Abstract Art- 13th – 24th October



13th – 24th October


Private view

13th October 6pm - 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday

Suzie Walker-Harding @s.w.h_art

My name is Suzanne Walker-Harding, I was born and brought up in a village called Culcheth, close to Warrington, Cheshire. I studied at St Helens college of art where I received a Double AVCE in Art & Design. I then moved onto Cumbria Institute of the Arts where I received a BA Hons in Fine Art. I am now living in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

I would describe myself as British – Contemporary Fine Artist – Abstract/figurative Painter. I am a full time artist with a studio and gallery located in Littleport, Cambridgeshire.
I created this mini series of vibrant and colourful closeup abstract portraits, for The Brick lane Gallery, abstract art exhibition, these have now inspired a larger body of work.

In this mini series my palette knife portrait canvas painting work oscillates between figuration and abstraction. being heavily inspired by individuality, urban life today, music and fashion. I could not think of a better place to showcase them than Brick Lane.
For me, painting is an intense experience, desirable and formidable and the only way to express myself. Using acrylics, I superimpose hundreds of pallet knife strokes enriched with brush strokes on canvases, all covered with a glossy liquid varnish. These portraits are heavily inspired by the individual of a heterogeneous urban lifestyle and population with segmentation of personality. Each of them taken from a different angle, each time repeated, exposing the face of urban life today. Art imitating life. The paintings, with bright colours offer a sensation of movement expressing a dynamic and positive strength. Don’t we all need a splash of colour after the last 18 months? I thrive on dynamic and edgy environments, drawing from their energy for my work. I like to move with the canvas from the easel to the wall to the floor. I feel nearer, and more part of the painting, inspecting it from every angle. I can walk around the painting, work from all four sides of it and literally become part of the painting. Using mainly pallet knives, Catalysts , and acrylic paint on the canvas, these splashes of paint harmonize and give to each of the portraits its own soul. I like to capture a moment in time, a personality trait or a feeling through my use of colour and intensity of application. The paint splashes are dissonant and noisy just like life itself.

“This was a hand to hand fight with canvas, I hope it shows brightness, In what has otherwise been a dark 18 months.”

LADAN GHIAMI @ladanghiami

Ladan Ghiami is a self taught British-Iranian abstract painter working from her home studio in North East London.

Ladan’s work explores the human experience from an experiential and emotional perspective in particular the possibility for transformation inherent in all of us and what it takes to bring that forth.

Made By Bee @made_by_bee_x

‘Your Happy Place’ collection is reflective of seeing your happy place within the artwork. The pieces I create are one of a kind that can’t be recreated. Meaning the artwork is the only one to exist in the world.

Tunica Barbosa @tunica_barbosa_artwork

Tunica/Antonia Barbosa, better known as Tunica Barbosa is a Brazilian artist recognized in the art world for her intense colors and unique way of combining them. She works with various  techniques and forms of expression. Currently, she has been standing out with her paintings in acrylic on canvas for its uncomplicated and intriguing form. Her works cause multiple sensations and interpretations, most of them inspired by nature. This collection was made especially for this exhibition inspired by Brazilian stones.

Holly Tremain @hltremain

Holly Tremain is a London based British abstract artist who started painting less than a year ago as a way to process grief. Holly’s works are vibrant in nature, which directly contrasts to some of the dark feelings present when processing grief. Her art is an expression of her thoughts and feelings when words are simply not enough. Her abstract style is inspired by the outdoors, and the various shapes, patterns, textures and colours that she sees day to day. Holly paints with acrylics and uses a variety of media and techniques to create textured, detailed and engaging works.

Sonja Neumeyer @sonjaneumeyer.a

Sonja Neumeyer (b. 1980, Serbia) is an artist based in Munich in Germany. Neumeyer graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture in 2004 and a Masters Degree in Interior Design in 2006, from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Following her time practicing as an architect she has, since 2012, been focusing on visual art.

Her paintings are experimental, abstract works that are inspired by universal experiences of the intensity of contemporary living and a quest for simple, soulful harmony. Each piece aims to sooth the viewer by counteracting the oppressive effects of information overload and excess by introducing calm, silence and minimalism. Within her compositions, created in encaustic on paper, she seeks to reduce the elements to essentials. She works intuitively with the colour, texture and opacity of the medium, choreographing its application to a carefully honed number of shapes. The abstract shapes in Neumeyer’s work are expansive and gestural. They are reminiscent of landscape, clouds, moving water and vapours, creating a space of gentle possibility and contemplation, an antidote to the chaos of modern life and a calming influence on our walls.

Zoe Kittow @zoekitt_art

Zoe Kittow is a 27 year old artists from Devon, UK. BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design, from Portsmouth Universsity.

Growing up I’d always had a keen interest in art. At University I studied Interior Architecture & Design, but after long term illness I found myself returning to painting. This time mostly intuitive abstract work; absorbing rural Devon where I grew up and now have a small studio, the rhythms and colours of nature subconsciously make their way into my paintings. The work conveys both emotive and atmospheric qualities, with mark making a feature that carries through many of my pieces, I call these my “dancing lines”. I work in mixed media, often turning to acrylic, oil pastel and ink. I love to experiment but find the expressive nature in which I paint gives my work its own feel, while experimenting with colour, texture, movement, composition and material. Although my work is deeply personal I enjoy seeing other peoples response and interpretations of the pieces, bringing new life and added layers to the artwork.

Cecilia Vargas @ceciliavargaslondon

An established British-Colombian abstract painter, Cecilia has lived and worked in London where she studied at the Royal College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and The Heatherley School of Fine Art. Cecilia’s work is purchased by private buyers and the corporate sector through galleries, art consultants or directly from her studio. Her work from the past 30 years can be found in private, corporate and public collections in the UK, Europe, North America and South America. Collectors include Bank of England, Ronan Keating, Lord Gowrie, Sir Jeremy Isaacs and John Pla III (US). She is an occasional member of the selection committee for The Basil H. Alkazzi Scholarship Award and The Ali H. Alkazzi Scholarship Award in Painting, both at the Royal College of Art, London.

For over three decades my painting has been inspired by the relationship between landscape and memory. Hundreds of images in various stages of my stylistic development have reflected this ongoing fascination. The focus and formal qualities of the works have changed at every step, but the underlying concern remains the same. The work shown in this exhibition reflects my interest in creating imaginary landscapes of personal memory. These paintings are inner landscapes, silent mirrors that mark the passing of time. They are footprints in a solitary journey, a wordless diary which runs parallel to my prosaic experience. They are seeds, silent seeds that will coexist and trigger a continuum of meaning, a silent dialogue.


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