Alexander Dakers
20th – 24th June 2019
Private View: 19th June 2019, 6 – 8:30pm

Alexander Dakers was raised in Scotland and now lives and works in Bournemouth. Studying at the Glasgow School of Art turned his thought provoking art into a lifelong passion.

Taking inspiration from his rural upbringing, Dakers draws significant parallels between the subjects in his work and his own history. He works from an accumulation of photographs as well as from memory ensuring his representations are visceral and accurate. He delves into his own experience, using images he has gained from the media, or from his own background and history to create work that is filled with personal experience as well as cultural references.

Dakers works from universally recognised images affording the viewer a certain familiarity before allowing them to be reminded of their own experiences. He depicts celebrities he believes made a great impact on their elected field from David Bowie and Jimmy Hendrix to politicians.

Dakers work explores the human condition through paintings representing love, loneliness and hope. His work depicts the men, women and children who have had their rights violated, and Dakers looks to expose their plea, desperation and hope. Giving them their own voice and identity rather than viewing them as a political and dehumanising battleground for opinion. This empathetic approach stems back to Dakers family history and more specifically from his grandfather’s struggles during the Augusto Pinochet regime and the coup in Chile during 1973 in which thousands died. Dakers’ grandfather, who worked with Salvador Allende, was a political prisoner and sentenced to life in prison but was finally released after 3 years’ imprisonment thanks to Amnesty International’s involvement. Since 2012, Dakers has raised over £8,000 for Amnesty International and received an award for his contribution. Dakers has stated previously that his dedication to his grandfather’s story is the source of his engagement and passion for art and through which his grandfather’s memory lives on.

Alex Dakers has chosen to support Loop through this exhibition, a charity in the Czech Republic in aide of the disabled in employment. All monies raised from the sale of merchandise and mosaic will go to help the disabled workers in order to keep them in employment.

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