and Music Business). Beginning in 2023, she is pursuing art studies with Prof. Markus Lüpertz at the Kolbermoor Academy of Visual Arts. Mara Thelling has been a freelance artist, writer, and musician since 2017. She lives with her family in Düsseldorf and by Lake Constance in southern Germany.

Mara Thelling’s work, which encompasses painting, performance, music, and literature, delves into existential questions of our era: true love, eternal life, artificial intelligence, the apocalypse, time and time travel, everyday thoughts and the process of self-discovery and personal development. The inspiration for all her artistic processes and the basis of her work is the lucid dreams she’s been having since a near-death experience in 2010.

Lucid dreams are a phenomenon wherein the dreamer is aware she is dreaming and can make decisions within the dream. Upon awakening, the dreamer remembers the dream in perfect detail and can, for example, make use of the experiences for her art. Thelling uses lucid dreaming to gain ideas for her novels, images, and songs. Once she has created a foundational work like a novel or poem, she expands upon it with corresponding large format works on canvas in oil or acrylics. She supplements her paintings and literary works by composing, arranging, and singing unique pop songs.


Ant Pearce


Ant is a British artist, based between London and Vienna. He attended Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, after which he studied the MA Visual Arts course at Camberwell College of Arts, graduating with Merit in late 2012. His work continues to be exhibited and collected in London, Europe, and the US.

Ant Pearce’s practice focuses on the fragility of life, drawing on human psychology. Through a web of cross-references between medium and form, the viewer is positioned in discourse between order and chaos before each work. The series focuses on the process of repair, while exploring ideas related to consciousness and awareness.


Anna Giakoumakatou


Anna Giakoumakatou is 20 years old and was born in Greece. She is currently studying visual arts and including this show, has taken part in four exhibitions in Greece, Italy and the UK.

The work I am presenting is called “Starry Town” and is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. I respect art from the original artists, and I get inspired by their work every time I create. I believe that we should educate ourselves on art of the past and then proceed with the creation of our own modern art. Using movement and thick colour was my main element of creation for this painting. I enjoyed finding myself in the field of a specific piece of art that has been created over and over again through the years.


Darren Rumley (One Artisan)


“I started out drawing and painting which moved then into painting murals, I later advanced into interior design. I moved in to sculpture a few years ago and used concrete as the main material. It is normally seen as an ugly building material, but it can be much more and surprisingly tactile and beautiful. My work is now mainly functional, like my wood and concrete tables which use locally sourced wood to create stunning centrepieces.”




Rolyn Perez is from Havana and graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Cuba. San Alejandro is an artist who works in a variety of media. By experimenting with aleatoric processes, Rolyn touches various overlapping themes and strategies. Several reoccurring subject matter can be recognised, such as the relation with popular culture and media.



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