Art in Mind & Contemporary Painting | 10th – 21st May



Art in Mind & Contemporary Painting

10th – 21st May 2023

Preview Night: 10th May, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday



Shaun Daniel Wane

A word from the artist:

When I was an Industrial Painter, I could never put myself into my painting, and everything had to be completed to a decorative finish. Being an artist, on the other hand, my painting has all of me in it. My artwork isn’t about passing on a message to the viewer; it is about my relationship with paint from when I first picked up my paintbrush. My paintings are abstract figurative, with attention to realism secondary to the colours and shapes of the finished piece.

Harry Watmough

British, Self Taught, Previous Shows Holy Art Gallery, Folkestone Art Gallery.

With my paintings I explore the relationship between bold colours, shapes & mantras to take the viewer on a spiritual journey. Usually taking inspiration from a quote or a single word I will then use this energy to drive the creation of the piece and convey as much feeling as possible. I paint to inspire and to uplift, as in my experience colour & joy go hand in hand.

H. Bora Ayan

Bora Ayan is a Turkish multidisciplinary artist based in İstanbul, working in different variety of art forms. Education: TOBB ETU – Industrial Design Workshops: ITU – ARTFEST 2022 – Pencil Drawing Fundamentals + AI Talk Special Projects: PASHA TALKS – Podcast Series, FULL OF SNAKES – NFT Collection AN ISTANBUL ODYSSEY: I saw the magic deep inside the city of Istanbul ignites a story of self telling chase the rabbit and inspiration comes with it rewarded by an instant crush on sight.


A word from the artist:


“Identity, the constant inward and outward search for an authenticity and consciousness that is only found in nature is examined here through personal, familial and cultural distinctiveness. The paintings I create, which surround a subject matter with the natural world, have become a way for me to gain physical and emotional agency. I attempt to connect what many of us as humans share; which is the body and the need to connect with nature as a primary element to understand ourselves as a person and society. In the times that we have had to live, we have realized more and more the great importance of the natural world, how necessary it is to take care of it and that without a doubt, we are not its owners. It is a daily reminder to give the environment the importance, respect and love it deserves.”


A word from the artist:

 “I consider myself a versatile artist. I have traveled the paths of poetry, music, dance and of course painting as forms of manifestation.

In my own works I feel attracted to the study of color combinations in imaginary faces of people, as well as creatures of the unconscious, animals and abstraction of some of my works.the temperament of the faces demonstrates a certain security, autonomy and freedom of expression over any academic obligation or established canon. I am an enthusiastic  person of life and art.”

Thomas Gonzalez

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, studied in UPRRP(University of Puerto Rico) Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Mayor in Painting.  Exposition in Argentina, Austria, Italy, USA, and Puerto Rico. Winner of the grant Artist Releaf of 2020, published in Art Magazine Collect Art, and Art Magazine 2022. This work is called Heads is made after the pass of Hurricane Maria. I take the colors from the radar, and emulate a form of a head, to display a identity of it. My work comes from the background of my own experiences. Is a college from the past. In simple terms, is a story.

Monia Bindi

Monia Bindi lives in Italy with her family

 She studied language and art and she moved to Florence to study art history at University.

 Monia’s artistic research turns its gaze to the human figure, starting from a study of human anatomy and then arriving at a more abstract painting with more action.  With quick brushstrokes, touches of colour we can recognize long figures that bring our mind back to the human figure.

Alison Hightower Suttle

The collection of paintings presented at Brick Lane Gallery represent two of Alison’s favorite subjects: trees and fish. Each painting begins with a charcoal sketch and watercolor underpainting. The substrate is mounted pastel paper which is then painted with many thin layers of color, moving from dark to light, using soft pastel sticks. The oldest of art mediums, the pastel pigments are the most permanent form of art available surpassing oil and watercolors.

Louis Chapheau

 Louis Chapheau is a Canadian-born, multi-disciplinary artist who creates under his personal studio brand, YourTurnDontFall Studio. He is represented by galleries in West Hollywood, Barcelona, Toronto, London, and Hertford, UK.

His style continues the post-vandalism/neo-expressionist movements with its own emergent identity and message. His paintings predominantly engage in social and political commentary, utilising devices ranging from literary excerpts, to subversive epigrams, to brand iconography, drawings and bold contrasting colour palettes to draw in the observer and convey their messages.

He began painting for the first time in his life in May of 2020, discovering what had since been an unknown skill set and passion. His collections now include creative works on canvas and wood panels, custom-made, hand-painted leather jackets, shoes, and bags for both men and women, digital artwork, and photography.


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