Art in Mind | 7th – 18th December

Art in Mind

7th – 18th December

Preview Night: 7th December, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Gerdine Duijsens


Gerdine Duijsens’ work is a synthesis between figurative and abstract art. Her internationally collected paintings reflect the modern culture of consumerism, the desire to achieve status, and overindulgence. In their unguarded moments, Duijsens displays her characters as their vulnerable and insecure selves, when in their seemingly unobserved moments they briefly escape from a world in which status, knowledge, protocols and power keep them prisoner. Through lyrical expressionism in its purest form, we see ourselves. The characters are satirical, exaggerated forms and are meant to be lighthearted and fun. The dining and party scenes have a very recognizable style that can be distinguished by four main elements: people, lush layers of color, expressionistic mark making, and portraiture. Her people are “bon-vivants,” somewhat blasé, comical, cheerful, and bored. The partying, dining, happy single, and Botox paintings have become Duijsens’ trademarks and have generated a steadily growing club of collectors internationally.


Olorunyemi Kolapo


The work of Nigerian artist Olorunyemi Kolapo focuses on identity and connections that human beings make or do not make through language, gesture, looks, expression, physical placement, cultural values, and more.

Kolapo was born in the city of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, where he started his art practice as a young teenage boy working majorly with charcoal on paper, wood, and other available materials within his reach. The Nigerian self-taught artist marries art and science (mainly physics) to investigate and illustrate identity and emotions through portraiture using oil and charcoal with the science knowledge he gained after graduating with a B.Sc. in Applied Physics at Kogi State University. Against his parents’ wish, who wanted him to be an engineer, he started art professionally in 2005 but after graduation, he was able to get their support to pursue his passion. Kolapo is presently working on a new body of works on how futurism wished to revolutionise culture and identity by depicting the beauty of modern life and recalling the lost identity of Africans in the utopian world against dystopia. Kolapo has a great amount of solo and group exhibitions in his portfolio. After being supported and represented by Susa Rodríguez-Garrido, artist, curator, publisher and founder of Agama Art Publishing & Agency, he has been able to have his first international solo exhibition in February 2022 in Spain together with this London exhibition in December 2022, and has been able to recently attend a month Artist Residency in Lusaka, Zambia.


Sylvia Ditchburn


Australian fine artist, formally trained in art and curatorship.  Over 50 solo and group shows in Australia, Russia, China, New York, Memphis, and London.

“In my work, I like to reflect my passion for the Australian environment through landscape and floral representation.  I mainly paint en plein air travelling on art safari with other artists in the Australian outback of central and western Australia.  I live in Townsville coastal north Queensland, a dry tropics area south of the wet tropical rainforest and the beautiful Gr Barrier Reef just offshore in the Coral Sea.  I love the beauty, richness, and drama of these magnificent areas and aim to capture their essence in my work through colour and imagery. Water Garden with Pink Lotus symbolizes renewal, Flower Power – Let the sun shine in with Sunflowers.  Sunflowers bring joy with their bright yellow colour and tall dancing Stems.  Tropical Garden with Crab Claw gives a glimpse of the north Queensland plant diversity and rich colour of the tropics in North Queensland.”


Carlos Hache


“I’m a graphic artist from Madrid who represents their emotions through the simplicity of primary colors, the human figure and nature. In each work I believe a space in which these figures coexist, fit in and relate with love and respect.”


Constance Baxendell


Born in 2001, Constance is originally from Manchester but now lives in London, with her studios based in Camden. Her desire to create expressive paintings began from a very early age. As both a creator and lover of art, Connie has just recently graduated from the University College London with a BA in the History of Art.

In her art, Constance explores human anatomy and the elusive energies of human beings. When painting, she will return multiple times to the subject of the canvas with another emotion, another expression, constantly altering their form, reshaping and molding their energy. With each layer, she adds more depth to their persona. Her work is about beauty, chaos, passion. It stirs something inside of us that is unspoken, but ultimately undeniable.


Jakob Juul


Jakob Juul was born in 1995 and grew up in an ordinary Danish family in a small town outside Horsens. Today he works in his studio in Aarhus, where he spends most of his days.

Jakob has always dreamed of being independent, but never thought it would be his art that he would have to make a living from. That dream changed in 2018, when he started painting for personal and therapeutic reasons.

What inspires Jakob the most?

Everything from music, other art, a passer-by, fashion, differences, colors etc., help to form his everyday life, and are the foundation of what you see in his paintings. For Jakob, his walking around in a big computer game where everything has its own life and a story to tell – which fascinates him.

In Jakobs art, he place great emphasis on the fact that what you see the first time is not always what you see the second time – that you get as many impressions as possible. That is why he loves shapes, patterns and colors that challenge, provoke and pushes the brain to think a little extra.


Tim Robertson

“Starling murmurations are a wonder of nature. Many thousands of birds flying together with a baffling, collective synchrony, creating huge, fluid, ever-changing shapes. They have long held a deep fascination for me, resonating in many different ways – flight, flux, transience, the strangeness and beauty of birds, multitudes and the gravity that holds them together. The way each bird plays its instinctive part in the continual transformation of the collective whole. Being many, seeming one.”


Pat Bull


Fascinated by the forms and figures of birds, Pat Bull’s sculptures are inspired by the great outdoors. Determined to capture the rare and fleeting beauty of feathered creatures, his work freezes a single movement observed in wildlife.

Since graduating from the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in Fine Art, Pat has spent the last 10 years working on bronze sculpture. Using the skills developed in the foundry industry he now makes his own wildlife sculptures, the main focus being bird life. Cast in bronze, each sculpture is finished by hand with a unique patina and sealed with a coat of wax.


Besjana Kryeziu


Besjana’s dream-like paintings celebrate femininity as part of her “Women’s World” series. With confident brushstrokes and delicate line work, her work colours the very essence of womanhood; an aura that escapes the boundaries of the body to emanate from her subjects.

A word from the artist:

“Women must believe in the potential they possess!”

“Paintings are how I express the world of women, starting from beauty and spanning the soul, fashion, shapes, courage, power, motherhood, overthinking, profession, responsibilities, simplicity, intelligence, confidence in herself.”

Besjana Kryeziu is a visual artist from Kosovo, living in Belgium. She earned her BFA and Master’s degree from the University of Prishtina. She took part in more than 60 local and international exhibitions: two of them were as a curator, also she was a winner of 7 prizes and 25 certifications. Places that she exhibited were in the USA, UK, Italy, India, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and more.



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