Works on Paper and Abstract Art


12th – 23rd May

The Brick Lane Gallery

Opening: Wednesday 12th May at 6 pm Live on Instagram

Participating artists:

Phil Hawkins

Stephanie Poppe

Michal Adelt

Anatasia Scudamore

Lara Even

Naveena Gokoolparsadh

Bruna Fernandes

Leila Mead

Karin Wassmer

IONIC – AKA Dan Edwards   @i_o_n_i_c

This series is a collection of memories and experiences, with the narrative constantly in an ephemeral state and evolution, decaying, leaving fragmented layers to be replaced by its predecessor. Each layer tells a time in history and has stories embedded into the beautifully blighted fabric of the city.

These have been collected for nearly a decade from around the world, including Bristol, London, New York, Amsterdam, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.


LARA EVEN https: @majortomspinkcrows

The digital series of art shared in this exhibition is the short story of a journey sectioned within itself. The art, although described as abstract, is a representation, visualisation of certain moments, feelings, thoughts or scenes as they are visible, audible and sensible to the artist herself. The colours and textures in detail in the feel of emotions if listened to and sensed, are as visible as physical shapes and colours.


ANASTASIA SCUDAMORE  @anastasiafineartist

Often my collections are inspired by my travels and surroundings. I take inspiration from the colours, architecture or even the atmosphere of locations that I have travelled to and recreate and deconstruct these elements into paintings. Each piece is designed to add balance, harmony, drama and elegance to any space and everyday life.


DAN HARNETT  @danielharnett

Inspired by my long and close association with the sea, my work ranges from abstract to still life photography. Drawing on experiences and memories from my time in the merchant navy and my childhood memories growing up on the Kent coast.  My photography is an extension of my life’s voyage, creating works that explore human relationships with the sea, conjuring images, stories and reflections.


RALPH AIKEN @raiken210

The long-term project I’ve been working on is ‘A Portrait of Africa In Sardinia’. This is a close look into the eyes of some of those refugees who have made their way here from West African countries such as Nigeria, Senegal and Burkina Faso. My aim here was to give a louder voice to those who are fighting everyday to survive, to obtain respect & freedom to work here in Italy & Europe, so that they might provide for their families back home.


MICHAL ADELT  https:   @m.art_colours

As an artist I feel very privileged to be able to count on several sources of inspiration. Here is for example human behaviour, feelings and nature. And my goals are to be able to share with the viewer through my paintings. When you engage with my art, it is my hope that you will be overcome with feelings of joy, freedom, and great peace…be reminded that you are surrounded by beauty and joy no matter your circumstances, you are loved by your Creator, and you are never, ever alone.


MON LAFERTE  @mon_lafarte

She has a clear vocation for Street Art and the visual languages that contemporary cities build, at the same time she expresses herself through idioms and the emotionality of the Latin American tradition. Her work feeds on popular poetry in a devotional and intimate sense in the actions and spaces of recollection, the gift for the offering, and in particular the tradition of the Mexican votive offerings.



Nowadays a lot of wild species are in danger because of lost habitat, climate change and poaching. For these reasons I have decided to dedicate my photography to the cause of preservation so the future generations might admire the incredible wildlife on our beautiful planet.

Today we look but we don’t see. My photography is to see because to see is to love and to love is to protect.


NAVEENA GOKOOL @naveena.gokool

Naveena Gokool has a background in science, which gives her a unique perspective when approaching her artistic practice and believes that there is a lot of overlap between science and art.

References to artists such as Egon Schiele and Jean-Michel Basquiat can be seen in her strong line work and use of bold colours. The expressionism movement overall, is an important influence on the artists’ own visual language. Her work has been described as “Egon Schiele but Pop”.


BASSE   @basseartist

Bassé is an artist without a plan, mostly works with ink on paper with some variations in medium, but always quite abstract “the only plan and prep I do before starting a piece is deciding a colour I fancy at that moment, from there I sink my pen into the ink well, and watch the ink bleed from nib to paper- then it’s just a dance. If I start getting locked onto a composition, I have to walk away and come back later- Otherwise it always ends up getting scrapped”.