Renate West – Solo Exhibition, 20th – 24th March

Renate West, a multifaceted artist known for her dynamic and thought-provoking works, is set to debut her latest solo exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery. The exhibition will showcase an eclectic collection of paintings that reflect West’s diverse artistic journey and profound exploration of emotions and societal themes.

Renate West’s artistic evolution is as diverse as her experiences. From a background in business and jewellery design to her current stature as a professional artist, West’s creative trajectory has been shaped by a myriad of influences. Her paintings, characterized by a blend of preconceived ideas and spontaneous expression, delve into personal narratives, societal reflections, and the raw essence of human emotion.

With a primary focus on acrylics and charcoal, West’s artworks evoke a sense of introspection and evoke profound emotional responses from viewers. Her paintings transcend conventional boundaries, inviting audiences to challenge their perceptions and embrace the complexity of the human experience.

The exhibition features a remarkable array of West’s works, including standout pieces such as “Lockdown City,” which captures the desolation of urban landscapes during times of isolation, and “Mariupol,” a poignant depiction of the devastation of war. Each painting in the collection offers a unique perspective, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and contemplation.

In her own words, Renate West shares, “For me, painting is not just about selling; it’s about exploration, risk-taking, and continuous growth. I strive to challenge conventional thinking and provoke meaningful conversations through my art.”

The exhibition also includes notable pieces such as “Passion,” “Tango at Midnight,” and “Moving in the Right Circles and Moving Out of Them,” each offering a glimpse into West’s diverse artistic palette and unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

The Renate West Solo Exhibition will run from the 19th to the 25th of March at The Brick Lane Gallery, and will hold a opening party on the evening on Tuesday 19th of March from 6pm – 8:30pm. Art enthusiasts and collectors are invited to experience the transformative power of West’s art and engage in meaningful dialogue inspired by her creations.

Previous exhibitions include The Van Gogh Gallery (Monaco, Madrid 2023) (International Art Fair Paris, Innsbruck, Madrid 2022), The Brick Lane Gallery (London, 2021/22), Rossocibrano Gallery (Rome, 2020) and Hamphire Open Studios anually since 2004.

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