Art in Mind & ABSTRACT 26th April – 7th May

Art in Mind & Abstract Art

Art in Mind & Abstract

26th April – 7th May 2023

Preview Night: 26th April, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
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Ahmad Tarmizi or better known as T:zi (b.1979, Singapore) is primarily known in the local community as a singer-songwriter. Having produced numerous albums and written songs for more than a decade, a little-known fact is that he is also a prolific, self-taught artist. Despite never attending any formal art classes, he has always expressed himself visually, gaining inspiration from various local and regional artists. Hence, his education in the visual arts was attained via reading numerous art publications and attending exhibitions over the years. Having produced numerous paintings alongside his music career, as a multidisciplinary artist, he has been steadily participating in local and international art exhibitions in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Italy, having done 4 solo art shows and participated 9 group art shows.

Forms, colour, rhythm, strokes, and grace are visible to my paintings. The ‘form’ is interesting for me in the overall harmony. ‘Colors’ tell the story of my feelings and certain moments in my life. ‘Rhythm’ symbolizes my culture and identity. ‘Strokes’ reveal the message of what I am sharing. ‘Grace’ is the understanding and acceptance that exist in my soul. For me, whatever that is visible starts from the inside and from there I paint to share what is concealed in the depths of my heart. Amongst the forms that keep appearing in my paintings is a sharp form which curls and gracefully merges into the background. The sharpness of the form symbolizes the amount of knowledge that has been acquired so much till the end dissipates. The less visible it is, the narrower it becomes like a lethal knife. The curled formations instil a sense of something fresh and emerging. Taking inspiration from the natural world, a new plant curls as it grows before forming into leaves ready to take shape into a tree. The final form ends and merges into the background representing the fact that knowledge and understanding, alongside our actions – all come from a single source after which we all return to nature. ‘Colors’ tell the stories of my feelings and specific moments in my life. White and yellow symbolizes the finer aspects of my life. Red symbolizes both the intensity and anguish that comes with love, while the rest of the colours complement the environment of the natural world. I often paint with the brush, my fingers, palms, the palette knife to achieve an effect that is closest to what I am feeling and what I am inspired by. The brush, my fingers and palms are used for the broader strokes and bigger landscapes – what I am seeing from a vantage point. The palette knife and smaller brushes are used for the finer strokes which I paint till I achieve a sense of union between my body and my soul. I wish to share that everything starts from a singular source which is manifested into multiple forms as wide as our imagination, and as much as our understanding can humanly comprehend.


Tamara Williams


I originally studied Graphic Design and spent 25 years running my own design agency in London, before revisiting the printmaking and painting I so loved at art college; experimenting with different textures and mark-making by working directly onto plaster, wood, and natural materials.

My paintings explore the simplification of shape, space, colour and texture in places I have visited. Some of these are specific to landscapes around my studio in Surrey, the South Downs and Devon but mostly they are a visual amalgamation of experiences, like a patchwork of memories and feelings from one or many places. Tapestry-like landscapes with bold monotone blocks which reflect the shadowy-shape of evergreen trees against more open hills and meadows. I see more when I’m not focused on the detail, painting intuitively with a mix of acrylics, inks and oil pastels to capture an emotive response to a place rather than the reality of a specific landscape. Brush strokes and marks are layered and carved with fluid lines that create imagined dream-like patterns.


Luca Gnizio


Luca Gnizio, born in 1981 in Lodi, created a new field of professional expertise in 2009: the ECOSOCIAL artist.

His pioneering approach is now acknowledged at international level. Thanks to his artistic and technical background as an industrial designer and commitment to protecting the environment, his works using recycled industrial waste materials have given life to an innovative artistic trend that encompasses both ecological and social aims.

Luca Gnizio’s work is not confined to an in-depth study of the individual company concerned. By underlining the importance of the wider community, he has successfully grouped and involved local and multinational companies together with community associations to bring about ecological circular economy projects and hence his ECOSOCIALLY neologism.

