28th November – 9th December

Preview: Wednesday 27th November 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA








Anaïs Herd Smith – Anaïs is a French artist whose main medium is paper sculpture. A former art director in an advertising agency, she left to devote all her time and energy to her art. Since then, she has created a fabulous world of monsters, a crazy, colourful and joyful bestiary. “Monstrus de La Fontaine” presents a sample of her creations. Each of the six monsters exhibited here are protagonists of six of the fables of Jean de La Fontaine.


Christine Stoner – Christine’s work is usually about the human condition and is mostly figurative.  She aims to explore the connection between people, whom reveal themselves to others as humans who live, love, laugh, breathe and cry. Christine’s intention to show painful things in a beautiful way is a distillation of her own life experiences.  “I see these experiences as a tapestry of physical and emotional fragments which translate well into the antiaesthetic sensibility I enjoy.   Exploring the materiality of found papers and experimenting with different mediums has resulted in avenues of the unexpected.  New and unexplored territories appear as they do for each of us in our world of flux and rapid change.”


“Usually, the walls of old buildings are painted and repainted in such a way that the pigments become the wall. In my work, I draw from the same principle: the layers of newspaper, music paper, rice paper, coffee, primer, graphite and paint become the paper. I use these materials as a metaphor for our layered lives, which at times involve the grittiness of old, buildings and busy cities. Each work is the result of multiple layers of found paper pressed into card with glue and water. Within these layers, previous drawings sometimes appear through the transparency of the fragile papers, a patient uncovering.

For the last ten years, I have collaborated with other artists with an awareness of our environment and the recycling of materials. My intention is to show the indexical mark of the artisan maker, a person working with their hands. Essentially, my work speaks of quietness, space and people in moments of fun and pleasure, the antithesis of our crowded cities and an often-chaotic media driven world.”


Devon Pearce – Devon is a UK based artist living and working in Exeter, having completing his BTEC in Art & Design at Exeter College in 2014 he has established himself in the art world and has been working as a freelance artist for the past 5 years. Devon has had solo exhibitions in Exeter and Melbourne as well as illustrating children’s stories.

“My work explores traditional and experimental line work with the use of mixed medium, predominantly pen and ink. Using techniques such as hatching and ink dripping I keep my style playful and almost childish, a drawing habit that’s stuck with me from a young age. I’ve based my topic loosely around characters in situations, whether that’s through physical actions or emotional responses; I aim to tell a story without words.”


Gabrielle Gill – Gabrielle was a well-travelled lady who lived in London in the 1960’s amongst other artists, rockers, mods, crawlers and visionaries. During the ‘60’s Gabby travelled to Germany where her experience grew stronger and so did her influences. Her music tastes of Bob Dylan and other blues musicians and Jazz players influenced her late work. Gabby loved geometric design of the Bauhaus and this played a major part in her life. Sadly Gabby is no longer with us and this exhibition is to pay tribute to her memory as an artist and a loving Mother. All artwork sale proceeds will be donated to Marie Curie.


Louise Hall – Louise has been a practicing artist for over 20 years and has shown her work consistently in solo and group exhibitions, nationally (South Africa) and internationally.


“These landscape images speak of subterranean, historical layers. They are imaginary cross-sections of land forms suggesting evidence of disruption and excavation – and which hint at both the physical and the metaphysical.

My fascination with artistic practice is as much about making images and broadening my dexterity in combining the syntax of painting and drawing as it is about holding the paradox of steadying myself enough to think clearly while surrendering to an artistic process that is neither linear nor predictable.

This process is a curious space that must destabilize; a sweet spot of vulnerability and exhilaration which sometimes yields glimpses of insight that defy neat, linguistic translation. It’s a wild beast, I tell you, but that somehow reminds me of my humanity.”


Lynn Strugnell – “My art tutors were the late Roy Oxlade and Rose Wylie. In 1995 I completed my M.A. in Fine Art at the University of Brighton. Now living and creating between Brighton and Greece, where I exhibit regularly.  Having previously worked in oil on large canvases, I now paint daily using acrylic on paper, which has in many ways intensified my practice. My paintings are in private collections throughout Europe and the USA, and I have over 500 followers on Instagram.”


Lynn’s paintings aim to express her ‘feelings about a form.’ To make an imaginative transformation of her chosen subject. Each painting creates a space where the spectator can experience the familiar in a new way. She begins with sketching; the locality, the domestic and everyday life around her. The vibrancy of the Aegean light informs her colour pallet. Lynn strives through gestural mark making to recreate the ‘spirit in the mass’ layering and juxtaposing the paint to achieve this result.  


Paula Galera – Paula lives and works in Buenos Aires, she studied Public Translation of the English Language at university. She has exhibited in many group and private exhibitions including her own Abstract exhibitions at the University of Buenos Aires – Law School.


This series of artworks emerge from materials that have already been used on previous paintings. ‘Nothing is Really Lost’ is recreated in other abstract works. The texture, colour and collage are the structure of this series. Paula loves experimenting with used acrylic paint of all sizes and combining them with abstract figures.


Pedro Ramos – Pedro is a self-taught artist from Porto, Portugal, born in 1988. The works on paper featured in this exhibition consist of acrylic medium of different colours painted on paper and take up the name of Smears. These works belong to a series of seventeen works. Pedro’s work is made up of materials such as acrylic, graphite and Indian ink and it has found safe territory in the movement of paint of a single or several colours within the limit of space allowed by the paper/canvas. This exploration takes form in a series of repetitions that are independent yet exercise the same type of movement limitation.


Letícia Giglio – Leticia, a 28 year old artist from Brazil, is a self taught artist and dancer. Her passions unite in this exhibit to display works full of movement and vivacity. Leticia’s expressive marks and somewhat erotic depictions provoke the viewer to question their meaning. The illusive narrative allows the viewers their own multifaceted interpretation.

Leticia has been developing her creative process, producing a large body of work that could be read as an insight into her own daily life, from vast audacious works to small delicate line drawings. From this series we have selected four abstract portraits detailing the personal narrative of the work as well as the consistent movement within the pieces in several different mediums.