Photography Now | 28th April – 8th May

Artwork by Max Morawski

Photography Now

28th April – 8th May

Opening Night: 27th April, 6:00 – 8:30pm

Photography Now exhibitions are a celebration of fresh, exciting and explorational photographic styles.

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday


Artists include:

Marie-Claude Delaunay
Katerina Panagiotopoulou
David Holt
Vanessa Fischer
Arlency Photography
Max Morawski
Mara Leite
Alex Beddows
Flavien Panhard
Danielle Siobhan


CYRILLE PARRY – ARLENCY- @arlency_photos

Beyond the madness of the world, this brand-new artist Cyrille Parry wants to re-enchant the world using an open window on the world of Magritte.

Through his very pictorial technique, he invites you to poetry and dreams with this enchanted series. No doubt this brand new emerging French artist is going to delight and surprise our world.



20 years old. Born in Paris. Gap year in Egypt. Studies Politics at the London School of Economics. Picked up a film camera 2 years ago.

Tries to photograph a large panel of sceneries: from the London and the Parisian nightlife to the music industry and attempts to capture different spaces and cultures with his camera. This work in Senegal is a prime example.

This particular trip inspired him to maybe follow the footsteps of photo reporters in making it its job.

He also enjoys mixing his pictures with different forms of digital art, especially painting, as it is possible to see it on his Instagram, which quickly became its canvas for his expression.

Overall, a photographer attempting to depict and translate his flow of interest into concrete, clear cut paintings.


DANIELLE SIOBHAN @daniellesiobhan

Máthair, Irish for Mother. In this series Daniëlle Siobhán focusses on the basic elements out of which Mother Nature consists of. Touching upon the interaction between and the blending of the elements, Daniëlle’s work is an intuitive poem that weaves together the solidity of rocks with the fluidity of waters and the contrasts between temperatures with the elusiveness of air. As versatile as nature appears – from the warmth of a golden hour to the coolness of the ocean and all nuances in between – Daniëlle shows how fragments mingle in a dance of intertwining. Rooted in Ireland whilst traveling the world, the sight of mystical coastlines is her homing playground as she wanders, explores, and captures. This body of work by Daniëlle is about merging with nature. While she merges with nature, she captures nature’s emergence. Her photographs carry the experience of being one with mother earth – one with Máthair. Bio: Born in The Netherlands with strong roots in Ireland. Currently based in Amsterdam. Since the age of 16, Danielle has worked as a photographer and post producer in Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, and New York City. Working alongside Alexi Lubomirski, Pieter Henket, Agata Serge, Tim Zaragoza, Jasper Abels, Boom Productions, Atelier Management and Haut Studios working at several different sets and studios including Tim Walker Studio London and Irving Penn Studio New York. Nowadays she works as a travel photographer and post producer.



In these photos, extracted from my series “reflections of Paris”, I wanted to translate my vision, the loving look I have on my city, where I combine the real and the imaginary.

Reflections fascinate me and multiply the possibilities, the exchanges between the street, the passer-by, the architecture, and the creativity of Parisian shop windows.

I have tried to make these exchanges harmonious and aesthetic, to capture and share these unique moments.


VANESSA FISCHER- @vanessafischerart

Vanessa Fischer is an artist from Stony Brook, New York currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Fischer’s artistic practice reflects her personal journey and exploration of the loss of her mother at age fourteen with an emphasis on the impact it has on her life. She has recently completed her Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Integrated Media at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from CUNY Queens College. Fischer’s art works have been exhibited in major group exhibitions: Photography Exhibition at The Reboli Center for Art and History in Stony Brook, New York; Gesture-International Portrait Exhibition at the Midwest Center of Photography in Witchita, Kansas; I Was Here: An Exhibit of Womxn In Photography, All She Makes, Curated Online Directory For Women Creatives Worldwide; Virtual Exhibition BYO Art For The Living Gallery Eight Year Anniversary, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, New York,  MFA in Photo and Integrated Media Thesis Exhibition 2019 at Raizes Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Fresh Faces at the Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, Documenting Village Life 2018 at Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo  in Oaxaca Mexico; Passion vs Pragmatism at The Art Vacancy in Brooklyn, New York and more.


Adult Womb is a photographic series of Gum Bichromate Prints in which I photographed a woman my same age enveloped in stagnant water to mimic an adult womb. This body is surrogating for my own body: a woman slowly becoming an independent adult. The water acts as a womb, a space for a transition into adulthood. As I surrender into my inhabited space, I feel simultaneously comforted and threatened by it, but I remain there as my scattered flesh tones appear. Waiting, will I ever form into a fully-grown and whole person? For inquiries or purchase of original gum bichromate prints from Adult Womb please contact the artist directly at


MAX MORAWSKI – and #maxmorawskiphoto

Max is a minimal expressionist art photographer whose meditative seascape photographs and futuristic architectural works speak of his gratitude for and fascination with the planet we live on. He was born in 1975 in Poland and currently lives in Great Britain. Max’s work has been exhibited and awarded locally and internationally, with recent highlights including Minimalist Long Exposure Photographer of the Year and Cambridge Invitational winner. Max’s approach to photography focuses on the impression of the place, using the visual representation and tonal manipulations to invite the viewer into introspection of their relationship with self and the world.

Artis Statement

Mesmerising, sweeping vistas of breathtaking freedom and unreal shapes of edifices populate my photography. The desire to speak directly to the heart and to invite the viewer to infuse my artworks with their own inner beauty are cornerstones of my creative process. In the dialogue between the Universe and the spirit, the eternal and ephemeral, my minimalist photography captures the beauty of the natural environment and the aesthetical excellence of human-made structures. In gratitude for experiencing the wonders of the fascinating world we live in, I imbue my photographic art with feelings of peace, freedom, joy, and inspiration.


NORIO YAMAGATA @n.yamagata

Born in 1981. I have been working mainly in the area where I live and work.
I focuses on objects that seem to have been overlooked until now and is attracted to the sense of discomfort and strangeness that emerges from them, and cuts out fragments of them.


MARA LEITE @maralphoto

I use landscape photography to connect with nature, escape the routine and remind myself that our planet is full of wonderful delights. Being half American and half Portuguese has allowed me to spend my life on both sides of the globe and capture different sceneries. I was living in Seattle, WA, when I became serious about photography. I also love traveling to new destinations, so adventure is never far away.

Currently, I call London my home. Since my move four years ago, I have become an award-winning photographer and the current U.K. Landscape Photographer of the Year. My work has gained international recognition in prestigious photography contests such as the Astronomy Photographer of the Year, the International Garden of the Year, and the EPSON International Pano Awards. My photos have also been published in National Geographic and other outlets.

Additionally, I’m also an astrobiology doctoral researcher. I’m passionate about astronomy, astrophotography, and the benefits of dark skies. With my photos, I try to transport the viewer to the places I visit in hopes they can experience the magic I felt when I photograph these enchanted places.






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