ART IN MIND 20th – 31st March


21st – 31st March 2019

Preview: Wednesday 20TH March 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93-95 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR

The Brick Lane Gallery is pleased to present Art in Mind. This group exhibition showcases an exciting mix of artworks featuring many mediums, including a combination of sculpted work and paintings. We will be emphasising works expressed in non-figurative techniques to focus the ways mixed media work can be expressed through objects.




Baydon Merry 

Baydon studied an art and design theory degree in Preston Lancashire from 1995-2003. His main interest was in European art and design in the early 20th century.  Baydon relocated to London in 2003 and studied railway track engineering from 2003-2005. He currently works as a Railway Track Engineer.

“I started making sculptures in 2000 and have produced a small number of objects to date. I destroyed some objects and some remained as concepts. I like to experiment with form and function, defining lines, asymmetry, balance and reforming objects”


Hammerstand is an Architect and cartoonist, who are the head and owner of Hammerstand architects based in Berlin, Germany.


Aya Sunga Askert is a Stockholm-based artist who explores humanity, a theme that has always been apparent in her sculptures and assemblages. THE ODYSSEY BEGINS draws attention to human existence while incorporating abstract and figurative elements to communicate the resurgence of a human being from the adversities of life. Aya consciously sought inspiration from the Monarch butterfly, a specie known for its impressive metamorphosis and resilience in migration.


Massinha is a Brazilian, Medical Student, First Exhibition, 24 Years, 20 years modeling (initially mass modeling and in clay for 10 years). My art is divided into 3 planes: form which I associate both in general and in expression, symbols that work ideas and the emotion that comes to distort everything.


Sean Xwixwi Mbidzo/Xiwxwimaskoff is an emerging Zimbabwean born self-taught fine artist from a small town called Mvurwi. He participated in-group exhibitions with the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in 2017, and with ABC: AM The African Born Child Art Movement 2018 – as two of his first major opportunities to showcase his unique works of art. His work is not confined to a specific style or type; it’s mostly diverse and mixed media on canvas. His works are a blend of cultures seeking to break those barriers which limits creativity, thus bringing a more unifying sense that though we may be different in our ways, we are a one beautiful work of life magnified by unlimited creativity, beauty and diversity in art.

Gabrielė Venckutė born in Lithuania. Finished Art school in 2009. Graduated Graphic Design with specialisation at book design and illustration. Developed her own style in last 7/8 years mainly using aquarelle technique and combining digital softwares to create final illustration by layers. Specific concept is highly inspired by 1970’s daily surroundings and how it meets current day. Simplicity and industrial fragments plays big role by soft and mild watercolour touch in it.
Sensitive look at the details, meaning of numbers and oldest casual fragments. I see these fragments as alive ones, containing strong energy charge, with own story – as old photographs.  Life itself does help to create an idea for illustration. Therefore inspiration comes from different state of feelings, experiences, and unknown. Answers and questions. Music and silence. Exceptional attention to sensitive details. Also as the interaction between daily romance and industrial fragments. This interaction creates a unique and real line that deserves recognition in deep colour surrounded by shades.