CONTEMPORARY PAINTING 27th October – 7th November

Contemporary Painting Exhibition

27th October – 7th November

Private view: 27th October 6pm – 8:30pm

Brick Lane Gallery 216 Brick Lane | London | E1 6SA





Matthieu Livrieri @matthieu.livrieri

Matthieu Livrieri (b. in Grenoble, France 1999) testifies to his own life. By considering that life is art, he uses his personal experiences to create a testimony of his time through painting. The distorted spaces by a specific view, by the colors and the severe and strict lines allowing him to directly impact the mind of the viewer and to give a vivid and raw idea. His painting practice establishes a dialogue with his practice of drawing. These spaces depend on the first image, on the significant power and on a individual and heterogeneous of our field of view.
He is an artist who have already exhibited in different art fairs and gallery in Paris, Grenoble, Montpellier in France and soon in Brussels, Belgium.


Aida Golzadeh

Iranian, conceptual Artist and Performer, public relations manager.

Photographer: Reza Afshar

All artworks are inspired by my own feelings and personal life.

form, colour, line, texture, pattern, composition and process play an important role in abstract art.

Rather than trying to figure out the painting, let your eyes relax and see what emotions emerge.

And these are the elements and qualities through which the mental and emotional side of domestic violence being explored in this body of work.

The emotional effects of domestic violence, the inner pain, anxieties are the main themes explored here.

The situation changed once you decided to end the relationship

You will need time to heal the hurts.

You deserve to be treated with respect.

Patriarchal Society


Sevda Uykan @sevdauykan

Sevda Uykan is a contemporary artist. She was born into a Yugoslavian/Serbian family in 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey. She grew up in two diverse cultures. Sevda moved to UK and lives in the UK. Sevda is into art and psychotherapy. Many of her paintings have some concepts of psychotherapy.Her paintings are acrylic on canvas, often adding pieces of embroidery. In her paintings she mostly focuses on women. She gives power and freedom to women in her paintings. Paintings:
1)Vitiligo : It is made to take attention to the skin condition caused by the lack of melanin pigments.
2)Blossom: Acrylic on canvas combined with embroidery. We all have scars. We are not responsible for our trauma, but we’re responsible for our healing. 3)Honeycomb: Acrylic on canvas combined with embroidery. It is to show importance of bees in human life. As Einstein said “if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left”. 4)African : A portrait of an African lady. The head scarf is made of embroidery. 5)Mr Hazir. : A portrait of a man. The tie is made of embroidery.
6) The Blue Jumper : A painting of a happy girl. The jumper part is made of embroidery.


Clarissa Russel @clarissa.artist

Clarissa is an English artist who studied at the Slade School of Fine Art under William Coldstream and at UCL for an ATD. She has exhibited widely across the UK and abroad including at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and The Pastel Society. Originally from London, she is now based in Hampshire where she is a full-time artist.

The subject matter tends to first dictate the size and materials used in my work. I am regularly inspired by the natural world and this series of paintings reflects the familiar pastoral backdrop of Hampshire and the light changes throughout the seasons that course through it. I work quickly to capture the changing illuminations and channel the emotion it invokes in me as I transpose it, intuitively using not only brushes but rags and even balls of paper as implements to capture a mood and the energy and movement to the composition. Even though a landscape may appear deceptively static, it will always be pulsing and ruffled by unseen wildlife, breezes, and at the constant mercy of weather patterns.


Maurice Van Tilburg @mauricevantilburg

Maurice van Tilburg-Glimne is both awarded conceptual artist and executive in finance and technology.

Maurice has as a conceptual artist a.o. been nominated as finalist of the Global Art Awards in 2017 and won 2nd prize at the Amsterdam International Art Fair in 2019.

“Drawing has always been my passion, addiction and a way to create ‘my own world’. Whenever I face challenges in work and life I try to explore, understand and transform these challenges into a way of art-making. And internalise the learning while making the art works.

The drawings exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery are part of a concept that relates to the recent challenges on how Covid 19 has changed my and our consumption. And the massive amount of shipping and wrapping paper used. This triggered the #ArtUpcycle concept that will be exhibited, where I use wrapping paper and packaging to make expressive drawings, often using the specific shape of the paper as an inspiration.


DARU @daru­­­­_art_29.09

DARU is the pseudonym of Daniela Rugulo, an italian lawyer who actually realizes the paintings, during the evening and night hours. DARU is inspired exclusively by what she feels, expressing on canvas all her emotionality, and what she has seen in the many places where she lived.

This her first time her art works are physically exposed outside of Italy (there has neen two digital exposition in Korea and in France) where she permanently exposes in Milan and Rome.


Dominic Moore @dominicmoore_art

Dominic Moore is a self-taught contemporary artist from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Moore has been painting for over 10 years.

Moore’s work is inspired by wildlife and nature, with primary focus on big cats. The aim is to bring you, the audience, closer to the world’s top predators and draw your mind to the natural wonders of the world that we are so often alienated from. With Moore’s original artwork, you will experience the exclusivity of being face to face with animals you may never encounter in their natural habitats.

Moore’s work is bold and striking. He draws your attention to each animal through their captivating expressions, and transmits the emotion of the animal into the painting using a range of techniques that include blending realism with abstract elements and washes of colour. His intention, to personify the animals through emotion enabling each painting to create an undeniable connection with you.


Hanna Will @hannawillw

Hanna Will, a painter based in New York, explores expressionistic fluidity of esoteric realms. She is a natural colorist seeking to capture a paradox of an elusive element of the moment where the inner and the outer meet.

“I am inspired by nature and mundane, a universal language that speaks to me.

I see the process of painting as an alchemical and poetic expression.

My paintings are like open-ended alchemical equations where I as an artist become part of this equation. “

Birds are magical as the subject. Their movement is a delightful dance of messages…


Benjamin Cockett @benjamin_cockett

Benjamin Cockett is an artist living and working in Vauxhall, South Central London, making semi abstract paintings in oil on linen and watercolour on paper. He completed his Meister-schuhler at Dusseldorf Academy in 1996 under Professor Janis Kounellis, having been awarded the D.A.A.D. Stipendium for two years as well as a B.A Honours from The Slade School of Art, London in 1991. In 1993 he had his first solo exhibition at Galerie Weber; Munster, Germany and on his return to the U.K. was selected to exhibit two paintings in ‘Fraternise,’ at Beaconsfield Gallery; Vauxhall in 2011, alongside the leading British artists of his generation. His vividly coloured paintings celebrate personal memories and dreams through deeply considered painterly gestures, referencing the legacy of twentieth century painting from Munch to Richter.

The Myth of The Submarine II, 2020, is a reflection on memory and loss. Seeing what I thought was a fast travelling periscope, off the point at Dungeness, on the Kent coast of England, the painting is a recovery of a moment when the past resurfaces. Three periscopes cut the surface, crucifix’s weeping for the profound loss of life suffered by submariners during the war years, into the depths of the ocean, a mass grave, with the looming military threat still ever present.

Cormorant With Eel, 2007, was painted in watercolour on collage after a detailed study of life on the river Thames in Vauxhall where the Cormorants often dive deep for eels. The newspaper collage echoes the constructed world of commerce creating a dynamic between the man-made environment and the ancient, natural world.


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