WORKS ON PAPER | 9 November -20th November



9 November -20th November

Opening Night: 9th November, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



Phyllis Chua

Phyllis Chua is an artist and a surface pattern designer from Malaysia, who has settled down in Taiwan. “I graduated from the Department of Anthropology at the National Taiwan University. All my solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions are linked at TBA (The Bridge Art).”

“The works in this exhibition mainly convey the relationship between human beings and the natural environment, and the vitality and positive energy emanating from plants, awakening everyone to protect the earth, love the earth, and love life while enjoying nature. I am good at combining various media, such as watercolour, marker pen, technical pen, botanical rubbing, liquid watercolour, collage, etc. to present my works.”


Kitty Draws Dogs

Kitty Draws Dogs, specialises in canine portraiture using a variety of different mediums. The work on display is drawn with vibrant coloured pencils and focuses on highlighting textures
and capturing the unique characteristics of the dog. Having grown up and been surrounded by dogs Kitty has a deep understanding and love of ‘man’s best friend which’ comes through in her work.

Kitty takes commissions and has availability for Christmas.


Molly Jay
(Molly Jay Illustration)

Molly Jay is an Illustrator and Portrait Artist from Staffordshire, UK. Drawing since she could hold a pencil, Molly is greatly inspired by the natural world and all its wonders, she specialises in realistic coloured pencil drawings of nature and wildlife.

Coloured pencil has always been her preferred medium, and although she has tried many, Molly always returns to being able to encapsulate every detail possible with each tiny stroke of pencil. She loves the extensive process and reward behind watching her artwork emerge with every layer of pencil pigment.

Molly is interested in supporting Wildlife Conservation through her artwork, with a percentage of the profits going towards helping wildlife conservation and animal charities. A percentage of print sales from ‘Stand Tall’ and ‘Freer’ will be donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the British Beekeepers’ Association. A percentage of print sales from ‘Zeus’ will be donated to The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre, an animal sanctuary and rescue centre for birds of prey, where the real Zeus resides.


Maylene Chou

Maylene Chou is a London-based female illustrator & artist with a Chinese heritage. Coming from an academic background in political science and historical research, she embarked on
the creative journey of illustration and contemporary painting during the covid pandemic. She is currently studying at the Art Academy London for a certificate in fine art. Via the representation of wild animals displaced in urban settings, most of her work engages with the playful yet fragile kids living in adult bodies. On paper, she keeps experimenting with every accessible medium to communicate her way of looking at the world.


Stefan Negele

Magic Moments:
The magic moments within the cosmic trinity between becoming being and passing away, that’s what matters to me, that’s what I try to capture, to cast in colours that reflect and amplify the complexity of existence and yet exude lightness and airiness. As a self-taught painter, I have been painting since 2015 and grow with the pictures. They give me insights into myself and reflect the all too fleeting moments of reality. Pictures with a hypnotic effect to get lost in, that is my goal and my ambition. born in 1960 in a time of departure, upheaval, and change, I have internalised this time and made it my credo. nothing stays the same, everything moves, is in a flowing current, in a whirlpool of change. here I create moments of pause, reflection, and self-discovery. everything is in the mind of the viewer. like life, my paintings will be changeable in the future. the viewer should become part of the artwork and see his individuality reflected in it. all my paintings are full of symbolism, with a message that reveals itself over time, which includes mindfulness and sustainability in connection with the techniques I use… on the one hand they testify to the turmoil of existence, but also to lightness, joy, and the pleasure of living. nature and the merging with it are recurring motifs. A life with nature, not against it. to uncover contradictions, to provoke them, and to capture energy, to capture it and make it comprehensible for the viewer. to dive into a parallel world of fantasy, joy of life and colours. the path is the goal, its achievement, the end. For this reason, with open eyes, a clear mind, into the fullness of life, which has so much to offer. my second love is music, hence the name of the site. the casualness of the blues, but also its seriousness and diversity fascinate me again and again.


Sarah Michel

It’s not seldom I wander the shore of the Baltic Sea, paths only feet, paws and hooves have touched, accompanied by wind-fleeing trees or crows and butterflies in the heathlands of the tiny German island Hiddensee, where I live. Enchanted by the hereby Nordic myths and folklore, the portion of my hesitations, pondering and the things which are alluring to me, conjure up the drawings I share.

In one piece I dwell upon how sometimes Aspiration went overboard, too mawkish to not drown in daily life. That is only until a mystical sea creature, as kitschy as the mermaid, can keep Hope’s head above the water.

Another one simply portrays a summery remembrance of sitting on the wooden wave traps in the ocean observing Hugin (Thought). Not only here I choose to give the viewer the meta-level or Odin’s gaze through Munin’s (Memory) perspective. Which both birds, according to mythology, would report to. At some point, I felt the need of drawing the horizontal line.

Obviously vulnerable, mistakes remain included. That’s where it usually gets darker, because using only very fine ink pigment liner on paper, solely gives no opportunity to erase. Which leaves my dialogue with the subconscious exposed? I’d love if the seemingly unused space resonates within the viewer, to be filled in with own imaginations, maybe of the things left unsaid. After all, in times like this, I find exerting empathy in doing so is highly rewarding.


Mieko Nakamura

Mieko Nakamura was born in Japan in 1952.

After graduating from college, she worked at a public elementary and junior high school, then as an assistant for a community development consultant, and in 1998, she met the world-renowned avant-garde artist Tadahiro Ono, who greatly influenced her. While working and continuing to paint, she also continues to create works in tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tanka, haiku, and essays.

She has exhibited at art fairs in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and New York, beginning in Paris in October 2018, and her art practice is expanding globally. she had a solo exhibition in Tokyo in 2022.

“In my daily life, I value cheerfulness, energy, and humour. I hope that those who have seen my work will also have a bright, energetic, and enjoyable daily life. At present, problems such as various conflicts and global warming have already been piled up in the world. Now is the time to treat people with this simple and peaceful spirit! I want to tell you.”


Chris Warner
Chris works with mostly portraits and the human figure He graduated from the Australian National University school of art in 2001 and now lives in France.


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