PORTRAITS EXHIBITION 6th – 17th February

Portraits Exhibition

Opening Night: Wednesday 5th February 18:00 – 20:3

6th – 17th February







Dena Ackerman– California-bred, and now living in Israel with her five children, she considers herself a self-taught artist. Her work reflects the things she cherishes most: people, books, beauty, family, home, and love. Her goal is to explore the bonds that connect us, and evoke the emotions that we, as human beings, experience, remember, and yearn for.


“What was any art but a mold to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself- life hurrying past us and running away, to strong to stop, too sweet to lose.” (Willa Cather)






Ben East– Ben East is a Hertfordshire-based artist, illustrator and occasional author. He specialises in figurative art and portraiture using acrylics or ink. He also produces sculpture in a variety of media. His work, both on canvas and in print, explores themes of youth and age, memory and loss. Much of his portraiture is drawn from subjects who might be considered marginalised or passed over: the street cleaners, the buskers, and the elderly. He is interested in the continuity between Classical and Renaissance obsessions and techniques and contemporary art practices.







Denisa Klemscheová – PhDr. et Mgr. Denisa Klemscheova is a contemporary impressionist painter who lives in Prostejov (Czech republic). Her distinctive personal style emanates the vibrant spirit and passion.


As a child, she received awards for her innate talent in international competitions.


Denisa is self-taught painter, inspired by Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet, and her paintings tells the stories of her life and her inner spiritual world.


She is also a PhD student in theological anthropology.





Fleur de Blieck – Fleur de Blieck is an artist from The Netherlands, born in 1994. She likes to tell stories with her art, using a colourfull combination of fine details and graphic elements to create a fairytale-like atmosphere. She starts her concepts digitally and translates them into handmade paint, searching for an interaction between the story and the material. For the series ‘Honey and Earth’, she used a setting that showcases the ingredients of the paint to explore concepts like growing up and emotional distance. That way, both the image and the material tell part of the story







Laura Selevos– British artist Laura Selevos, currently based in Berkshire, graduated MMU in Fine Arts in 2011 and has been practising and exhibiting for the last 7 years. Laura has shipped work globally and will next be taking part in the Newbury Contemporary Art Fair. Continuing to develop her portrait process Laura aims to create vibrant, statement portraits that bring a burst of colour into any space. Unusually choosing to work with emulsion and marker pen, she explores the qualities and playfulness of paint, layering bold brush strokes with flimsy linear marking, contrasted with focused pen work to add structure to the form. Imagery comes from sometimes multiple photographs and video footage that translate into layers of textured paint and pen, a style influenced from her interest in street art. Laura’s fluid method is ever evolving and making mistakes is all very much part of the process!






Ina G. Dyreborg – Ina is well known on social media by almost 7000 people for her carpets and mirrors. Thanks to her various formations in product development, urban development, cultural work or even in clothing and design strategy, her carpets and mirrors have nothing ordinary. The carpets are made of wool, which the mirrors are also adorned of.


In 2013, Ina dreams of unaffordable carpets. Therefore, she decides to find a way to make them herself. She then discovers the magical object: the Danella pin. Practice pays, as her fans more than love her artworks.


Ina’s mirrors make their apparition in 2016. According to the artist, it took them some time to emerge throughout her community. In 2017, Ina proposes her first graphic mirror to the public.


Later on appears the “Eye Mirror”. These amazing mirrors in an eye shape have been inspired by a podcast, which she characterizes as hilarious, called “My dad wrote a porno”. The podcast apparently tells a story of girl who never blinks, which put the idea of the eye shape in Ina’s mind.


Ina’s aim is to give a new characteristic to carpets. One, which isn’t to decorate or to soundproof. With her carpets, Ina tells a story, shows her hard work mixed with passion. With her mirrors, she gives another vision of reflection. We don’t only see ourselves anymore, we also see that beautiful adorn which makes us prettier.







6th February – 17th February 2020

Preview: Wednesday 5th February 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA




BABO – Taking inspiration from two very different themes; Nature and Astronomy, as well as two of the greatest artists, Pollock and Richter, Bas mixes and combines different techniques to come up with his typical style of vibrant and colorful abstract work.


The fastness of the universe, the decay of material, these things intrigue me. I believe that nature provides us with the most beautiful patterns and color schemes – the woods in autumn or an old patio set of which the paint is peeling off. I like to transfer this to my canvas. Maybe the single most abstract concept, the universe, provides me with infinite inspiration and is the basis of much of my work.