Landscape Exhibition
30th May – 10th June 2019
Preview: Wednesday 29th May 2019  18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93 – 95 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR





HowardArthur Tweedie – Born in Malaysia from Scottish and Australian heritage, HowardArthur is an emerging artist who works mainly in oils and pastels, particularly en plein-air landscape, portrait and figure studies. After four years of formal art training in Australia, France and Spain, HowardArthur has exhibited in several prestigious art prizes and group shows in New York, Canada, London, Paris and Australia. His paintings combine contemporary impressionist realism, with a love of colour and solid and expressive gestural drawing.


“This series is about my love for the Sydney coast-line. Surging tides and surf pound at the cliffs in their elemental play, with the winds and clouds soaring overhead under the sun. For contrast, there’s also a street-scene from a quiet French village where I also studied; a Norman church wall, cast-iron lanterns and empty shop-fronts. All are painted outdoors over several sessions (the swimmer girl added later in the studio). Sometimes a goanna would look on curiously. People quickly come and go, adding movement and life.”


Sonja Straith – Sonja is a Norwegian artist living in Oslo. She graduated from art school in 1999 and since then has been inspired by the beauty of landscapes.


Ali Mourabet – Ali was born in Damascus in 1951, and his family moved to live in Beirut, Lebanon for the greater part of his life. An architect since 1976, he has a passion for designing buildings, and as an artist, a passion for drawing scenes from Lebanon. He held several art exhibits in Beirut and other regions of Lebanon, as well as in Paris (1993) and Los Angeles (1988). Regarding both architecture and painting as forms of art, he is always carrying a pencil or paintbrush, and continues to try new colors and techniques. As of late, he has dedicated more of his time to painting.


In the past few years, after experimenting with different techniques, Ali ventured into painting with fresh vibrant colours, varying between simple subjects and very detailed subjects, and the result is a mesh of his geometric shapes and lines from the architect, with scenes from Lebanon now created in a freshly positive tone, using strong colors rarely present in his older work. The effect is always the same: bringing a nostalgic peaceful feeling to the viewer that he feels when he creates every piece.


Karen Pearson – Karen graduated with a BA in Fine Art at UAL. She is a British artist, painter, sculptor & tutor.


“You find yourself somewhere, what do you see, stay a while and see what comes into your view. How does this place make you feel? Observe how the light plays on everything, which colours do you see, what small details do you notice, what do you hear, breathe; and wonder who or what has shared this place before you”

Working in watercolour and ink, Karen prefers to sketch and paint en plein-air as this method produces a freshness and spontaneity to the work. She has won various awards for her paintings and exhibits in the UK and France. In 2013, her bronze sculpture ‘Small Things’ was selected for the Threadneedle Prize Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. Karen is an experienced tutor of painting and drawing both here and abroad. Her studio is in Surrey.


Ann Palmer – Ann is a retired public health doctor and as an artist is largely self-taught. She developed her reputation as a plein air painter; working out of a beach hut in Whitstable and in the vineyards of the Loire Valley. Ann now has a studio at Nucleus Arts Centre, Chatham with whom she exhibits; she also paints in her conservatory and Attic Studio preparing canvases and framing. Ann’s paintings can be found in Capital Arts Gallery in Eltham, and with the Little van Gogh travelling office exhibition. Ann also exhibits in Art Fairs in London and the South East, with Elizabeth James in Croydon, and internationally with Gabriel Fine Arts, International Art Events and with Art Blend in the USA.

Ann has been painting in Whitstable for several years, standing on the pebbly beach watching the tide ebb and flow, the morning mist across the Swale (the water which separates the Isle of Sheppey from the mainland), the light on the horizon, the clouds coming in from the west over London, and the light out to sea to the north and east. The low tide exposes sandbanks, pebbles, seafood for the gulls to seek. Ann’s style has developed over the years and Ann is now painting in oils on larger canvases using palette knife. Ann begins with a thin coat of oil paint building on this using brush and then palette knife. The extent to which the painting is built with more impasto depends on the scene and mood. Ann’s style is impressionistic, representative tending towards some abstraction and expressionism. Ann’s paintings depict beaches at various times of day and year, state of the tide and weathers. Ann is now working on a series of shoreline, sea and skyscape paintings using her memories and imagination, her plein air paintings, sketches and photos from around the coasts of Kent, Cornwall and Normandy for inspiration.