Abstract Exhibition 8th – 20th January


9th – 20th January

Preview: Wednesday 8th January 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA







Charlotte Harron – Born and raised in in Hamilton, New Zealand, Charlotte Harron currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.  Charlotte is reconnecting with her creative side, and has in recent years been painting in a formal art mentorship program.  To date Charlotte’s focus is in geometric abstraction. This year, her work has been publicly featured several times in the heart of Toronto at the Yonge & Eglinton Centre, in other public venues in Toronto, as well as available on an online Canadian Gallery.   She’s on an exciting journey to discover news ways of working with colour, and hard edge painting to create engaging geometric art.

Charlotte’s work is defined through her use of unconventional, bold use of colour, and her ability to complete her pieces with precision and attention to detail.  The three canvases in this exhibition focus on creating movement on the canvas through the use of derivative colour mixing, and differing sized shapes and lines.  She works with acrylic paint and tape to create her artworks.





DASCA – DASCA, short for Davide Scalcon, is an Italian artist who has been drawing and using colours since his early teens, inspired by simple concepts under compelling circumstances. Self-thought, DASCA follows a creative process that combines research, impulse and introspection.

“I strongly believe that art has the power to inspire, challenge and offer a new point of view of everyone’s reality. My mission is to raise awareness about how our society could improve the well-being of individuals once they are able to appreciate the bare essentials”.

Now, more than ever, many people lose sight of the true and valuable things in life overwhelmed by the amount of external stimuli, until they are forced to stop.

To express his own vision of reality, DASCA is removing anything that feels superficial to focus only on the elements what matter the most. “Every painting starts with an image that catches my attention. I am interested in the true essence of things, so I abstract a subject from the context. I see the full composition as sum of single elements, and I reduce it to its domain colours and primary lines. Differently, I strip off the subject details and let them float against abstract backgrounds, to resemble landscapes or scenarios”.

Sill today, painting feels as natural as breathing to DASCA, a chance to escape from everyday routine and experiment with new techniques, materials and painting methods. As part of his minimal approach, in the latest production he gave up brushes and palette knife to use only fingers.





Helen Sadler – Helen is a British artist who works from her studio in the old port of Ibiza. She uses acrylics on canvas to create colourful abstract artwork, inspired by the natural light and colours of the Balearics. Her abstract paintings invite you to take a closer look. She creates art for the imagination, tickling and delighting the senses with spirit and passion. Each artwork is a moment in time, captured in a colourful energy explosion, with its own individual personality and characteristics, created with love, integrity and purpose. She gets movement in her paintings through colour and instinctive connection, taking inspiration from the organic imperfections, and the impeccable colour combinations of the natural world.

Since the mid 90´s, she studied Art and Design at Art College and University, going into a career in art direction, photography, advertising, film and graphic design. Working in these creative industries has helped her to confidently move forward in producing her own acclaimed artwork.

Helen has held Art Exhibitions in Ibiza, at Club Diario de Ibiza, El Hotel Pacha, KM5, Ocean Drive, OD Talamanca, La Bodega, Boutique Hostal Salinas, Casa Munich, Ibiza Retreats, Coldwell Banker and Pikes.





Tim Muddiman – “I have been involved in Art and Music for all of my life. I am a member of Gary Numan’s band and have toured the world as a musician for over 20 years. After devoting my adulthood to music I am now devoting my time to an obsession of image, colour and design. Under the laws of creativity and freedom the journey is long, strong and abstract.”

Tim’s works combine a riveting dynamic between bold colour and geometric forms. His use of complimentary colours in come works and conflicting tones in others makes for a series full of surprises and contrasts. The brutalist quality within his work is juxtaposed by the playful colours, resulting in a captivating series fit for art galleries and the home.





Nicola Wittum – ‘Hidden, torn, revealed’

“How many people passing a poster can resist pulling at a loose piece of paper? How many people can resist making a little tear a little bigger? But how many people are aware that their petty act of vandalism has created a new and unusual image?

For this series of photos Nicola Wittum, who lives between Florence, Paris and London, has captured the fleeting transformative moment when the destruction of one image leads to the creation of another. The moment when the random and the abstract collide, when what is hidden is revealed.

With his hallmark style of meticulous research and detailed observation Nicola has exhibited his unique brand of photography in several European cities.”





Ludwika Pilat – based in Switzerland, was born in Poland where she graduated from Architecture. This influenced the composition and use of colour in her works. After being committed to technical drawings and developing concept sketches, Ludwika felt that she needed to bring more feelings in her art. She began experimenting with abstract acrylic painting, often including collage elements. The process to understand that art doesn’t have to be accurate and perfect has now developed into a distinct aesthetic. Her work is influenced by nature, science and the people she meets. Her works have been exhibited in Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, UK and Switzerland.

I was always good at following reason while confusing what I want with what I think I should want and I needed a way to show my emotions in art. I’ve learnt to listen to myself and unlock that heavy container where my feelings were kept. I’m not striving for perfection anymore. I want to provoke thoughts and questions and express something more with textures, colours and ambiguous words.




ITAEWON – Itaewon will be showcasing a mix of acrylic paintings and imaginary compositions using a delicate balance of colourful arrangements combined with geometric lines. A fascination with the macro and nature led him to explore the beauty of natural intelligence. His paintings touch on a range of themes including Sci-Fi, otherworldly landscapes, micro-cosmic structures and energetic overflowing biological forms.