Abstract Art
30th May – 10th June 2019
Preview: Wednesday 29th May 2019  18:00 – 20:30
The Brick Lane Gallery- 216 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA







Danijela Knežević – Danijela is a contemporary artist, graphic and fashion designer from Serbia, currently living and working in Novi Sad. She is an alumna of the University of Arts in Belgrade. Danijela is immersed in exploring the ever fascinating perception of self, others, nature and the primal quest for freedom and happiness which is thwarted by both the voluntary and imposed slavery of the “Brave New World”. People always need love. Nowadays, they need the time to love. Creation through painting grants an artist the commodity of love and time and empowers them to embrace the audience with the feeling of serenity.

“I use strong colours abundantly in multiple layers and liquid coating to convey the atmosphere of my paintings. ‘In my head, red’ collection is scenario of blended emotions, memories, daylight reflections, introspection, and my own pensive mind. Striving for a better world, liberated and pure, I painted this collection with passion for life. I wish you to feel the same when entering my world and viewing my works of art.”






Danny Israel – Danny Israel is a UK artist who studied paint and print at the University of Wales. Recent shows include The Babylon Gallery, Ely, Highgate Contemporary Art, and Highgate Literary and Scientific Institute, in London. He has work in the Victoria and Albert Museum and in Elton John’s collection, among others.

“I am interested in history and landscape, whether romantic, deserted or war torn. The work exhibited here began with a fishing trip off the island of Uglijan, in the Adriatic, in 2017. The fisherman go out at night in small boats, often far off shore, and attract the fish to the surface with bright lights, in a technique which has changed little since Roman times. These images are an amalgamation of sea, water, night, reflection, phosphorescence, rising shoals of fish from below, underwater debris, moonlight and starlight, and with a canopy of reflected astral constellations hovering above.“






Dinusha Joseph Dinusha paints in abstract form. She has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. She uses abstract imagery and organic form to convey state of mind. She is interested in evoking a personal response in the viewer that may be a trigger to recollection or memory. Colour is important, as a means to create form as well as atmosphere within the paintings. Both harmony and contrast are used to create mood. The paintings are built up in layers and there may be intervals of time between these layers which builds an energy within the piece. A sense of freedom and experimentation is important to the generation of each work, which evolves rather than being pre-planned.



Janet Bell – Bell was born in the UK and live by the sea in East Sussex. Originally Bell worked as a textile designer completing my course my course in 1980 and becoming a member of the S.I.A.D. Her change of direction began in 1990 after having experimented using different surfaces and mediums, she decided to paint using acrylics on stretched canvases. Bell loves the vibrancy of the paints and their versatility. She has exhibited work at The Rudolph Steiner Centre, London, The South London Natural Health Centre, The Violet Hill Studios, London and the Da Vinci Hotel art gallery, Eastbourne, East Sussex.


“I am interested in the energy of colours and the emotions they can convey. I work freely and intuitively and apply the paint using a variety of techniques. My love of pattern and texture also feature in my work with layers of acrylic paint being added and sometimes scraped back revealing hidden layers and contrasts in texture and form. Although motifs from nature often appear in my work I am inspired by colour itself.”





Jez Sugars – Jez was born in Bournemouth in 1980, he is a self developed Artist, Photographer, Vegan and practitioner of mindfulness. Jez studied Photography at Bournemouth Art Institute 1997-1999. Since 1994 he has positioned his work around looking deeper to the animist connects between us and our environment. To ponder around the edge of what is consciousness and what is it to be made of materials. “Am I software, or am I muscle and bone? Is there a soul hidden in the hipacapus? Do we look for answers that fit our predetermined ideas? Or do we even know what the question is to ask?” Jez looks for imperial proof within himself that his existent is not a dream nor a simulation of what it is to exist. His stylistic influences, come from Durer, Escher, Da Vinci, Bosch, Beardsley, Bacon, Miro, and Pollock. But equally the writing of PK Dick, Huxley, Clark, Ballard, Le Guin, Harari, Hitchens, Wells and Poe.

“I am the water,

I am the wave that washes out the river into the sea.

I am the sunshine, the silence after the wind.

I am that moment of waking before you attach.

I am the space between the idea and the construct,

I am the Zygote and the Interstellar.

I am in search of the sublime,

I am presences.“



Lisa Rothwell-Orr – Much of Lisa’s working career has been spent in the field of science & technology until a change of circumstances presented her with the opportunity to spend more time on the arts, allowing her to explore my creative side. However, Lisa still retains a strong interest in the sciences and this is often reflected in the subject matter of her paintings.

Since moving to the South East Lisa has been developing a new style of painting, based on experimental techniques and the ‘found image’. Abstract in nature, the paintings are mostly inspired by the natural world or satellite imagery of the earth and space. Her work is predominantly watercolours and other water-based mediums, portraying large subjects on a small scale; hence ‘paintings for small spaces’. Lisa uses carefully selected colour palettes and a mixture of media and/or layering of various materials to create unique surface effects. The paintings are usually close-cropped resulting in a dramatic final image.



Lisbeth Nymand – Nymand is a Danish artist whom paints large, colourful and abstract works.




Manuela Gutierrez – Born in France to Italian parents, Manuela has been a painter since childhood. Studying at the Beaux Arts School in Paris, Manuela attended numerous workshops to develop her practice. She has participated in many French and international exhibitions over the past decade. Carrousel of the Louvre, CID Deauville, Gallery 75008, New York, Switzerland, Portugal, Miami. www.manuela-gutierrez.com


Sophia Gazla – ‘To me, self-expression through the use of colour is an act of rebellion. Colour is life affirming and speaks to our human experience, soul and spirit.’

Sophia uses abstract art and the painting process as a means of connecting with, moving through and expressing her personal experience through brushwork, texture and the use of colour. Also as a practicing Psychologist, Sophia uses the self-reflective, relational, humanistic and existential aspects of her work to inform and feedback into her creative process, often working intuitively and spontaneously in the here and now. ‘The Ninth Way’ reflects the longing and discovery of the personal path. ‘Everything Means Anything and Nothing’ is a contemplative expression of the experience of transient meanings, hopes, memories of conversation and mixed body-felt emotion. These two artworks offer an invitation for wholeness, integrating light and dark, soft and hard textures, as well as bold and subtle use of colour.




Vahe Miro Capalian – An Armenian artist but born in France, Vahe was raised in several different countries and currently resides in the US. Vahe originally studied Music at Trinity College in London but after the death of his sister, also an artist, he began to paint in her memory. He is currently exhibiting works at Marco Antonio Patrizio Galleryin Italy and has also exhibited in several art fairs around Europe.