Photography Now, 31st July – 13th August


31st July – 13th August

Preview: Wednesday 1st August 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 93-95 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR












Fábio Salun is a Brazillian photographer who focuses on details of natural forms, such as the dappled effect of light on water or sunlight bursting through holes ina leaf.

‘For me, the photography is more than document or technique, it is more than beauty or poetry. It is language, it is potency and in this way it is open to human reflection and experimentation. Starting from an articulation between a plastic and theoretical production I try to think how the photographic instrument, the camera, allows to distance the image that produces of the space of reference, the visible reality and the world as we perceive it. What interests me is not the world as it is, but the deviations and displacements it allows. The history of the images does not hold in the world, but in the active mind of the men and in the creative form that they have to face it’. |





Kjrsten Madsen is a film photographer from Salt Lake City. All images in her Hurricane sries were shot on film. Square images were taken with a vintage Rolleiflex.

In her series “Hurricane” Kjrsten Madsen depicts a thriving, yet quiet sub-culture of cowboys and cowgirls in rural southern Utah. Although her photographs reveal reality in a documentary-style, she seeks to portray ordinary life with emotional resonance and poignant fantasy. In doing so, Madsen transforms mundane moments into dreamy and symbolic images. |







Fred Tougas is a photographer from Montreal, Canada. ‘My fascination for singular and otherworldly environments has recently brought me to the high peaks and plateaus of the Peruvian Andes. Early civilizations altered already grandiose sceneries and transformed them into monumental artworks. Sometimes exploring places as high as 5300 meters, I could stay for hours gazing at them as if I was sitting in a museum in front of a classical painting, trying to understand its meaning. Photographed on film, Les Études Topographiques (​The Topographic Studies​) is the first chapter of an ongoing series that enables me to slow down and take the time to reflect upon that meaning. With it, I hope to inspire the viewer to do the same’. | |




Daikichi Kawazumi is a freelance street photographer based in Japan. He uses only Leica iiic and Tri-x film and develops his work himself. Daikichi’s black and white work makes use of a rich variety of tones as he focuses on both portraiture and landscape work. The artist is intersted in the ‘beauty of shape that lies concealed in everyday life’.