Zoetica Ebb – Chimeric Herbarium – 5th – 10th October 



Zoetica Ebb
Chimeric Herbarium

Chimeric Herbarium is an exhibition of art from Zoetica Ebb’s Alien Botany series. This exhibition spans ten years, and includes works on paper, sculptures, and a pop-up shop.

In the crypto-scientific world of Alien Botany, wondrous plants are captured in meticulous technical detail by a shipwrecked cosmonaut stuck on a far-off planet. These specimen charts are presented alongside dreamlike analytical tables exploring the ways alien organisms interact with human hosts.

Alien Botany examines states of divergence, surrender, and equilibrium through the eyes of a lifelong immigrant, speaking to the boundless human capacity for adaptation and survival. Pulling at preconceptions of what is innately natural, Zoetica Ebb looks to the potential of our genetic alphabet in an imagined future among the stars.

Ebb’s eponymous art book comes out soon. Limited signed and numbered copies will be available for pre-release at the exhibition, with general availability later in the fall.

Chimeric Herbarium includes an Alien Botany themed fashion life-drawing class and a surprise performance. A truly mesmerising collection of otherworldly work meant to encapsulate the senses in this one-off, unmissable solo exhibition.


Exhibition continues  5th – 10th October 

Opening Reception: Wednesday 5th October,  6pm – 8.30PM

Alien Botany life drawing: Thursday 6th October, 6 – 8:30PM

Surprise performance: Sunday 9th October, noon


Zoetica Ebb is a Russian-American artist based in London. Her award-winning Alien Botany™ series includes fantasy-naturalist drawings, sculpture, fashion, and, most recently, a book. Ebb’s work has been featured in LA Weekly, G4TV, Gizmodo, Hyperallergic, and many others.

Moving to Los Angeles after the collapse of the Soviet Union felt less like a move and more like entering another dimension. After having her fill of conferring with voodoo priestesses and playing catch with alligators on a teenage escape across the Deep South, Ebb graduated from the LA County High School for the Arts with a focus on oil painting. Reinforcing her interest in oil and ink, she studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and later returned to exhibiting in Los Angeles in addition to pursuing projects congruent with her interests in fringe art & culture.

Ebb explored multiple continents before docking in the UK. Years of migration have led her to embrace alienation as a valuable chosen state; her work speaks to the boundless human capacity for adaptation in the face of impossible odds.


Opening Reception: Wednesday 5th October,  6pm – 8.30PM

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