Portrait and Works on Paper


16th – 27th  May 2019

Preview: Wednesday 15th May 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA






Madison Rengnez was born in 1987 in France near Paris. He graduated from the École d’Art Maryse Eloy of Paris with a Master’s degree in Visual Arts. Moved by a strong passion of the human figure, he aims to display the emotion and beauty found in every person. His work has been featured in Illustration Friday, Idea Fixa and the Behance Network. He has also worked for the magazine Dessiner for 6 years making tutorials on the art of drawing.

The current exhibited work is called ‘Fashion Portraits’ “I wanted to convey a feeling of beauty capturing the essence of the models. My chosen technique is the ink pen allowing me to draw with pure and strong lines. I also enhanced the artwork drawing the fashion items in bold colours. The result is very trendy and impactful. The last portrait was created as a tribute to the great French couturier Yves Saint Laurent. The black lines on pure white translates the elegance of the designer and his work.”




Sabrina Di Castello – Di Castello was born in 1990 and lives in Vienna, Austria. In an incredibly passionate way, she brings her emotional world to the screen powerfully and dynamically. Completely ignorant of her talent, she grabbed a paintbrush in September 2017 and tried to visualize her thoughts. The highs and lows of her own life and the diversity of the everyday inspire her painting. Di Castello has created true marvels, which are now found in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. For Di Castello, art was initially a way out of a very difficult period of life. Ignoring the great passion that could develop from it, she remained faithful despite the ever increasing commissions. Her unmistakable style captivates the viewer.

“Powerful. Convincing. Expressive ”




Crissy Field – Crissy studied the arts at a Washington DC University. The people, life & art in the cities she’s lived inspire her work. Paris, London & New York.

She is a fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat, abstract expressionism, funk and pop art.



Helen Brayshaw – Helen completed an MA in Fine Art last year. Since then her contribution to the Helen Storey Foundation’s project ‘Life on the Outskirts’ has been on tour in Manchester and Leeds. In 2017 she exhibited at the Ferens Gallery in Hull, where Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, bought one of her still life studies. Her award-winning paintings have been featured by the BBC, online, and in numerous publications including The Artist magazine. This is Helen’s first London exhibition.

New Materialism theory underpins Helen’s current practice, subverting conventional ideas of still life painting. In outdoor spaces, she paints onto handmade paper tiles placed directly over her subject and then abandons her work to the environment for days before retrieving viable pieces. Incorporating naturally occurring metallic oxides, graphite and diamond, her series Still Water tracks hidden bodies of water, which have been diverted, constrained and ultimately hallmarked by man.




Nathalie Plaasch – Nathalie is a French artist born in 1974, she teaches visual arts to children and immerses herself in her painting the rest of the time.

Nathalie’s work is above all a painting of feeling. It is an evocation to the vibrations of the soul through the living matter that are trees, symbols of life, strength and fragility in resonance.



M Theta – (Mikaella Theofanopoulou) is an Athens based independent artist & designer born in Tokyo. After receiving her Masters in Applied Design in Architecture from Oxford School of Architecture, she engaged with interior design, drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese aesthetics of the wabi-sabi philosophy. Her obsessive admiration for the clean lines & organic forms of interiors of unobtrusive beauty, stimulated her to shift her perspective towards the creation of artworks that reveal this kind of authenticity. The elegance of this less-is-more mentality and the variety of all the distinct emotions revealed, are reflected in her one-line drawings, which currently depict people’s faces. M Theta encourages you to ‘‘embrace your inner ‘hygge’ through imperfect raw lines”.

Drawing her inspiration from minimalism to expressionism, she communicates her abstract ideas with a refined single line visual language, perceived universally but subject to multiple interpretations. Her art is all about exploring genuineness in existing imperfection through the simplicity of a single line, rejecting everything superfluous. Her works invite you to discover that the most intricate sentiment can emerge even from a smooth, subtle line. The addition of colour in her new collection (dark blue or gold detailing), underlines the splendor of minimalism in bold solid forms.