12th – 23rd December

Preview: Wednesday 11th December 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA





Chan Oi Ying – Oi Ying is inspired and attracted by the simplicity, subtlety, and the abstract marks of traditional Chinese Calligraphy and ink paintings. The concept of Chinese art and abstract expressionism is similar. Oi Ying aims to project her spirit and personality with the use of expressive marks and tone. She believes as long as her pieces reflect her own uniqueness she imagines the inner message will become clear as if the viewer and artist are connected through the work.


Oi Ying creates her pieces at her dining table in Hong Kong, she wants her works to emphasise the versatility of how an artist can work and what a high end piece of art can be.


Louise Hall – Louise has been a practicing artist for over 20 years and has shown her work consistently in solo and group exhibitions, nationally (South Africa) and internationally.


“These landscape images speak of subterranean, historical layers. They are imaginary cross-sections of land forms suggesting evidence of disruption and excavation – and which hint at both the physical and the metaphysical.

My fascination with artistic practice is as much about making images and broadening my dexterity in combining the syntax of painting and drawing as it is about holding the paradox of steadying myself enough to think clearly while surrendering to an artistic process that is neither linear nor predictable.

This process is a curious space that must destabilize; a sweet spot of vulnerability and exhilaration which sometimes yields glimpses of insight that defy neat, linguistic translation. It’s a wild beast, I tell you, but that somehow reminds me of my humanity.”


Marja-Ritta Vuorela – Marja-Ritta is a Finnish artist and studied Philosophy at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. She works as a Journalist.

Her most recent exhibition was held at the ‘Ars Nova Botnica’ in the summer of 2019.

Marja’s art works are pastel and charcoal on paper. Her portraits are based on photos and each one of them has its own individual personality, which is why she chose the titles.


Pedro Ramos – Pedro is a self-taught artist from Porto, Portugal, born in 1988. The works on paper featured in this exhibition consist of acrylic medium of different colours painted on paper and take up the name of Smears. These works belong to a series of seventeen works. Pedro’s work is made up of materials such as acrylic, graphite and Indian ink and it has found safe territory in the movement of paint of a single or several colours within the limit of space allowed by the paper/canvas. This exploration takes form in a series of repetitions that are independent yet exercise the same type of movement limitation.


 D.A.W.N. – “Greek & Dutch, liberal arts scholar, through an in-depth cross-discipline life-long study, an uncanny synthetic nature and devoted mystic lifestyle, the artist imprints objective yet radical representations of notions, dynamics and realities known to human experience. for the sake of existential elation & transcendence in hopes of initiating a deeply humanitarian self reckoning. Merging left and right brain functionality and understanding with the quintessence of consciousness.

“My art is a completely new form of expression, iconoclastic, unorthodox & deeply spiritual in nature. Representing a new school of thought in/on the liberal arts. based on and derived from my own findings & musings in sacred examination to existence & reality. Guided and instructed by a heightened perceptivity and finely attuned evolutionary spirit. “


“This selection of works, showcase a partial segment of my ongoing progressive projects… these paintings are what D.A.W.N. calls; etheric blueprints on canvas. Refined codes of vast and difficult to grasp and integrate for most concepts & realities, which she decodes in a deeply invested creative process, to produce such blueprints, requires an all encompassing super conscious existential effort. Which in reality, by far transcends conditioned thought/being, and so directly opposes it which is evident in the subconscious triggers/thoughts the artwork and artist’s approach may provoke. Hence giving the artworks immeasurable value which is not reflected or limited to the apparent visible ways and choices as may be seen or judged on canvas. The paintings quintessential nature is rather experienced and gained only via a thoroughly open minded approach rid of all biases and prejudice. Which in turn can provide a heightened understanding on pre-existing thought patterns. If thus occurs in the psyche, D.A.W.N’s works will have achieved their purpose of initiating a rather refreshing & clarifying illumination-disillusionment process for the willing individual- viewer.

Some of her paintings are experimental blueprints of individuals, some are blueprints of core elements and concepts in regards to the foundation of existence, some of the interplay of the dynamics within the human condition-life. yet not limited to the above. And on it goes.”




 Tim Muddiman – I have been involved in Art and Music for all of my life. I am a member of Gary Numan’s band and have toured the world as a musician for over 20 years. After devoting my adulthood to music I am now devoting my time to an obsession of image, colour and design. Under the laws of creativity and freedom the journey is long, strong and abstract.



Preview: Wednesday 11th December 18:00 – 20:30


Nicola Wittum – “Hidden, torn, revealed

How many people passing a poster can resist pulling at a loose piece of paper? How many people can resist making a little tear a little bigger? But how many people are aware that their petty act of vandalism has created a new and unusual image?

For this series of photos Nicola Wittum, who lives between Florence, Paris and London, has captured the fleeting transformative moment when the destruction of one image leads to the creation of another. The moment when the random and the abstract collide, when what is hidden is revealed.

With his hallmark style of meticulous research and detailed observation Nicola has exhibited his unique brand of photography in several European cities.”