31st October – 11th November 2019

Preview: Wednesday 30th October 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93 – 95 Sclater Street, E1 6HR






 Alexander Light – Alexander is a photographer of travel and fine art. He was born in Georgia and now lives and works in Oslo, Norway as a musician.

He displays his landscape works from his home country at this exhibition. Such photos are from his 2016 trip when he visited all of his homeland’s regions.


Anneliese Harnish – As a landscape artist, Anneliese loves being exterior and journeying to new places. She loves when her household simply packs up and leaves the subsequent day on holiday. She enjoys not knowing where the road will take them. They previously travelled across the United States where she connected with herself and her family in the peace and quiet. When she returns home, she chooses her favourite places that she visited and paints them, all of the memories flood back and she relives the adventures. Painting is one of the most relaxing and peaceful things she enjoys doing.


Belinda Bushby – Suffolk artist Belinda Bushby takes inspiration from her surroundings, focusing primarily on the Suffolk coast, countryside, and forest around her home. Other locations creep in, and she is about to exhibit a number of mountain-inspired works in the French Alps.

The majority, however, are in and around the ancient wooded areas of Rendlesham, where the juxtaposition of the farming landscape with the ancient oaks and sliver birches provides endless subject matter. Her approach means that light and colour dictate the look of images she produces, with a light, feathery brushstroke, or a quick, thickly laden rectangle of colour. Whilst much of her work is in oils, she loves the instant effect of pastels and charcoal too.


Mary Swift – Mary has been drawing since childhood and comes from a family of artists. She has learned traditional techniques of painting and drawing and is trained in interior design. She has had five solo shows and has worked on several joint projects.

She loves to work from real life, catching the moment’s energy. She particularly likes townscapes, light effects, transportation, and towns multi-surface. She wants to capture everything in the big city’s life that is creative, bright and exciting. She found her own technique working in America. She makes quick drawings on black paper in wax pastel outdoors and then she moves them onto the canvas later in the studio. She uses contemporary oil and pastel techniques. Because of the texture of the fabrics, pastel on black canvas has an almost 3D light effect.


 Tanya Alauusua – Tanya is a mother of three sons, and lives in Raisio, Finland. She has always been interested in the arts, and has painted since 2012 when she discovered acrylic paints. Acrylics are still her favourite media to use. She took art lessons at a local institute for three years and subsequently taught herself.

Tanya’s art is feminine and features beautiful subjects. Many people have described it as ‘intense and spiritual’, just like her. She enjoys experimenting with colour palettes, and her work either features magic and bright colours or black and white with a twist. You can see a woman’s touch in every piece. Gold, silver and sparkles are often used in her works. She paints by listening to her intuition – even if she works from a picture, she includes a personal twist. Charity is also close to her heart.

In this series of “Finnish seasons” she’s found inspiration of the beautiful nature in Finland. She’s chosen the most bright and colourful moments and made her own twist on paper. Every painting is based on reality. While working with this series, she really fell in love again with Finnish nature.

Tanya finds inspiration in children and their limitless imagination, where anything is possible.

“Dreams don’t have to limit in reality; they can fly. I think that people should do what makes time stop while your soul is dancing. I hope this shows through to you in my works because this is pure love.”