Enigma Live opening 6pm 16th September


Live opening 6pm, 16th September ⁠⠀
Exhibition continues 17th – 27th September ⁠⠀


The Brick Lane Gallery is proud to present ‘Enigma’. An exhibition comprising of fluid markings and hidden stories, these works explore the nuance behind each artist and their work. ‘Enigma’ will unite the work of nine local and international artists to offer unique expressions of the self. The work of Bulgarian artist Bogdan Dyulgerov explores painterly expression as a materialisation of energy, capturing the enigmatic vitality of life on the canvas and replicating his visual interest in energy through his organic and impassioned working process. Matthew Rutherford’s expressionistic figurative scenes are both a form of escapism and his primary form of communication after a severe brain injury left him unable to speak. Camilla Jensen paints the monstrous creatures of our nightmares with an eerie authenticity, while Japanese artist Kanoko delves into the fantastical and the bizarre in her wonderfully delicate prints, and Gaia Starace investigates the cyclical nature of everyday life through her abstract interrogation of water. From Celine Michel’s woven portraits of women to the ephemeral mark-making of Florian Jager, and Ludwika Pilat the works in this exhibition combine to deliver a multiplicity of visual ruminations on the innermost self. ⁠⠀