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15th – 26th September


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15th September 6pm - 8:30pm
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Renate West @renate_west
My paintings, although starting with a preconceived idea/inspiration, always leave room for a considerate part of spontaneity. My aim is to achieve freedom from confining principles and establish an equal partnership between expression, emotion and working with the medium, allowing the moment to dictate the development of the painting. My work is filled with fascinating, spontaneous images, allowing the viewer a personal response to the work.

Year 2021……?!!! NOW

I wanted to create an image that challenges/ confronts the viewer with her/his own experiences, emotions, views of the here and NOW of the year 2021. That NOW is happening all year round. I have chosen the bright yellow, which can mean positivity, but also high alarm. The red could equally mean danger, warning or restrictions, rules. Every viewer will have his/her own interpretation. The same counts for the composition. The colour of the frame was chosen to really get immediate attention. Whatever the individual’s reaction to this painting is, it forces to be acknowledged as does the worldwide situation in 2021. I am asking: What does the year 2021 NOW mean to you?

Daria Kazantseva @dariainart 

Daria Kazantseva was born in 1985 in Moscow in an artistic family. Daria was keen in art since early childhood: attending art classes, history classes and exploring colour and its influence. At the moment, Daria continues to explore the integration of art and color into living space through her current project “Hidden color”. In September 2020 she had a solo exhibition with this project in Moscow.

“My art is a quintessence of my perception of the world through the color in all its subtlety.  A lot of my personal experiences through the time become the memories of color, married palettes and combinations. Questioning my own fascination and sensitivity towards it, throughout my career I have carried out an in depth research of color history and its therapeutical virtues.

The main project line I work around is called Hidden Colour. It is an art object rather than a painting as it makes use of all visible surfaces of a canvas instead of one. Each surface is dedicated to its own color. The viewer can choose which colour to look at depending on the connection and emotional response. Each of my works serves as a precisely calculated “dose” of colour, which gives energy and evokes memories. It speaks to the personality and evokes colour memories that we all have.”

Switt Art (Sarah Witt) @switt_art
Born in Surrey in 1993, Sarah Witt now lives and works in London, creating whenever and wherever possible. Having always been creative, her passion for painting has only increased during the pandemic and she has found it be a vital release of energy over the last 18 months. Specialising in acrylic, palette knife and mixed media, Switt Art loves creating bold crazy textures bringing unique colour combinations together. The outcomes of her art are often a result of a pre-conceived concept combined with an element of spontaneity and her main love is the creation of contemporary abstract paintings that you can see here today.

Tom Oluade @tom_oluade_art
“Wish You Were Here”

Life after lockdown, being able to travel and escape has now become a luxury, what this collection of paintings aims to capture is the feeling you get when you’re on the beach looking out to the sea, sunrays beaming down and reflecting off the ocean, that perfect moment that you wish you could share with a loved one who couldn’t make it.

Tom Oluade I not a trained artist; however, art has been a big factor throughout his life. During the lockdown of 2020, he was able to reconnect with his creative side and spend time painting. So, armed with a set of acrylic paint and MDF boards hi first piece of the collection was born conveniently called the “One of One Series”. After posting No.1 on instagram and receiving promising feedback, he decided to turn his concept into an entire collection.

A few collections, collaborations and commissions later, Tom has really established his style through each piece he has created.

kabaani arts (Annika Bachhofer) @kabaani.arts

Annika is a 28-year-old German artist, web designer, horse trainer and personal assistant to people with disabilities.

Helen Hitchens aka Alex Spear aka Hogelstick @hogelstick

Helen Hitchens is a digital photographer, filmmaker, painter and sculptor.

“My art comes from a fairytale childhood place with magical storytelling. Anything is possible. Transformation, alchemy, animals and archetypal characters including a devil in a dog mask, a green man, plucky jokers experimenting with masculine authority embodied in headdresses and an infinitely powerful Lilith crone whose terrifying wisdom at once nurtures and destroys.

This series of photographs introduces ‘Trystan Sharp’; an androgynous fugitive. Who is he / who are they? Part drag-king, part universal archetypal tarot magician or shape-shifting warrior, the images of this person charm as they unsettle. Continuing an ongoing theme of #MasculinityIsAMask and playing with the concept of the female gaze and images that women find attractive, the photography is intimate yet anonymous. Trystan reveals the human power that transcends gender and age. The primal scream of loss, grief and the temporary nature of human existence draws from the heritage of theatre and action cinema. The photographs tell an interweaving story of masculinity and grief, and reference the limits of the human body, suicidal rage and personal bereavement within a family.

I explore the concept of family roles, particularly the power struggles as traditional heads of the household or tribe are challenged by the young pretender. As with earlier work, the preoccupation of angry young masculinity at once insecure and yet bolstered with a feigned arrogance, with weapons and the community role of a guard or sentry is considered.”

The photography will be available as an artist’s book via Amazon by xmas 2021.

Shannon Roche @shannonrocheart
Shannon grew up in beautiful Leavenworth, Washington (USA.) Since 2007 she has sold up to 60+ pieces of work, has had 7 featured artist gallery shows, countless small shop shows, and painted live in front of an audience something like 15+ times. She works with acrylic mostly and will at times mix mediums for variation, texture and movement. She paints with nature inspired colors attempting harmony with both balance, and striking contrast. In her own words, “After 40 years of watching and wondering I have come to believe deeply in the inner richness of life, and how the combination of my soul and a greater source of connection intertwines to cause my art to come alive on canvas. It has blown me away to witness this spirit in the art, and I often witness how it speaks to the beholder however it needs to.”

Diny Verijke @Diny.art

My name is Diny and I am a Belgian Lass living in Scotland. My artwork is inspired by nature and the beauty of the natural world. I love using mixed media and an abundance of colour to create my artwork, which are often abstract with a sense of movement, or representational pieces that have a dream-like quality. This style came into existence due to allowing my toddlers to paint on a blank canvas. We create the base colours and composition together and from there I will work intuitively.

Tammy Weiss @tiny.tammy
Tammy Weiss was born in Israel and grew up there and in the US. She graduated from Haifa University in Israel in 2004, with a B.Sc. in Fine Art and Mathematics. She moved to London in 2012.

The work is inspired by scientific photography and observation of natural objects and phenomena.

Images captured by the Hubble telescope, and images from under the microscope, (Macro vs. Micro) echo through the work. The concept of space, the notion of randomness, and the shape of the cosmos are key themes.

The art is also inspired by the visuals of mathematics, and their forms in nature from the hexagons of a honeycomb to the spirals of a seashell and the branching veins of a leaf.

The black and white harlequin shape motif, the polka dots and stripes as well as the colour schemes invoke circus, big tops and the conviviality of clowns.
For the past five years the artist has connected with circus communities in the UK and around the world. There is a sense of movement in the work from down to up, and up to down, reminiscent of acrobatics, juggling and dance spectacles.

Extended travels in India exposed the artist to vibrant colour combinations and intricate patterns, which are evident in the work as well.


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