2nd – 13th  May 2019

Preview: Wednesday 1st May 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA




Paper Rain Project – Heralding from the Antipodes, The Paper Rain Project brings you ‘Made in New Zealand’ a unique skateboard art show. Paper Rain craft every one of their boards in their cherry orchard workshop in Marlborough, NZ. They are made from sustainably grown local and recycled timbers including French Oak barrels from the wine for which their home region is known. Each work is hand-painted or laser etched to create a bespoke, wall-hanging artwork. With a range of emerging and established NZ guest artists ‘Made in New Zealand’ is a showcase of the country from which it has travelled. Post-colonial identity crisis is coming into being.


Punam Singh – Punam was born in a tea garden in Assam, India, and grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas. Her abstract artwork is inspired by the landscapes of Assam and London, where she has lived since 2000. Punam studied Mass Communications at university and worked for many years as an Ad film director in Mumbai in the 1990s. In recent years, she found art as a way to re-engage with her creative past and is a self-taught artist.

Punam mainly works using acrylics. Her work is colourful and textured to reflect the vibrancy of nature and life. She uses various mediums including plaster and concrete to create some of her textured work. She is a keen gardener and a lot of her work is inspired by gardens around her. Nature is constantly renewing itself and she explores this concept through her art.


Wendy Cohen – Wendy was born in Cape Town, South Africa and presently resides in Sydney, Australia.   She is a graduate of the National Art School, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2017.   Her practice focuses on the relationship of colour, shape and form with realistic components that is communicated in a painterly abstracted language.   By integrating shapes into a cohesive body of colours, shapes, lines and form in conjunction with collage elements, flowing ideas are manifested that bring attention to the surface and materiality of the contents.   Wendy’s work embodies a sense of playfulness and vibrancy and her inspiration is derived from observation, intuition and imagination that are key to her process as she responds to the interconnectedness, mystery and wonderment of the world.

Kasim – Kasim is a British artist, living in London. The effect on the mind of the changing world around him, dreams, nature, meadows, happiness, peace and mindfulness are some of the things that he turns to for creative inspiration. He uses different media such as acrylics, fluid medium and oil and he mostly enjoys the artistic process. His work often depicts strong colours, texture and covers, amongst other things, fields, nature, trees, skies and land with elements of surrealism. Kasim’s last exhibition was at the Roy’s people art fair – Oxo Tower Wharf and the previous one to that was at Jona Quest gallery, London, which featured in Alt Africa Arts Culture.



Kevin Turton – Kevin started painting in 2000 after deciding to go part time from his main career as a graphic designer and is self-taught. At this time he was living in Snowdonia National Park where he was interested in capturing the relationship between rock, water and light using resin on block, which gave a hard solid appearance suitable for the landscape there.

In 2008 Kevin relocated to Norfolk to paint full time professionally, changing his medium to acrylic on deep box canvas to give a softer appearance to reflect the different landscape he was now experiencing.


The wild coast of North Norfolk and more recently, Gran Canaria now mainly influence Kevin’s work.

The works show the landscape or details within, in a unique contemporary abstracted style. He uses bold acrylic textures and deep transparent glazes to reflect and refract light and colour from different angles to enhance the illusion of ‘being there’ moving through the landscape.



Masaru Suyama – Masaru was born in 1974, Aich Prefecture, Japan & studied at Nagoya University School of Engineering. Masaru has shown in many group exhibitions including Liquitex Art Prize in Tokyo, Acryl Gouache Biennale in Tokyo, The Salon d’Automne in Paris, Art Maze Magazine Issue 5, London, UK, ShunShunyo Art Exhibition in Tokyo by the Syunyo-kai Art Society & 2019 Artexpo in New York. “I just paint the images that suddenly come into my mind. I don’t know where these images come from.”



Tom Lee – Tom is a UK based international portrait and fine art photographer, with numerous publications and awards attained at both home and abroad. He is best known for his conceptual photographic montages and continues to explore the boundaries of what is possible in photographic art.


This ‘Cuban Series’ is part of a larger body of work exploring the evolution of older communities affected by the changes forced on them by tourism and other modern influences. In this case Cuba has hardly changed since the ‘Peoples Revolution’ and the images of local individuals (even in the city) could be mistaken for being taken during the 1950’s, rather than earlier this year.



Greta Lorimer – Greta is an Italian artist based in the UK. Her practice sees philosophy and photography deeply intertwined. Lately, her research focuses on the social and introspective potentialities of conceptual and performative photography.

She graduated with a BA Philosophy in Rome, while attending courses of documentary photography at CTS in collaboration with National Geographic Italy and of portrait photography at ISFCI – the Institute of Photography of Rome. She pursued an MA in Photography at the University of Brighton in 2018. She has been selected as a graduate emerging talent UK by Barbican curator Alona Pardo at Source Magazine and is one of the artists to be featured in the FastForward research project @womeninphoto. She has exhibited in Rome, Brighton and London and she holds workshops in Italy and UK on philosophical concepts interrelated with photography.


“Photography means philosophy to me, a love for the knowledge – of ourselves, of who and what comes our way – that needs to be shared as part of the conversations about contemporary issues. In my practice both photography and philosophy are rooted in a deep interest in the human understanding of life and of the inner and the outside world. I’m interested in using photography and representation as performative and introspective tools.

The exhibited works are selections of three projects – Inner Rooms, Millennials’ Insights and An Ordinary Story – which represent different nuances of the same research that adopt the metaphor, the surreal and the oneiric to tell and visualize untold thoughts, feelings, states of mind and unseen stories. In particular, the work Inner Rooms is made of self-portraits that reflect on the relationship between women, domesticity, body and states of mind. Millennials’ Insights symbolically explores how the contemporary liquid society affects the inner world of European Millennials. An Ordinary Story uses staged metaphorical performances to investigate possible dynamics and role-shifts that may occur in couple’s relationships and everyday lives while living together.”