Art in Mind & Contemporary Painting | 8th – 19th June

Art in Mind & Contemporary Painting

8th – 19th June

Private view: 8th June, 6:00 – 8:30pm

This exhibition will present the work of UK and international artists working with contemporary art and painting.
The focus for this exhibition will be on emerging and mid-career artists.
We hope you can join us at the opening on the 8thth of June from 6 to 8.30 pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday


Shahkar Ali – @the.architec

Shahkar Ali is a British Pakistani Artist. Formally trained in the Mughal caricature style of fine art painting, at a very early age Shahkar won second place in a national art contest at Alhamra centre of Arts. He went on to study architecture at the University of Brighton, UK.

‘Lost In Translation’ is the first body of work by Shahkar Ali in 2019.

The work is explored through the perspective of identity issues relevant to a British-Pakistani’s life

The main exploration of the artwork plays with different structures such as patterns and colours to throw light on the interplay of language, ideas and its inadequacy as a true reflection of one’s self.

In Response to Loss the concept of how the digital has accelerated this displacement of the lived experience, this ethos is subjected.

The conceptual style of the work is informed by the Post-Vandalism movement where Shahkar welcomes haphazardness and rejects the conventional visual refinement. His work tries to stay in the inter-space between the control of a classicist and the chaos of the lived experience, where decay and loss are in conjunction arm with spirituality and fulfilment.


Weronika Raczynska- 

Weronika Raczynska – Polish painter, born in 1978 in Warsaw, Poland. In 2002 graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting (distinction) from European Academy of Arts (EAS) in Warsaw, Poland. In 2010 completed postgraduate studies in painting at The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Cracow, Poland. Have had 17 solo shows of painting and participated in more than 120 group shows in Poland and in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and United States of America, among others. Paintings by Weronika Raczynska are in private collections in Poland – in the former president of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski private collection, among others, and in other countries of Europe, in New Zealand, Philippines and United States of America, among others, as well as in public collection in Poland.

Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Paintings of Weronika Raczynska are figurative, expressive, sometimes brutal in form. Artist is interested in faces, body, landscapes – urban and rural – in that case in abstraction form but always with a relation to reality. Sometimes animal forms are also in her interest. Painter is inspired by music, visual reality, photography, among others.


Never My Best Work – Cristina Álvarez – @nevermybestwork 

“My name is Cris and I don’t like to think of myself as an artist, I prefer to think of myself as someone who creates. At this stage of my training, I am attracted to all kinds of Art in general from painting, engraving photography and sculpture.

I want to know and deepen my knowledge of all possible techniques, materials, and visions of art. I find all the disciplines that art offers me interesting. I try to enjoy everything I do. At this stage of my life, I am more focused on painting and photography.

I consider myself a visual creator (including digital art), quite creative and experimental. I create above all, images, sensations, objects, and spaces. I like to relate concepts in all my work, in most of them I try to express my thoughts about society and how human beings relate to it.


Sofia de Castro – @sofiadecastroartworks

Sofia de Castro was born in 1966 in Oporto, Portugal, where she lives and works.
BA (honours) in painting.
In 1994 did her first solo exhibition in Oporto and then more solo and collectives exhibitions also in Madeira island.


Ela Ertan – @elaertanart 

Ela Ertan is a contemporary British artist from London, and a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, where she studied Painting BA (Hons). Her work explores the notion of the sublime through her investigation of light and colour, largely through the subject of the sky and urban landscapes.

Rosemary Burn – @rosemary.burn

The works which I have presented in this exhibition all display aspects of everyday life, from street scenes, to the close and intimate examination of a fly on a wall. Moments are presented in terms of their emotional impact, or blurred into semi abstraction

Mindfulness – perhaps an overused term, but one which nevertheless reflects my artistic process.

My paintings are crafted from moments and memories – tiny events which capture my attention, such as a dripping bath tap and the light carried in the ripples, a fly on the wall, the fleeting expression on a face, a nameless place.

I paint every day searching for an alchemy between paint, subject and moment. When I studied at Chelsea School of Art, I was making sculpture, but the intention behind the work was similar. Works from those times include a bicycle abandoned on its side with its back wheel perpetually turning, so the scene of an accident was kept alive for an infinite length of time, a remote-controlled leg of lamb, a huge flying saucepan which had come to rest skewered by the sword of a swordfish held upright by a fisherman (both plaster casts).

Although my life is a busy one with many commitments – I am also a classical pianist, (and I teach the piano), not being creative in some way every day has never been possible for me. I love every minute!


Ian Dolwin – @iandolwin 

Ian Dolwin is a talented contemporary painter who captures the passing moods of modern urban life. Ian who has been inspired and influenced by both the artists of the Fauvist movement as well as Frank Aurbach, states. “I love the experiential use of paint as taught by Bomberg and started with Sickert .The gestural and existentialism mark making and expressive us of colour are married together to make my new pictorial reality. My earlier subjects are inspired by scenes and images from around London and my imagery caught from “the watched walker “ U-Tube phenomenon of walking around London constantly filming. “My latest series of paintings “GAY PRIDE” which will be showing at the Brick Lane gallery in June, depicts the courage of transvestites stepping out in their fantastic dresses. The primitive image depicts the challenge to society’s conventional male stereotypes. The use of translucent and pastel oil colour expresses the transient moment. This is the core of my subjects expressed in my unique style.”


Clare Law – @clarelaw.fineartist

Clare Law is an award-winning landscape artist, whose inspiration is driven by the natural world. She works from her studio in the heart of the beautiful Tamar Valley in Cornwall. Having been inspired by the richness of Impressionism throughout her life, her sculptural creative process involves a method of working using oils with only a small painting knife.  Each painting is heavily researched on site, capturing the ambience and composition that will enable a painting to embrace their audience. Her eye for detail enables Clare to fully explore and work with the complexity of light, colour and texture. In particular, she is drawn to the rich vegetation and scenes of water where the intricacy of all three values can be fully explored.


Tessa Jane – @tessajanedesigns 

“I draw the viewer in to see in new ways- to observe and respond to the works, extracting their own experiences and perspectives and gaining new interpretations. I use the sewing machine as drawing tool along with found and conventional materials, but the work has many layers visually and conceptually, using printed, collaged, drawn, and stitched mixed media. I recycle and repurpose. Sourcing discarded objects, thoughts and feelings helping them to be heard. I take what have been degraded and make it precious again. Whether usable object, a piece of furniture or fine art/ conceptual piece with no physical function, Tessa what’s you to be curious, therefore the function is to ask you to question, or ponder.



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