LANDSCAPES 29th August – 9th September 2018

29th August – 9th September 2018

Preview: Wednesday 29th August 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93-95 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR






Artists throughout the History of Western Art have depicted landscape scenes, however before around the Seventeenth Century landscapes were relegated to the background of portraits or history painting. Since then, artists begun to paint landscapes for their own sake, and contemporary artists use the genre in a variety of different interesting ways. Landscapes: Rural vs Urban presents a selection of different artists who approach the genre in different ways. From earnest photography through to expressive and delicate watercolours, the artists in this eclectic group exhibition are united by their desire to present a thought provoking, and exciting landscape scene. The exhibition opens on Wednesday the 29th August at 6pm.



Timabil is a watercolour painter. For the artist, nature is the most beautiful form of art. Timabil enjoys travelling and experiencing nature first hand, and translating her experiences into her painting.

Self taught, the artist had her first solo exhibition us Seoul, Korea in 2012. In April 2017, she began to paint watercolours whilst on a three week trip to Iceland. She fell in love with the medium, and has spent the last year painting watercolours, inspired by her trip to Iceland in April 2017.


Vlada Sosis an artist originally from a much more rural environment of Ukraine, living in London evokes a desire for bright and vivid landscapes and open skies. He chooses to combine the semi-realistic style of Ukrainian art with bright and contemporary colours of the western world. As well as in his recent solo show “Generation Z” in Ukraine, Sosis is experimenting with colour through complimentary juxtapositions.

In this series Sosis explores the passage of time and the myriad of colours that comes with it. His aim is to express the mood of the weather and the character of the landscape.




Dameon Strong presents a series of seascapes, focusing on the intense and rhythmic quality of a rough sea. Ferocious waves in Fire and Water and Diamonds in The Sky draw attention the awe-inspiring power of the sea, and are contrasted with the more peaceful and idyllic Morning Embrace.

Dameon creates a complete visual experience in Lucient Peaks, with the frame creating the effect of driftwood, washed up on the shore by the very waves that are contained within the frame.

Overall Dameon’s treatment of the sea is fantastic. The dappled effect of light shimmers across the surface, with the viewer almost able to feel the mist thrown up by the undulating waves. |





Geert De Taeye is a Brussels based photographer who presents a series of works that began through an invitation by BRUZZ magazine to create a selection of works that display an artist’s vision of Brussels.

Geert chose to photograph Brussels and its influencers, representing a city that has a unique lack of sunlight. The subjects in each photograph choose the next person to be photographed, creating an unpredictable chain of events.

Geert’s photographs are moody and exciting, the single light source disappears behind a wall, encouraging the viewer to add their own interpretation of the story. The deep hues create a series of works that explore the interesting city of Brussels in a new light.



Manjinder Virk exhibits a selection of landscapes alongside his family members Ayazali, Arminder Virk and Bhavjeet.

‘Our work focuses on the surreal, the real and the bits in between. All work is one of a kind and created by each artist using their own techniques. I see time going back and forth through day and night, in life that is unknown, in search of something that is so real yet so elusive, life grows and changes. We look closely for the strings that hold them together.

I have ended up following a career that stems out of my physical curiosity for the world around me, I am a scientist only because of where I come from. Art is a skill and not way to find answers, secretly I defer’.