PHOTOGRAPHY NOW 20th September – 1nd October 2017


We are pleased to present the new edition of PHOTOGRAPHY NOW, featuring works of 7 UK-based and international artists. From the works of Beba Franziska Lindhorst presenting conceptual selfportrayal series, to Ana Arangelova’s fascination with the unnoticed and ordinary and Jano Laskor’s experimental street photography, this exhibition is a true dive into the countless possibilities that photography can offer to new artists.

Alexandra Mekhanik is Moscow-based artist working in photography. Her background is in interior design and architecture. The aim of her works is to create notion of harmony in private and public spaces through meaningful and colorful images. She finds inspiration in taking pictures of fleeting and hardly noticeable moments in life.

Ana Arangelova is a classical pianist with a passion for photography. She took private lessons in photography and participated in group exhibitions in Macedonia. She is exhibiting in London for the first time. Ana finds inspiration in nature and architecture. The artist is also a keen portrait photographer, interested in capturing moments and feelings, experimenting with techniques and
light, and bringing out her unique perspective of scenes and objects that seem rather ordinary.
Facebook: Ana Arangelova Photography
Instagram: anaarangelova
Twitter: @AnaArangelova

Beba Franziska Lindhorst lives and works in Hamburg. She studied Photography and Media on Academy of Arts in Essen and exhibited extensively in Germany. Beba is showing conceptual self portrayal series. „Beba Lindhorst doesn´t stick with pure, professionally learned photography. She finds herself challenged to combine her varied ambitions; comedy-acting and creative-artistic side with photography. Neither the complex process nor the many experiments open up to the viewer. Her photographs give the impression of an unbelievable easiness, with which she seems to realize her “idea“. (Joska Pintschovius)

Cristina is a Spanish travel and street photographer based in Suffolk, England. After graduating from Suffolk University with a BA in Fine Art, Cristina´s passion for travel and anthropologic photography continued with the body of work on show titled “Everyday Vietnam.” Series of images taken in Vietnam in April this year explore a mixture of happiness, vibrancy and despondency in the country´s changing generations. Cristina has exhibited in London, Ipswich, Madrid and Pamplona.
Instagram: cristina_granena

Darren Brown is a UK-based artist. Image on display is the first artwork from a new series titled ‘Game Over’. This new body of work explores human involvement with the outside environment and the ever-threatening vulnerability of war and terrorism. The thirst for domination and power within an apocalyptic demise is empathized with a series of sculptures that develop a hidden narrative throughout reflecting the use of heavily glamorized ‘Hollywood’ scenes of death and betrayal.
Instagram Darren.Brown.Art

David Bargalló Chaves is self-taught photographer born and living in Barcelona. His work is inspired by “capturing the beauty of things, not simply the beautiful thing.” He previously organised several exhibitions in bars of Barcelona and collaborated with local musicians. The subjects of his photographs range from nature and portraits to images that reflect street life in cities and villages.

Jano Laskor is a London based photographer who is in love with the city streets. His photography may seem purely aesthetic, flashing with eye-popping colors, but Jano’s work is always a true reflection of his feelings. Jano finds beauty in daily life and captures quirky moments that would normally stay unnoticed. The artist has been shooting ‘Flash’ series for the past 12 months.