Photography Now and Landscape Exhibition 10th – 21st November

Photography Now and Landscape Exhibition

10th – 21st November

Private view: 10th November r 6pm – 8:30pm


The Brick Lane Gallery
216 Brick Lane | London | E1 6SA




Captured by Judith

Photography has always been a passion of mine, but I never really had enough time for it. After I moved from The Netherlands to London mid 2019, I got myself a new camera and wanted to make as many memories during our stay in London as possible. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to follow my dream, taken several courses to improve my technique and started Captured by Judith. Street photography is my absolute favorite. I love walking or cycling through London and be surprised by the unexpected sceneries you come across. You only have to open your eyes and look around to see and capture them.


Kasra Karimi

Kasra Karimi is a British-Iranian award-winning filmmaker, painter, fine art, and astronomy photographer based in London. His series of deep space photos (known as astrophotography) are very much about capturing the light itself, every photon of it. They were all taken by Kasra in the UK with a telescope, camera, and a sky tracker. Thanks to hours of exposure time for each photo, intensive planning, and cutting-edge technology, Kasra is able to capture these deep space targets that are hundreds, thousands, and even millions of light years away from us, photons that have travelled a mind numbingly long distance to reach his camera.


Georgie Peel

The emotional aspect of my work is as crucial to me as the visual one. It is important for me to imagine what the subject is feeling and thinking. I wonder where they have arrived from, where they are going and what has happened along the way. I want to express the essence of that story or that feeling in a still image.

I title all my images with song lyrics to complete the story.


Jesse Lezama

Jesse Lezama is a UK based figurative painter from Swansea. Born in Trinidad & Tobago to a young West Indian couple who shortly after migrated to Britain, Jesse found great purpose early on in depicting the life around him.

“Beauty is important and people need it in their lives. I like my work to exude a kind of peace. I like a painting to be quiet, absorbing; something that hangs on your wall and holds a sense of balance in the back of your mind when you walk by.”


Lina Umana

I was born in Philadelphia, Penn USA but I’ve lived in Colombia since I was 4 years old.

I studied Industrial Design at UJTL, Bogotá and did different art courses in Boston, Paris and Colombia.

My work covers different moments and topics, like vegetation, the aquatic world, lace, signs and symbols. Last year (2020) I started the new series of WINDOWS – here I capture the detail of the landscapes, each tree, flower and fruit with calligraphy. I complete the work by including the technique names in different languages.


Melissa Rey

Melissa Rey is a British/Turkish self-taught artist, living and working in the UK. Her work is a tribute to the restorative, healing properties of nature. The product is an abstract portrayal of the calloused, peeling layers of bark, and the underlying soft tree trunks with their perfectly disordered patterns. Moreso, Melissa’s work captures a feeling: the solace of the natural world, which has been a consistent source of rejuvenation and healing for her. She reflects the essence of walking amid the trees, finding connectedness and synchronicity within nature. Melissa hopes her artwork reflects the same feeling of presence and peacefulness that the natural world provides.



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