Gnizio’s projects include his Levi Jeans project, which involved 300 shops and associations for young people with disabilities, prisoners and the unemployed; the Cosmave project for recycling marble dust, once again involving community associations and over 80 companies and the joint BMW and SGL Carbon Group project for the recycling of carbon fibre offcuts, from which Gnizio has obtained two of his patents for ecological and technological innovation.

Gnizio’s new materials and a number of his patented products are now exhibited in renowned museums: FORSOUL – The first ever crystal ball incorporating fabric (recycled carbon fibre), now on permanent display in the prestigious Murano Glass Museum. FORBLACKLIGHT– From the recycling of carbon, Gnizio obtained the first water-repellent fabric to become transparent, earning the artist the “Eccellenze della Lombardia 2019” award and a place in the prestigious Adi Design Index 2019.

Gnizio has also been on exhibit since May 2018 at the “Vittoriale degli Italiani” Museum with DANNUNZIECO, a monumental work that was defiant in its use of scraps of dirty paper obtained during the restoration of the historic walls of the Vittoriale complex.

For three years from January 2021, Gnizio’s work has been on exhibit overseas through the diplomatic-consular network and the Italian Cultural Institutes with the itinerant exhibition, 3CODESIGN, called by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico.


Odilia Suanzes

@ odiliasuanzes

“I was born in Madrid in 1993. I graduated from City & Guilds of London Art School in 2016, where I won The Board of Trustees Award for Outstanding Work at the Graduate Show.

Before graduating I was selected to do a residency at the Griffin Gallery, this opportunity inspired me to continue my artistic research in a freer way, traveling the world devoting myself to long periods of time to deepen in my artistic practice, while doing residencies.

I have also been part of the Brocket Gallery, where I have done a number of exhibitions in the UK. Independently, I have been part of group and solo exhibitions in and outside of Europe.

In 2020 I started an MA in Sculpture at the RCA and did other small courses to help developing my practice at Turps Banana.

Currently, my artistic necessities are taking me into different artistic fields. Delving into creating in a more dynamic and non-material way through my body. I am now doing a physical theatre training at the Laboratorio Escuela in Barcelona with Jessica Walker.”


Lyndsay Tarren-Leister

@ lyndsaytarrenleister 

“I am an abstract painter working from my home studio in Wiltshire, where I live with my husband and two children. My love for art started at secondary school and has developed throughout my life, through art college and my time working at a photography studio.

My journey as an artist has taken me from traditional life drawing, to seascapes & more recently onto contemporary paintings of the female form. The one thing I have been continually doing throughout is using texture. I LOVE texture in a painting!

A lot of my work begins from a feeling, which grows as I start to put paint & collage on to the canvas, combining the several layers & mark making of abstract art with the human body to produce something unique & the excitement of creating a statement art piece.

My work has been showcased in various venues in Wiltshire including The Methuen, The Greenhouse, Wadswick Green as well as Hartham Park.”



“I am a British artist with no formal art education. I have always had a fascination for quirky, colourful, occasionally unsettling acrylic abstracts with a slightly surreal feel. My work tends to reflect my particular interest in astronomy, astrology, and nature in all its varied forms.”

Magdalena Mahdy

@ magdalenamahdy

Magdalena is an emerging German artist, who lives in the UK. Despite having had an interest in the arts from a young age, it wasn’t until the age of 38, when she courageously redefined her life path and finally followed her true passion into the world of abstract art. She loves the use of vibrant colour stories and experimenting with many different mediums, ranging from spray paint and markers to acrylic paint. But she’ll always finish her work with a few layers of juicy, vibrant oil paint to add another dimension to her paintings. She is inspired by the beauty in the world that surrounds her as well as choosing to live a bright and joyful life in the midst of chaos and harshness of society.

“Abstracts to me are pure magic – as they inspire you to feel and allow you to dream. My use of physical and visual texture in my work creates a level of depth that invites you into the painting – to explore, to dream your way through and to feel the energies flow from me to you. The vibrant colours make you come ALIVE – like a breath of fresh air. And it is with this experience that I want to inspire you to unleash your own potentials and quench that craving for a life in full colour, living on your own terms and inspiring beauty in the world.”

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