LANDSCAPES: RURAL VS URBAN 3rd –16th July 2018

Landscape Exhibition

Landscape Exhibition


3rd –16th July 2018

Preview: Wednesday 4th July 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93-95 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR




Artists throughout the History of Western Art have depicted landscape scenes, however before around the Seventeenth Century landscapes were relegated to the background of portraits or history painting. Since then, artists begun to paint landscapes for their own sake, and contemporary artists use the genre in a variety of different interesting ways. Landscapes: Rural vs Urban presents a selection of different artists who approach the genre in different ways. From empty cityscapes to light infused London skylines through to entirely abstract landscapes, the artists in this eclectic group exhibition are united by their desire to present a thought provoking, and exciting landscape scene. The exhibition opens on Wednesday the 4th July at 6pm.


Gabriel Alvarez is a painter influenced by the colours of his native Mexico and personal experiences as well as subconscious thoughts. His landscape work uses bold, vibrant colours and free flowing design to lead the eye on a tour of the canvas.

Born and raised in Mexico City he became a painter at an early age. He subsequently moved to London where he has now lived for almost 40 years. Gabriel trained with the distinguished Mexican artist Castro Pacheco in Mexico City and has been inspired and influenced by Tamayo, Appel, Kokoschka and Rothko. Throughout Gabriel’s art career he has exhibited at many respected galleries, beginning with the Diffusion Cultural at the Autonomous University of Mexico where he first showcased his vibrant and emotive paintings. His first solo exhibition in London took place at Etty’s Gallery in central London followed by another at Mary McGowan’s, Leighton House and The Santa Fe Gallery amongst others. Gabriel is a plastic surgeon with a busy private practice in Hertfordshire and London and a part time appointment in University College Hospital London. Gabriel insists he is an artist and not only a doctor that paints. Through the decades his paintings have reflected his desires, memories and dreams. His latest exhibition, “Transition” marks a new phase in his artwork, exploring darker avenues and styles with brooding colours and subtle figures. |


Julie Westmore is a painter fascinated with the effect of light, who finds inspiration in the iconic London skyline. Depicting landscapes at different times of the day offers Julie the opportunity to portray London scenes at sunrise, sunset and in twilight. Paintings such as ‘London Nightline’ show a clear focus on the glowing and shimmering effect of light in a London evening, with light emanating from multiple sources.

Julie also enjoys painting a variety of different subjects including wildlife, pets, seascapes, and still life. Her work is found in private collections across the globe including Europe, USA, South America and The Bahamas. |


Stephen Crawford finds inspiration in the every day goings on of the modern world. Stephen seeks to find and portray the beauty of modern cities, almost entirely devoid of human life, focusing solely on the architecture and the objects that make up our daily surroundings. Inspired by the phrase ‘architecture is the art that we live in’, Stephen depicts our ‘concrete jungles’ with a serene grace, his signature style working perfectly to depict his cityscapes.


Isabelle Nativelle is a French mixed media artist, who uses a mixture of acrylic, ink, pastel sand and paper to create her abstract landscapes. Often focusing on the horizon line, Isabelle blends colours into another to create hypnotic and alluring compositions. Indeed colour is the artist’s starting point, and from this shapes begin to emerge.

In these imaginary landscapes, big spaces are always present: the sea, the sky the banks but also more urban considerations.

According to the artist, ‘anyone can interpret these compositions according to their own universe’. |


Miro Tomarkin is an artist who is exhibiting a selection of his landscape paintings at The Brick Lane Gallery. Miro often uses strong colours and bold brush strokes to form his landscapes, focusing on natural land formations. His work makes use of a range of colours, often creating imaginary landscapes for the viewer to get lost in. |



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