CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, 12th – 24th September


12th September – 24th September 2018

Preview: Wednesday 12th September 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA.




Barry Laden’s ‘Roar of the Crowd’ series focuses on a rare mix of sport and art. ‘Where some people see a flag-waving, chanting mass of supporters, I see a strong visual picture – a faceless sea of people acting as one. I love the flags and strong colours along with the supporters defined by their team or nation and the joy of their devotion. I have combined all of these sentiments in this impressionistic series that I hope will reach out to a wide range of art lovers including sports fans’.

With particular emphasis on art and design, Barry Laden MBE FRSA has been recognised as a leader in supporting other designers for more than 20 years. Since 1999 he has shown his own art at The Laden Showroom in Brick Lane and his pieces are in a wide number of private collections. Last Summer, his “Chaos over Moscow” canvas was shown digitally at the Saatchi Gallery. He is a Freeman of the City of London and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He was made MBE by Prince Charles in 2010 and awarded Honorary Doctorate of Design by Southampton Solent University in 2014.


Debby Juanerez is a French artist from Toulouse whose painting focuses on simplified forms and colours in figurative representation. Her softened approach creates pleasing compositions, with visible brush strokes providing evidence of their creation.

‘My painting wonders about its relationship to the skin and the body.

The body is both subject and support and is part of a practice of overlapping, superposition of layers that leaves room for carnation, flesh’.


Dan Bassett is a British artist from Saint Ives, Cornwall. He works with mixed media, and composes his work onto digital collage. Devoid of relief and texture, the work is then printed in a single edition and hand finished with more drawing, painting text and collage.

‘Most of my painting and thinking is due to late night introspection often fuelled by overheard conversational titbits. I enjoy exploring objects and situations that we take for granted and our relationships to them and society in general’. | |


Steve Bauer is a German based, self-taught artist. His work mediates on themes born out of daily social life. Steve’s paintings cover human emotions from fear to joy, mixed with philosophical topics.

His use of a dark pallet creates moody, sinister paintings that are imbued with a deep sense of melancholy. | |



Wooyoun Lee is a Korean painter whose colourful paintings allude to mechanical forms and are reminiscent of works by French painter Fernand Léger.

‘Various emotions from the experience of everyday repetitive life create unforgettable memories through their association with subjective thoughts, and those memories are absorbed into scenes. Time passes without a lie but memories become reminiscences and are recollected as subjective emotions. And thoughts are added.

For the sake of communication with audiences, those memories are expressed through free and raw fragments. The forms of those fragments go through a time of modification and segmentation under the laws of painting in order to conduct their role in the painting. In sum, the artist attempts to carefully observe daily life in order to visualize her experience and to bring them to the present through a vital feeling of space with the abstract fragmented forms in her paintings’. |


Elena Gómez Toussaint studied Fine Arts in Mexico City and at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France.

Her work has been exhibited in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and Mexico.

Fluctuating between abstraction and representation, Elena uses drawing as a

starting point. She describes drawing as “a way of looking into the world and expressing it through the mark, like a continuation of the gesture of the hand”. This results in very gestural paintings in which movement is key.

A recurring theme in her work is the concept of process. By working in layers, every stage of her process leaves a trace on her canvas; stains, brushstrokes and pencil marks remain visible through an interlacing of depths and transparencies,

turning her abstract landscapes into a recording device, a space of memories. | |


Ieva Kaminskaite is a Lithuanian artist who lives and creates her work in London. Back in Lithuania she studied interior design, however, never pursued a career in the field. Ieva studied at had at St Martin’s college and also took graphic design and photography courses at Shaw academy. In 2017 she decided to get back to painting as a full time creative pursuit. In April 2018 Ieva had her first solo exhibition in her hometown.

‘The Y.O.C Yellow Oxygen Cylinder series was inspired by the local areas in London. I was hoping to bring attention to animals that wanders around us, most of the time digging through rubbish that were left in green spaces’. |










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