10th – 23rd April 2018

Preview: Wednesday 25th April 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, London






The April 2018 edition of WORKS ON PAPER features some of the most exciting and intriguing art on paper. The exhibition showcases the work of artists from across the globe, including artists from Britain, Austria and Mexico. From Indian Ink to Pastel through to Collage, this exhibition aims to explore the true versatility of the medium. The works, although exploring different themes, are united by their shared medium and are all categorized as ‘Works on Paper’.


Verena Terekina is exhibiting a selection of pencil and charcoal on paper portraits that recall the pencil drawings of Egon Schiele, who she sites as a major influence on her work. Verena’s portraits often integrate small pieces of text alongside the faces, almost like speech marks, as if the figures in her portraits are alive and talking. Verena is an Austrian born artist who was introduced to art by her Grandfather, who shared the love and freedom and drawing with her. For the artist, nothing is more important than the people and their stories, portrayed in their faces and figures with authentic interpretation. ‘With this process of drawing nothing else matters. Neither the origin nor religion of someone. Therefore I shut down all insignificant systems. This obtained freedom allows me to use my imagination using sarcasm and different languages. A big part of my inspiration are nameless artists, musicians, actors, street performers and creators of all kind, who crossed my paths during my travels through Europe’. | | | id=100015971015292


Jade Clisson is exhibiting a selection of Indian Ink drawings on paper that predominantly explore interpretations of the human form. Her monochromatic drawings are individual stories that entice the viewer. Jade is an artist born in Mexico, who know lives and works in Toulouse, France. After graduating with a Masters degree from the Department of fine arts, La Sorbonne University Paris, Jade has participated in exhibitions across Europe. Group shows included Galerie Jour et Nuit in Paris in 2013 and ‘Foreign bodies’ at Galerija K18 in Maribor, Slovenia in 2013. ‘“L’art, lieu de réonciliation de conflit identitaire”. ‘Attached by the relics of the past, bodies and corporeality, I immerse the public in my offbeat universe with irony’. | | 


Daniel Clayton’s colourful collages such as Autumn Fall and Balance of Elements are almost cubist in their make up, focusing predominantly on the colours created by the overlapping collage. In contrast his figurative works such as The Tree of Reverence offer more traditional representations of objects. Daniel is a British artist who studied at the Winchester School of Art and graduated with a degree in Fine Art in July 2005. Daniel is currently working primarily in collage and mixed media. Daniel has exhibited previously in London at Camden Image Gallery in October 2017.


Dani Maresma is exhibiting a series of large scale portrait works, focusing predominantly on the eyes of the figures. His use of ink and acrylic on paper is visually striking, and his portraits’ large eyes bare down on the viewer.  Working for more than 25 years in the design world, first as a graphic designer and currently as a jewelry designer, his imagination has always been surrounded by image culture and the work with color and form. For about 15 years, his passion for art, specifically painting, led him to start experimenting in this field, initially as a complement to their work. His painting is based on the portrait, form, abstraction and color. The combination of these four elements led him to experiment with the mediums and materials to convey sensitivity and spirituality. In this series of portraits, the emotions of the character are represented through a human form that is not perfect. ‘We arrange humans to transmit to others an image that does not represent reality, we are happy when we really are not. Through deformities of the characters  we represent the emotional state’. |


Ruth Richmond exhibits a selection of her hypnotic landscapes on paper, created with powder pigment, ink, graphite and charcoal on paper. Her bold use of line and colour is highlighted by the white paper background, drawing attention to the effect of the paper medium.

‘The collective title for my drawings is Landscape. I respond to my sense of place and represent this through drawing. My work evolves rather like my daily walks, one step, or one mark after another. The elusive nature of my theme is transformed by memory, materials and scrutinising the sensations experienced whilst walking and re-encountering my moments of subliminal thoughts. I live and work on a small Suffolk sheep farm in Constable country’. | | @ruthrichmond66

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