CONTEMPORARY PAINTING 17th – 30th July 2018





Anna Kataian is a Ukranian artist who has studied fine art and restoration. As a discerning traveler she seeks to find new inspiration in new plaves and techniques. The series of wateroclours she exhibits at The Brick Lane Gallery are a series of the Old Town of Dresedn, portrayed at different times of the day. Anna takes the view through views of the town by day and nihgt, sunset and sunrise or in the pouring rain to give a total view of the landscape.

Her use of the watercolour medium subtly blends colours whilst also allowing discernible forms to emerge.


Darren Baxter is a British artist who has exhibited globally for over 15 years. Having trained as an illustrator he hopes to produce visually arresting paintings with an implied narrative in his own signature style, often inspired by nostalgia, contemporary culture and fantasy.

His colourful compositions lead the eye on a tour of the canvas, slowly unveiling a narrative that forms in the viewer’s mind. His bold colours draw the viewer into the frame, with clever visual synecdoches offering the opportunity for each story to develop. |


Martynas Pekarskas is an artist who seeks to paint reality as he understands it. For the artist, form does not matter; it is all about the message. Art is another mode of expression without words.

‘This artwork is an appropriation and manipulation of a reproduction. By fragmenting and editing Rembrandt‘s piece Bathsheba at Her Bath (1654) reproduction scale, I export/render this reproduction through the tools of painting. By doing this, I mimic pixel graphics, which is common in digital art. While playing with this condition, I‘m balancing between painting an abstraction and representing something within the strict grid. As the distance between artwork and spectator increases, the image appears to be clear. As the spectator gets closer to this picture, the image fades away, because the pixels itself grabs the attention of the viewer.’ | |


Nick Marschalek is a German artist who has been painting from a young age. More recently he has moved into working with acrylic on canvas. For the artist, these paintings are not just colours on a canvas but are moments of life. Emotions such as joy, sadness, love and hate are all represented in his work.

Always unwilling to restrict himself to one area of art, Nick is constantly trying new things and finding new ways to express himself.

‘My life is my inspiration. Art is my life.’ |


Rémi Truchot is an expressionist painter from Paris, France. He started drawing from a very young age and was passionate about watercolor as a teenager. During his college years, he started training in analysis drawing, anatomy and perspective. This led him to pursue a degree in Visual Communication Design at l’école d’Arts graphique et d’architecture de la ville de Paris. His works were featured in galerie Poiésis des Arts in Paris and Galerie Expression in Auxerre.

As a painter, Remi explores figurative art through watercolor, looking at the destinies that intersect and the temporal dimension of existence, mixing sensuality of the wash and trait character. Over time he developed his style switching between figuration and abstraction. His technique is based on strong contrasts and he works “alla prima”. His paintings are imbued with a certain nostalgia that he expresses through the choice of subjects; most from his personal experience, in order to express the beauty and dramatic intensity of life. It combines simplified and fuzzy forms to retain the essence of the scene. |


Sheena Myriad is an artist whose illusionary and surrealist landscapes are painstakingly created with detailed brush strokes. The scenes are fantastical and whimsical but are painted using traditional techniques of watercolour, pen, in and acrylic. Some of the artworks are prints with gel pen added in the final stage, while others are originals. The frames in the originals are baroque in style while the prints are in contemporary frames with a painted lace effect. The use of colour is a combination of predominately two tones such as purple and green, or red and orange.

Sheena Myriad is from the West Coast of Canada but has lived in India, Bali, California and Australia, now residing in the UK. Travelling to castles, palaces and amazing places is her passion. Having studied traditional methods such as calligraphy, watercolour and line drawing in high school, she then studied perspective drawing and practiced by sitting on streets in places like Mexico and Spain with their heritage architecture. The rest of Sheena’s inspiration stems from the magic of imagination.

‘In this world that is fast paced and full of change, this art attempts to recapture the memes that fabricate childhood fantasy’.



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